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Intelligence includes common sense

Reader comment on item: The Burqa Wars
in response to reader comment: Common sense decides the winner

Submitted by G.Vishvas (India), Sep 14, 2009 at 20:02

Intelligence includes common sense. In any case you, as one of the two participants in this competition, cannot decide who the winner is or shall be (hoping it will be a long drawn out competition).

islam is (generally) an expansionist ideology - hindu religions (note the plural) are (generally)not. Hindu fascism is a reaction to the successes of islamic fascism and imperialism and deceits in the Indian Subcontinent (ISC). The hindu-muslim conflict takes place in India and not in Makkah/Madinah. This clearly means the muslim is the quisling of an alien ideology, a totalitarian imperialist ideology created in Makkah/Madinah by an arab.

All those who entered ISC became indians. They gave up all previous loyalties. Only muslims continued to retain their loyalty to the alien extra-territorial arab superiority and hegemony. Hindu means originally one who lives in the Sindhu river basin. The muslims extended this term to refer to all those living in the ISC except the muslims. The word Indian is derived from the word hindu (since the greeks could not pronounce h or u, they made it into indos, plural indoi). The word Hinduism (as a supposedly singular religion) was coined by the british in the 1830s.

The kuran teaches muslims even today (more than ever before) that they are a separate, superior and supremacy-entitled nation or supra-nation. The muslim population component (in 60 years) has increased from 6.5% to 16% in India, the hindu population component in Pakistan West has decreased from 25% to 2% and in East (Bangladesh) from 40% to 10%. These numbers prove that muslims are continuing their aggression even today. How can they then claim to be peaceful, respectful, dutiful, loyal co-citizens?

Islam has been always a fascist totalitarian imperialist and terrorizing ideology even since the times of Mohammad. Islam has been an instrument or arab hegemony, racism and arabization since 1400 years. Enforcing arabic script and language on non-arabs, arab personal names on non-arabs, a fascist primitive arab tribal-god-concept on non-arabs – that has been the result of islam. Indian-ness and muslim-ness are incompatible. A muslim can only pretend to be loyal to India. Honesty and islam rarely go together because the muslim is under compulsion to glorify islam, Mohammad and kuran which causes islam to become a kuran-centered and Mohammad-centered fascism. Pretensions of loyalty are more dangerous than open rejection. Islam will never allow muslims to be genuinely loyal to India and indianess.

The muslim understanding of brotherhood is exemplified by the relation between Dara Shukoh and Aurangzeb (who assassinated the elder brother Dara in 1659). The hindu understanding is exemplified by the Ramayana. It was a great blunder by Mahatma Gandhi to have issued the slogan hindu muslim bhai bhai.

There is no anti-minority religious fascism in India by hindus – but rather a weak and belated reaction to the disloyal anti-indian ideologies and activities of the muslims (in general, but with some few exceptions) and some few christians. The hindu-sikh conflict arose only after some self-appointed sikh leaders started imitating the muslims, the muslim league and Jinnah. The Zoroastrians and jews have never faced any problems with hindus in India. Ask them if they are agreeing to what the muslims are trying to portray about the hindus.

The partition of India is a result of the kuran – hence to blame Jinnah for it is like blaming the knife used for a murder. Jinnah was only trying to recharge his islamic credit card and reserve a place for himself in the arab allah,s heaven by joining the muslim league. Nehru and Patel were perfectly right in rejecting muslim demands which were all based on the kuranic teachings causing muslims to be agents of Islamic-arabic imperialism and their supremacy goals. Even if hindus had given in to the shameless and treacherous demands of the quislings of alien anti-indian islam it would have only postponed the partition of british India by a few years. Muslims do not have and cannot have the ability or the desire to live peacefully, respectfully and honestly with non-muslims. In the coming years this will become even more clear. As the muslim population component increases and the kuranic fascism takes deeper roots in the muslim soul this will lead to a socio-political disaster all over the world. An islam-based society will be like the one described by George Orwell in his two novels ,Animal farm, and ,1984,. I hope secular, pseudo-secular, opportunist, timid hindus realize this and deal with islam and its quislings with greater distrust.

There are good human beings among muslims – but their goodness only acts to camouflage islam,s inherent fascism and arab-centric imperialism. It is not the case that some muslims bring a bad name to islam – it is islam bringing bad guidance and dishonesty to muslims and misusing them all (even the good ones) for its own evil totalitarian designs. Born-muslims from Pakistan have written to me about how disgusting, arrogant and evil islam is. Mohamad Iqbal wrote that kuran and sufism are incompatible. Earlier sufism destroyed islam, now islam has destroyed sufism. What the sufis did not realize was that every praise of kuran and Mohammad will lead to a kuran-based Mohammad-centred fascism. And that is the logical and unavoidable consequence of islam. But islamic indoctrination will not allow muslims to realize this.


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