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Reader comment on item: Obama's Mansion, Saddam's Money
in response to reader comment: Mr. kman Islam is most practically beneficial for us

Submitted by kman (United States), Nov 22, 2008 at 01:39

I also, congratulate you on finally putting in the time and effort to make some logical sense. I will now give you due credit for that.

What I "hate" as you put it is any religion that buys into a lie. The lie is what I hate. I have tried to get Muslims to comment back to me and sometimes I have to push in ungentle ways. Telling me that, "Islam is best", is just not saying anything. You have finally made a great effort. I see absolutely, that you put time into it. I give you credit for stubbornly avoiding any of my logical arguments. It seems the only way I can get an honest response out of a Muslim is to get him mad.

I don't expect you to believe it, but I do not hate you or any other Muslim despite the despicable acts that they daily play out on the world scene - and that you never respond to.

Your first paragraph and second sentence states that you believe wisdom comes from experience. I will admit to believing that at one time, too. God has shown me that "experience" can be very deceptive and, though seeming to point the way to wisdom - does not. God is the only source of wisdom, despite my early efforts to believe otherwise.

It is late at night where I am. I am very tired. I want to go to bed. Believe this. I stay up late to honor your effort to make sense and communicate logically. You communicate in a language that is not your native tongue so, I give you credit for that, too.

My past life of tension (that you think I have now) was horrific. For the past four years, God has delivered me from all of it. I live in increasing peace and confidence that God is truth and righteousness. As did Jesus, the Christ, I will repeat, I hate a lie, distortion, and deception. Jesus never failed to point out a liar right to his face. He loved greatly but, hated untruth and lie. He hated the highly honored Pharisees and "Teachers of the law" that delivered God's teachings but forced belief in things that God never put any value in. They taught deception and distortion of God's laws, truth, love, and righteousness. I hate the same thing and will never cave to any religion that puts a gun to my head. Again, I make the distinction of hating Islam. I try hard to pray for the Muslims. Beacause I once bought into one of Satan's lies (atheism), I don't hate any person for having bought into deception. It is the deception that I hate. I can't address it until any of you even bother to honestly comment back to me. "Islam is best" just doesn't say anything.

You make the mistake of thinking I am here to defend my country and the citizens of my country. I have commented to many people on this forum that, I absolutely hate the corruption, greed, lusts, lies, and all the rest of the terrible things that my once godly nation has turned to. You don't have to convince me of any of that. I believe in truth no matter where it hits home. My own brothers and sisters have bought into many of the lies of my country. I won't back my own country where and when it is wrong. My allegiance is to God absolutely, first.

You have never admitted to any failures of any of your countrymen or the believers of Islam. All world newspapers have reported the atrocities of the Muslims almost everywhere. You deny it absolutely. Some try to make the weak argument that it is "only a few" that do these things. If that is so, why do I hear complete dead silence from the so-called majority of peaceful Muslims every time horrible deeds are committed in the name of Islam? Where your followers go wrong, you have a first duty to God to admit to it.

I admit to many people calling themselves "christains" without the slightest idea of who Jesus was. The vast majority of Christains do not live in this country. The ones who will die any death for their love of God live in many other countries where belief has "cost". They live in Muslim nations where they pay monumental "costs" just to follow, obey, and trust their God. There are very few who will not die for what they believe. They will not attack, kill, or rape people of any other belief. They try to pass on the love they have experienced from God.

You call me hateful for honestly pointing out truth. Where is "love" amongst the Muslims who won't even admit what their leaders and followers do. It is not just a few. Across the entire northern continent of Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, India, Idonesia, and China all Christain churches are burned and bombed. Christains and even anyone else that doesn't bow to Islam are slaughtered, raped and tortured. How does this appear to be "just a few"? Muslims all over the European continent have everyone scared to death to say anything truthful about Islam. Why? Because Islam everywhere in the world uses every excuse in their book to carry out all their hatreds and lusts to punish all humanity for one isolated and supposed "insult to Islam"

Jesus loves those who believe so strongly in him that they will die any death meted out by anyone, including the Muslims, for the sake of their love for truth, righteousness, and moral integrity.

Christianity is not "an American institition". Jesus was not a causcasian, blond or white skinned. He was born in the Middle East and probably looked much more like you than me. Even that is irrelevant to the whole issue. Jesus was born a Jew who hated the lies that the Jewish leaders were pushing. The Jewish leaders were more at fault than the Jewish population that all races of the earth, and especially yours, have hated unjustifiably for millenia. There are people of all nations, languages, and skin color that Jesus loves. All have sinned. For those who admit to their own worthlessness before God and follow and obey, paradise awaits. If you know that God sent his own son to die a terrible death to pay for your/my/our sin then you have made the hard and honorable choice of obeying God at any cost that comes to you.

I know of people from every religion on earth that can make the same claims you have. The content is what matters. You have shown me you have heart for people who suffer. That's great. There are numerous atheists who can make the same claim. I don't belittle it. I only say that it isn't enough before God. People worship movie stars who make millions of dollars and then decide to show a little "heart" for the suffering people of the world. It isn't enough for them, for me, or for you.

I do not deny and never have denied that there are not truths and wisdom in the Quran. Where there is any, you will find exactly the same in the Bible. The important thing is that you will find far more in the Bible. The Quran was written to be a poor imitation of God's word in the Bible. The time of Mohammad came long after Jesus. That's the only way Islam has anything of value - where it has taken from what Jesus, the Son of God had already accomplished.

You present Rush Limbaugh and others as people you are aware of and listened to. You jusitfiably point out there weaknesses. I never deny it when anybody of any religion is off course. When they are wrong, I say so.

A lot of what you dislike, I also dislike. We both have heart. There is much we don't disagree on. You never address the key issues. How do you answer to the very clear and numerous atrocities committed in the name of "Allah"? You say they are few when you finally admit to them. That is wrong. Every newspaper in the world attests to the truth when Islam doesn't have a gun to their head. More and more, newspapers won't publish the truth because of Islam's using it as an excuse to commit more atrocities.

Many Muslims have a desire to know and follow God. That isn't the point. The point is they attach the label to the wrong ideology. Most of the Muslims in Muslim nations have no choice. Before God, they bend to the forceful inserion of belief in "Allah". That name came from a river goddess long before Islam ever became a religon or Mohammad was born.

Many of you have an attraction to rightousness and God but, you have never had the free will choice of who you believe in. You live in the U.S. now. Great! You still have time to look at all religions while there is till the freedom to do so. Look hard and strong at both of our beliefs without any pre-conceptions. When you have done that, then make your own honest estimation. You don't have to buy into anything I tell you. At this point in time we still have freedom. That window is closing fast.

You point out how beautiful is the salvation that Jesus paid for and then terminate it there without any thought of the depth behind it. You then say Mohammad gives happiness in this life and the next. Jesus offers us peace of mind and heart. He says that when evil reigns, that many pay the price in this life including his followers. God values those who are willing to pay any price to obey and buy into truth, righteousness, love and forgiveness. That is something that plays out thousands of times in the Middle East. You get very defensive but never fess up to the terrible atrocities that Muslim leaders and followers commit on a daily basis towards those who believe in Jesus. You give "Jesus" a little nod of appreciaton but never acknowledge the full value. In Muslim countries, you aren't even free to give another religion an honest look. Get caught looking at anything "Christain", and you have just bought yourself a death sentence.

You don't reply to my statements of fact that Islam has forced a once free nation, Great Britain, to erase the fact of Muslim alliance with the Nazi war machine - the war machine that slaughtered 20,000,000 innocent civilians, 10,000,000 Christains and priests, and 6,000,000 Jews that the Muslims have such a lethal and unjustified hatred for. Great Britain has agreed to Islam's demands that they erase all mention of the Islamic nations' alliance with one of the most evil regimes that ever walked this earth.

Note that I don't fail to give you credit where credit is due. That is what my God demands and that I will do. You give only passing notice to the one God who paid a horrific price for any man or woman to have the opportunity to spend eternity in paradise. Paradise doesn't come without cost. It isn't cheap. Jesus doesn't allude to the cheapness of human sensual pleasures to draw humanity. He offers love, truth, righteousness and honest value. He says that paradise will be unimaginable but will not give man the excuse to buy in for sensualy pleasureable reasons. You buy in to love, ethics, and moral righteousness - FIRST. Anything of value has cost.

Mohammad promises happiness in this life you say. Jesus says you won't neccesarily get that here. He teaches relentlessly how to live a godly life and promises paradise. He says to believe and you will have "peace" - "... my peace, peace not of this world, peace I give you." I have experienced that many times. It is incredible and rocks the heart. Experience isn't the final teacher but, it goes a long way. Value is the final characteristic to judge whom you will follow.

Make this distinction. I do not hate you, only the lie. I have fessed up to the same human fallibility - the belief in atheism. God set me straight.


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