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To Frahad Navkhoda (II)

Reader comment on item: Is Tariq Ramadan Lying [about Magdi Allam]?
in response to reader comment: Merchant of Mischief

Submitted by G.Vishvas (Germany), Apr 27, 2007 at 04:40

To Frahad Navkhoda

You title your writings with "A sword disguised as a pen" and " Merchant of Mischief" etc. This shows that you are not open-minded. Any criticism of islam is anathema to you. You immediately start abusing anyone who criticises islam. This is a basic problem with muslims. Emotions, flowery language, show of one's own piety, spewing anger at anyone who rejects islam and an "I-am-holier-than-you" stance. I and you are not so important that we have to address each other with dramatic headings like that.

UK is a liberal country and the muslims there wish to use it to destroy this very liberal tolerant tradition and bring in shariah, islamic fascism and arabic hegemony. Pity the poor British fools who let you in.

I do criticise the muslim liberals because they have neither the will, nor the desire, nor the ability, nor the possibility, to take on islamo-fascism and defeat it. But they keep fooling the non-muslims that if the non-muslims support them, then they will surely do it. Islam is honey mixed with a powerful poison and the honey attracts first (as shown by those, who convert to islam) and the poison begins to work later and destroy. The ex-muslims (who have to live in fear and have to hide themselves) are the correct source of information about islam - not the new converts who are always more fanatic, gullible and 200% more faithful than the oldies. Islamo-fascism is sustained by the kuran, hadith and shariah and the liberal muslims fools themselves and us when they claim to be able to fight and defeat islamo-fascism. The end-fate of islam is fascism. Anyone who praises or protects islam is doing a bad service to muslims and mankind. I can only warn – even if I am vilified or boycotted by muslims and their non-muslim bootlickers for doing so.

Islam is a totalitarian fascist ideology pretending to be a religion, islam is an instrument of Arabic hegemony –history proves this clearly. But it is a history which is not taught to the muslims. Muslim children are allowed to know only the glories of islam and muslims.

The spiritual side of islam does not need kuran and shariah. On the contrary these two have repeatedly proved themselves to be in antagonism to it. (Even Mohammad Iqbal argued that Sufism and kuran are not compatible and wrote angrily against the Sufis. Later he changed his position – but out of political opportunism, not because he invalidated his previous arguments).

Islam is going to cause a lot of destruction in the future – "thanks" also to the technology, money and geopolitical considerations placed at the feet of the muslims by the dollar-greedy western capitalist fools.

Buddhism is one of many hindu religions. As are also Jainism, vaishnava-ism, shiva-ism, Sikhism, may be even ahmadiya (which was created in the indian subcontinent by an ex-muslim who had the intelligence to recognise that Mohammad was no good guidance for the future). The word Hinduism (with the "ism" part on it) was created by a british colonial employee in 1836 AD in Kolighata (Calcutta). Hindu is a geographic-multi-ethnic-multi-creed collective noun and denomination.

Hindus have many religions – and they usually do not export these religions to others, certainly not by sending armies. There are hindus who believe only in the Vedas (the vedists, e.g. Arya Samaj of Dayanand Saraswati, who rejected all puranas and later scripts), or vedanta (like the theosophical society) or Krishna (like the ISKCON). Mohammad Ghazni wrote a letter (to a hindu king) that his religion islam compels him to attack non-muslims and destroy and loot their places of worship (it was once quoted by the pakistani journalist Irfan Husain in one of his articles).

When a hindu king becomes a buddhist then he remains a (ethnic) hindu all the same. That was why Dr. Ambedkar chose to become Buddhist and not muslim or christian. The missionaries of islam and christianity had contacted him and he said and wrote a clear public "no" to them. A quisling is a person who joins hands with a foreign aggressor (that was what Vidkun Quisling did in Norway when the nazis invaded Norway – he even invited them). The word "muslim" indeed rhymes with "quisling" somewhat – sounds similar doesn't it?

An army that is trained for aggressions is different from an army trained for defence. The muslims mostly had aggression-trained-armies whereas the hindus had not specialised on that. The hindus did fight among themselves, mostly in the plains, not in the mountains.

India is a concept – I never said it was or should be a united country. Indian cultures, religions, peoples, creeds – they all form a conceptual entity and the Indians generally did not go out to impose it upon others. For muslims expanding islam is a "spiritual" necessity. For many muslims it is one important factor to be proud of when they meet their allah. Reserving a place in allah's paradise requires that the muslim has made an active effort to expand islam, export islam, impose islam, preach islam. The kuran terms a muslim "munafik" (=hypocrite) if he does not fight for expanding islam, if he keeps inventing excuses to avoid these fights.

Read my comment on: http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/90686 , to "A Madrasa Grows in Brooklyn".

You call my writings "unhealthy obsessions". This also shows you are not open-minded, but rather wish to ignore me by showering abuse on me. Islam indeed is an unhealthy obsession – for sure. So anyone who starts taking note of islam and its inherent fascism and its intention of enslaving / exterminating the non-muslims etc. does end up having an "obsession" too. It is like a man who worked for the crime-solving police. A young woman was murdered (a true story), she left behind a last taped voice on her mother's telephone-answering machine : "I am going to visit so-and-so, bye bye" - but she never made it and instead met her killer on the way. And this policeman was so moved by this voice that he could not sleep well till he had solved the crime. The voice of the young woman kept haunting him, imploring him,, urging him.

The criminal deeds and deceits of islam, Mohammad and muslims keep haunting and urging me. Is that an unhealthy obsession? Those who praise, protect or preach islam are the real merchants of mischief. Pakistan is a daily example.


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