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To dhimmi no more :Reveal your identity first in order to have crediblity and relevence

Reader comment on item: Muslims in the West: Can Conflict Be Averted?
in response to reader comment: For ramsesey and his misdirected diatribes!

Submitted by ramsesy99 (Colombia), Jan 16, 2007 at 14:54

To dhimmi no more, sorry for the delay in responding as I was in long mission (> 3 months) of duties in sub-Saharan Africa and have no time for internet exchanges.

Here is my response to you:

First : you are hiding your real identity behind a screen name that has a hint of a person who is a non-muslim but probably a believer/disbeliever in one of the monotheistic religions, i. e. Judaism and Christianity. The term Dhimmi refers to Christians and Jews only, who are citizens of a country with Muslim majority whose laws are based on Islamic Sha,riah that defines their rights and obligations toward their countries and societies.

The real meaning of the term Dhimmi is that the Muslim states have the obligation in all aspects to treat them as equals according to Muslim laws because they believe in monotheistic religion and its scriptures that Muslims believe in too, so it is a confirmation of their equality and not a discriminatory status as you might wanted to hint to in choosing it as your screen identity.

Compare this with the terms "Aliens", "African-Americans", "Hispanic-Americans, "Asian-Americans, " Arab-Americans" commonly known in US. For some historical example: Jews reached the highest status as citizens in Muslim Spain during more than 7 centuries when they were discriminated against and tormented in Christian Europe!. Jews left Spain, after the Catholics drove out the Arabs in 1492, to live in Morocco, a Muslim country, and many still live there until today. Jews prospered in many Arab and non-Arab countries with Muslim majority before the creation of the State of Israel.

As far as Christians are concerned , I give you the example of my own country, Egypt: they are less than 8% of the population, have their churches built in every part of the country, the average per capita income of an Egyptian Christian is higher than that of a Muslim Egyptian, they are richer in general and the richest and first billionaire ever in Egypt today is a Christian, George Saweris and family, the only Arab to be the secretary of UN was the Egyptian Christian-Coptic Dr. Butros Ghali who was a long-time minister in Egyptian government. the Coptics are over-presented (numerically) in Egyptian parliament and across state agencies.

Having said that, it is warranted in order to confer crediblity on your comments here, you must reveal your real identity and your motivations behind your choosing such identity and writings. I clearly said I am an Egyptian who happened to know Rashad Khalifa for a long time in several locations as a country-man and colleague, thus my comments on his behavior and conducts are not based on emotional bias or grudges and they are not MISDIRECTED DIATRIBES! as you incorrectly have said. The man is dead and may God forgive him and us, so there are no way to defend himself against my comments. But records and documented facts do exist (check records at US universities, in Egypt, in Libya if you wish) as I mentioned in my comments. It is up to you and others who have faith in Khalifa claims of prophethood to search the records and gather facts if you are really interested in truth. Blind faith and grudges aganist others have no place in modern world.

Second: Khalifa proved himself to be fraudulent as a professional and Muslim heretic, manipulator and sexual abuser (check Tucson , Arizona, media and news papers in late 1970's). No need here to repeat what I have already said and many other peoples wrote about him.

Third: you said you are interested to know the difference between the terms Rasul and Nabi as a student of Arabic language. I admit that I am not a theoligian nor a linguist, but a hard scientist who searches for the truth. The term rasul in arabic is related to a person who carries and delivers a message written or oral to another person or a group of peoples( office workers, post office clerks, who do that job are called rasul or messenger in arabic). In religion Rasul is the "divinely-chosen! " human who is orderered by his GOD to deliver the word of GOD to other humans such as the case of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

Rasul is also endowed with prophetic ability, i. e. entitled to be called a NABI ( a person who have the prophetic ability). Thus in arabic the word Rasul is a synonymous of Nabi. Muhammad was a Rasul/Nabi based on his divinely-stated message in the Muslim Holy book, the Quran, and complimented with his personal highly scrutinized and authenticated Hadith (sayings) and actions (Sunna). In the Quran it is said :Muhammad is the seal (meaning the last) of all Nabis and there was no Nabi who was not a Rasul at the same time. Muslims have to believe in the message as stated in the Quran and to follow the teachings of Muhammad as stated in the Hadith and Sunna.

On the other hand, Rashad Khalifa, the man, played with words and tried to find a nitch for himself to be "self-proclaimed Rasul or messenger of GOD" and to fool naive and unlearned peoples, as he fooled some Arab countries at the beginning with much money donated to him. In addition, he distorted parts of the Quran that he translated by removing a verse he did not like and that contradicted his false mathematical code based on the number 19!.

Quran was intactly preserved since the early days of Islam up to date. Attempts by some false self-proclaimed prophets who happened to appear befor Khalifa, and they were many, were deplored and rejected by learned Muslim societies across the world. Moreover, Khalifa in his manipulative attitude , first translated Quran as in its arabic origin, then later in other editions removed the verse I refered to above, and completely discridted Muhammd Hadith and Sunna which are basic requirements in Islam. Khalifa did not deliver a "divine" message nor had a Holy book , but distorted the Quran and deviated from the basic requirements of Islam in ordere to claim himself a divine messenger or Rasul of GOD!!!. This is a straightforward fraudulent and deplorable conduct by any human and moral standards.

Furthermore , it is an insult to human intelligence to believe in such a character whom I personally knew very well. Those who wish to believe in him, as the person with ID Dhimmi here, are misled victims!!. If you wish to be a Muslim, there are the straight requirements to be so without compulsory or temptation. If you wanted to follow Khalifa or his likes, then it is your mistaken decision and I wish you good luck.

In Islam there are clear concepts stated in so many verses that mean: "...you have your religion and I have mine..."; and " there is no compulsory in religion"; and " there is no privileged status of an Arab over a Persian"; and " who kills one soul is as if he have killed all humans"; and " collaborate with good deeds and piety and not with misbehavior and evil conducts"; and " we feed you for the sake of God without compensation or rewards"...and so many great human concepts for those interested to know. All these concepts illustrate the real humanitarian tenets of Islam. It happened that I personally marrried a Colombian Catholic lady and she remains so!. And remember the infamous case of JIM JONES!.

Mabrouk A. El-Sharkawy, PhD, Univ of Arizona, Tucson, 1965.

Senior research scientist, Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), Cali, Colombia.

Some previous employment records: Associate crop physiologist, University of California, Davis; Physiologist and Professor in Egypt and Libya. International scientific consultant in agricultural development and research.

Student Senator, Univ of Arizona Senate, 1964-65; President International Students club, Univ of Arizona, 1964-65.

Listed in Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, Marquis Who's Who, USA. And many othere reference books in USA, Europe and Asia.


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