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9:128-129 Truth versus falsehood

Reader comment on item: Muslims in the West: Can Conflict Be Averted?
in response to reader comment: How would you reply to Rashad Khalifa's number 19 theory, where he removed 2 Noble Verses from the Noble Quran because their references were not multiples of the number 19?

Submitted by Pierre (United States), Sep 20, 2008 at 12:16

Dear Salina, salaam.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Please see mycpmmrnts below:

► But Rashad Khalifa's removal of the two Noble Verses conclusion reminds me of the Trinity conclusion dogma. It too is nothing but a conclusion. The word itself, "Trinity", doesn't even exist in the Bible, and yet, it is the very central faith for the Trinitarian Christianity, because they thought or decided it should be so.

Comment: Well said about trinity. But it does not apply to number 19 which is a Quranic number.

God says: Over it is 19. (74:30). How do you know that 19 is not a holy number?

► If we were to take this hoax logic, …..How about the number 7? Allah Almighty created Earth in 7 layers. How about coming up with some hoax theory that would remove a bunch of Noble Verses from the Noble Quran because their references are not multiples of the number 7?

Comment: Because number 19 is the symbol of God's absolute Oneness: Waheed, in Arabic One, has a gematrical value of 19. It is much harder to come up with multiples of 19 than multiples of 2, 4 or 7. What makes the miracle of 19 extraordinary is that there is a mathematical system. God created a miraculous design and security system "over it" ("the Quran", 74:30) which protects it.

► Is he a Kafir (Unbeliever)? Or is he an Apostate (Renegade)?

He is neither. He is worse! He is a "dajjal", a liar and deceiver. I guess we can call him a "kafir" (infidel), but this would be a weak description for a careless liar like him. Allah Almighty Said:

"Know they not Allah Knoweth what they conceal and what they reveal? And there are among them illiterates, who know not the Book (i.e., the Bible), but (see therein their own) desires, and they do nothing but conjecture. Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then say: 'This is from Allah,' To traffic with it for a miserable price! Woe to them for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby. (The Noble Quran, 2:77-79)"

► Where in the Noble Quran does it tell us or suggests for us to remove the two Noble Verses or any other Noble Verses that Rashad Khalifa decided to remove?!

Yes, the number 19 is miraculous in the Noble Quran and was proven to be essential in many of the Scientific Theories and Discoveries.

Comment: Don't you realize verse 2:79 is one of the verses of the Quran which prophesizes Quran was going to be tampered with? Also verse 3:78:

(3:78) Among them are those who twist their tongues to imitate the scripture, that you may think it is from the scripture, when it is not from the scripture, and they claim that it is from GOD, when it is not from GOD. Thus, they utter lies and attribute them to GOD, knowingly.

Rashad Khalifa did not try to imitate the scripture. He exposed the ones who claimed 9:128-129 from GOD, when it is not from GOD. He removed the lies, and the miracle of 19 bears witness that they are not from it.

► His whole theory contradicts the Noble Quran which he supposedly sincerely believes in; "Surely, we have revealed this scripture, and surely, we will preserve it. (The Noble Quran, 15:9)" Is Allah Almighty waiting for someone to discover a corruption 1400 years after the Noble Quran was revealed? He the Almighty promised to preserve the Noble Quran. So removing two Noble Verses from it totally contradicts the Revelations of Allah Almighty in the Noble Quran.

In 1974, 1406 (19x74) lunar years after the revelation of the Quran, Rashad Khalifa made a scientific discovery which will be remembered in the history of mankind: the miracle of nineteen. After studying the Quran using computers for several years, he reached the conclusion that the Holy book of Islam is designed according to a mathematical structure far beyond human capabilities. Number 19 is mentioned only once as a word in the entire Quran, in sura 74, verse 30:

74:30 "Over it (the Quran) is nineteen".

This verse, like lots of others in the Quran, has an obvious and a hidden meaning. The obvious side of the verse is that 19 angels will guard the gates of hell. The hidden side is that number 19 is over the Quran and guards or protects it mathematically.

Rashad became famous and at first respected in the Muslim world in the mid seventies and eighties for unveiling the great mathematical code which protects the Quran. One of his most momentous discoveries was explaining the function of the 14 mysterious Arab initials (the seven pairs, or arrangements) which begin 29 suras (chapters) in various sets of initials and protect a very large part of the Quran from any alteration.

15:87 We have given you the seven pairs and the great Quran.

► The frequency of all letters of any given set of initials occur in multiples of 19 throughout the verses of suras where they are found. For instance, Sura 19, starts with 5 initial letters (K.H.Y.A.S.): These five letters occur a total of 798 times (19 x 42), in the entire sura.

► It was recently discovered that all 14 Arabic initials (the seven pairs) occur in exactly 114 verses in the Quran (19 x 6).

He also discovered numerous extraordinay features of the Quranic code among which most of the following facts:

► There are 6346 verses in the Quran (19 x 334), and 6 +3 + 4 + 6 = 19

► There are 114 suras (chapters) in the Quran (19 x 6)

► The word God occurs 2698 times (19 x 142)

► The word Quran, refering to God, occurs exactly 57 times (19x3).

► The expression "Wahdahou" (alone) refering to God (God alone) is found in verses 7:70, 39:45, 40: 12 & 84, and 60:4. When we add the numbers of suras and verses which refer to "GOD ALONE," we get 7 + 70 + 39 + 45 + 40 + 12 + 84 + 60 + 4 = 361= 19 x 19.

► Allah Almighty never said that the number "19" is the number that the Noble Quran's quantity of Verses is based on. This is nothing but a nonsense that was invented by some mathematician who knew computer programming and wrote a code that generated some nonsense that he considered as statistical analysis on the Noble Quranic Verses and thought he could become a Messenger of Allah Almighty.

► What in the world does this have to do with the quantity of the Verses of the Noble Quran and their validity?! Rashad Khalifa used his mathematical number 19 denominator hoax and decided since the two Noble Verses' (9:128-129) numerical references don't have the number 19 as their common denominator after they're added to other Noble Verses, then they must be removed!

Comment: Not true: He said over it is 19. And you don't have to go far to find the application of this key verse:

First verse of the Quran, the "Bismillah":

► All suras, but one, start with the following statement: "In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful", which occurs 114 times, 19 x 6, in the entire Quran (one extra Bismillah is found in 27:30). This fundamental statement is composed with 19 letters.

► Each of the four key words (Name, God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful) of the opening statement occur in multiples of 19 throughout the Quran, without exception.

4 words of the Bismillah:

"In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful" (19 letters)

Frequency in the Quran

Only four gematrical values of attributes of God, out of more than 400, are multiple of 19

Gematrical Values of the four attributes multiple of 19

Ism (name)






= 19 x 142

Possessor of Infinite Grace


= 19 x 142

Most Gracious

57 = 19 x 3


57 = 19 x 3

Most Merciful


= 19 x 6



= 19 x 6



= 19x19x8


= 19x19x8

► Furthermore, the addition of factors combined with 19 also generates a multiple of 19 (1 + 142 + 3 + 6 = 152 = 19 x 8)

► The Addition of the three names of God Allah: (66) + Al Rahman (329) + Al Raheem (289) = 684 = 19 x 36

► Number 684 (19 x 36) is also the gematrical value of "Al Quran Al Kareem" (the holy Quran).

There are exactly 1919 verses in the entire Quran which include one or more of the four words of the Bismillah.

19 is the proof of the Quran. The word "proof" occurs 19 times in the entire book. Its gematrical value is 98. Sura 19 has 98 verses. Sura 98 is entitled the proof and it is the sura where the word "the proof" occurs for the 19th time.

► The Quran is a numerically structured book which mentions 30 different numbers. The sum of the 30 numbers is 162,146 or 19 x 8534.

These are just minute examples of a comprehensive 19 based mathematical system designed by God to protect the Holy Quran from any alteration: For instance, if one verse containing both words "God" and "Merciful" were added or removed from the Quran, several of the mathematical properties above mentioned would be violated: Totals for the words "God" (occurs 2698 times = 19 x 142) and "Merciful" (occurs 114 times, 19 x 6) would not be multiple of 19 any more; the combined frequency of the four words of the Bismillah (2888 = 19 x 19 x 8) would no longer be a multiple of 19, and neither would the total number of verses in the Quran (6346 = 19 x 334), nor the number of verses where the four words of the Bismillah are found (1919 = 19 x 101).

In other words, because there is such a miraculous convergence of mathematical properties involving 19, any change in the Quran, through addition or deletion, even one single letter, always triggers the collapse of numerous mathematical properties involving the miracle of 19. This is precisely what happened with 9:128-129: it violated the code in so many ways! (read Rashad's appendice 24 of his translation for more details). God is no more multiple of 19 in Quran, Merciful isn't either, and other words as well. 9:128-129 disrupt the protection design of Quran: they are exposed. God separates the wheat from the shaft.

Another example is a very long password in a computer: if one single digit is incorrect, or if you add or delete even one, you will never access and witness all the marvels saved on the hard drive.

► This whole number "19" theory is a big hoax. Allah Almighty never mentioned anything about the number 19 being a "Holy Number".


A crucial Question: Why 19?

19 stands for the numerical value (each Arabic letter has a number assigned which is universally accepted), or gematrical value, of Waheed, "ONE" in Arabic واحد (و = W = 6 ; ا = A = 1; ح = H = 8; د = D = 4); thus 6 + 1 + 8 + 4 = 19).

Conclusion: 19 symbolizes the Oneness of God in the Quran and the universe. 19 reflects the very core and awesome message of the Quran: "God is One".

19 is a most holy number.

19: the physical evidence:

The 19th occurrence of the word "God" in the quran takes place in verse 2:55 (2 + 55 = 57 = 19 x 3):

[2:55] Recall that you said, "O Moses, we will not believe unless we see GOD, physically." Consequently, the lightning struck you, as you looked.

This is what 19 is about: It provides physical evidence to the world that God does exist and that He is One Divinity. 19 eraises all doubt from the hearts of the believers.

► By the way, I have a masters degree in computer science. My oldest brother has a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics, and my older sister almost has her Masters degree Mathematics. We would never even dare to think about messing with the Noble Quran like this as the joker Rashad Khalifa did.

Comment: If with your background you can't see the light, you then have an even greater responsibility for rejecting the miracle. Be careful.




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