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Dhimmi no more the anti-Arab of the new Orientalists!

Reader comment on item: Muslims in the West: Can Conflict Be Averted?
in response to reader comment: For Ramses99 and the history that they do not teach you in Egypt!

Submitted by ramsesy99 (Colombia), Jan 22, 2007 at 14:53

Dhimmi no more,but the anti-Islam racist and liar,

Your agenda is certainly and obviously, not for searching for the truth but to profane, bash, and spread filthy slanders about the great religion of Islam and its great Islamic culture and civiliaztion. Your endeavour is a futile sinful effort in vain . Here in a nutshell what is Islam all about:

Aa a Faith: Islam is the greatest monotheistic dynamic religion for more than 14 centuries and currently is expanding worldwide with over 20% of world population believers in Islam ( because of its basic nobel tenets: ONENESS of ABOSULUTE ALMIGHTY GOD in English, ALLAH in Arabic, without the rubbish of original sin, salvation, and multiple faces of Human/God in Paul's concepts, nor the racist God-chosen people concept of Jews/Israel while the rest of humanity are considered beasts and slaves!) . It is a DIVINE MESSAGE delivered via the most honest and humble man on earth Prophet/ Rasul of Allah Muhammad,for all humanity, and not racist as Judaism is confined to the so-called God-chosen Hebrew and not for the demeaned inhuman non-Hebrew , so-called the Gentiles( read well your Jewish scriptures including the Towr'ah and the Talmud, because I dont have the desire nor the time to point out the filth and rubbish piled in them). Islam is also a philosophy and a way of life, and not an imaginary utopia and mix of myths as in Paul`s distorted Christianity ( read carefully the new Testament books which you may believe in them too).

Politically: Islam is the theory/practice of the victory of human intelligence over the devilish materialistic animality which represents the end goal of the Western way of life and culture you yourself and your likes ( whether called yourself a Jew, a Christian, or an athiest ) cherish and worship. Islam represents the victory of logic and science over ignorance and oppression of intelligence ( read about the bloody history of Christianity in middle ages with its inhuman barbarity as the case of the infamous Inquisition era and the Cruzades as compared to what Islam did for European Spain!). Islam is the victory of justice over injustice spread in the western Judeo-Christian culture. Islam advocates and demands implementation of equality and not discrimination on the basis of race, color and cread as fully practiced in the Judeo-Christian culture. A case in point: the appartheid treatment of the oppressed Palestinians in their illegitimately occupied home-land at the hand of the bandists, gangisters and western whites colonialists under the cover of so-called Jews and Judaism( as the same bloody histrory of Western-Christian colonialists in Africa and Asia!); another case is the slavery turned-into a second class citizenship of African-Americans in the land of the native extinct Amerindians now called US ( the Hurricane Katrina case is still fresh in the heart and mind of the poorest of the poor in New Orleans, Louisiana) !. Finally, Islam is the victory of the downtrodden over arrogants, exploiters and tyrants as generally manifisted in the Western culture of yours.

As for your misguided malignant comments on my personal origin: I am a proud Muslim Egyptian who valued and admired his Arabic culture and heritage regardless of his genetic DNA composition and origin. The ancient Egyptians, of whom I may or may not be related, under the Pharaos were slaves who own nothing other than do dirty work for the tyrants who called themselves Gods or Gods representatives on earth!. The old Egyptian civilization was all dedicated to worshipping tyrants called Pharaos. It was a civiliaztion of slavery , cutting stones and building useless large monuments for the mummified bodies of Pharaos and the eilet class who wrongly believed they will enjoy it in their so-called life after death. Where are the artifacts and traces that might have shown how the poor downtrodden common Egyptians had been treated and lived?. The then downtrodded Egyptians took some revenge by attacking the tumbs of the recently buried mummified Pharaos and put their hands on the vast treasures stolen from poor Egyptians and buried with the defunct Pharoas!. Cant this remind you of what the US and European animalists are doing now with the rest of the world by stealng and robbing the wealth of the poors worldwide. And yet, arrogantly still claim to have the best moral values and culture in human history, what a great lie.

In short: the ancient Egyptian cilivilization have little to offer in terms of human concepts ( the same can be said about similar old civilizations elsewhere such as the INDO-CHINESE, PERSIAN and the ROMANS) as compared to the humanitarian concepts of Islam. In a nutshell, the ancient Egyptian civilization, if one may consider it a civilization, was one of the DEAD, STONE and SLAVERY. It is now a tourist attraction providing the NEW PHARAOS (under the highly corrupt tyrant regime of Mubarak, whom the US is supporting against the Egyptian public will, as a loyal client and a " Messenger Clerk! " for protecting the exploitive animalistic interests of the US and Israel in the Middle East) with a bounty while the poor Egyptians are struggling for their daily food. With the full implementation of Islamic laws and human concepts nothing of this will be tolerated. The French laws belonged to-and remained- in France!.

Under the Roman Christianity: Egyptians again fell victims of exploitations and slavery under the ROMAN CHRISTIANS. Their fertile land was a producer of food in large quantities and varieties for feeding their Masters, the Romans, but the poor downtrodded Egyptians were deprived of it at home!. The Egyptians Christians embraced wholeheartedly the nobel Islam and rid themselves of the tyrant Roman Christians.

The Jeziah and Dhimmi notions: the minority of the Egyptians who remained as Christian were tolerated and equally treated as believers in a monothiestic religion ( otherwise now we could not see any Egyptian Christian living in Egypt), and were called Dhimmi( I explained the meaning of the term before, see my original comments in this regard). The Jeziah, was a sort of taxation for not serving in military and joining in non-civic activities. In contemporary Egypt, however,a similar form of monetary substitutition for not serving in military was in practice for both Muslim and Christian untill mid 20th century when Nasser military regime abolished it. The Egyptian Copts, plus other non-Copt Christians, enjoy equal rights and have the same obligations, in civic as well as military activities, as those of Muslim Egyptians. They are over-represented in proportion of their number across all state agencies. They are holding higher political positions as ministers of government. The current important ministry of finance, for example,is occupied by a a Christian-Copt. One of the top military Generals during the 1973 war with Israel was a Christian-Copt. The former UN secretary Dr. Butros Ghali is an Egyptian Christian-Copt. My ex-colleagues who studied at the expense of the Egytian government finance and scholarships in late 1950's and mid sixties , 20th century, for their graduate degrees abroad, including USA and Europe, were a mix of Muslims and Christians. Who are interested should check the records of US and European universities for the sake of searching the truth. Dhimmi no more, you have demonstrated enough your malignant and misguided aggenda here!!!.

The Egyptian medical cardiologist in UK: first he is not to my knoweldge a LORD but a SIR! by the name Dr. Magdy Ya'coub. He was a brilliant Egyptian student graduated in medical sciences early 1950's in Egypt, where higher education was and still free for all Egyptians regardless of faith. As the implemented rules in Egyptian Universities dictate, a graduate with high grades is entitled to join the University staff first as a instructor/demonstrator until he got higher degrees.

Magdy Ya'coub, to my knoweldge, was appointed a demonstrator in one of the Egyptian medical faculties. Later he opted to immigrate to UK and successfuly pusrued his higher degrees and became an eminent heart surgeon , now UK citizen. Once in a while he goes to Egypt either for a visit, like myself, and/or to performe difficult/complex heart operations ( as he is specialized in open-heart surgery). The story of Ya' coub is similar to mine and many other Egyptians, Muslims or Christians who have opted to immigrate and work abroad. Most notably, is Dr. Ahmad Zewail, an Egyptian Muslim and a recent Nobel Laureat in Chemistry. Zewail got his Bsc. and Msc. at the faculty of Science, Alexandria University ( where I got my Bsc. in agriculture long before him), then awarded an Egyptian government scholarship, as the case of mine and many others Egyptians, to study for his PhD in Penn State Univ., USA. Then, he opted, as many other Egyptian students abroad, to remain in US. So Dhimmi no more, your slanders and misguided malignant background are so abhorrent , despicable and worthless anti-Islamic and anti-Arab sort of a cheap propaganda serving your hidden agenda no more!

Muhammad Ali, the European Albanian soldier under the command of the Ottoman/Turks Empire: Egypt at the time of Muhammad Ali arrival with his Albanian soldiers early 1800's, was already a prosperous country feeding the Ottoman Empire since the 16th century as it did before with the Romans during the first 6 centuries after Christ ( and also as have feeded the dying of hunger nomadic Hebrews offsprings of Ya'coub/Israel long before, read the history well, stupid!). (Islam conqured and ousted the Romans under the heroic military leadership of Amr Ibn Al'Aass with the great welcome of the Egyptians who were Christian-Copt).

Egypt population at that time of Muhammad Ali, the Albanian , was probably around 8 millions and not your falsified figures Dhimmi ... Your slanders earned you a fame here that only ...like yourself would believe in. Muhammad Ali legacy left Egypt in ruins as his corrupt offsprings did( called themselves Khedevies , Sultans and later Kings such as the infamous playboy King Farouk who was toppled by Nasser miliatary coup in 1952). A case in point is the suez Canal project: Egyptians have dug the canal by their bare hands under the idiot son of Muhammad Ali called Said Pasha, at the cost of thousands of lives of the poor Egyptians, but the canal onwership was finally usurped by the British and French imperialists because of the corrupt Ismail Pasha, the Khedevy of Egpt in 1860's.

another case in point: is that Muhammad Ali declared himself the SOLE land-onwer of whole Egypt endowing large estates to his non-Egyptian slodiers, the early Muslim Arabs never done that as you falsely claimed. Nasser corrected that evil doing via his land reform laws by putting a cieling over land ownership (no more than 100 acres or feddan per family) and by nationalizing the Suez Canal in 1956 in order to be able to build the most needed Aswan High Dam which the west arrogantly refused to collaborate in its construction.

Upon that correct and legitimate actions of Nasser, the French, British and Israel plotted secretly the infamous 1956 war on Egpyt. The Soviet Union under the leadership of Nekita Khurchief extended its hand of friendship to Egypt in constructing the dam. What a moral stand and values of the so-called civilized western Judeo-Christians you are bragging about?. ...

Mabrouk A. El-Sharkawy, PhD, Univ. of Arizona, 1965.

Senior scientist, Centro Internacional de Agricultura Troipical (CIAT), Cali, Colombia.

A Muslim Egyptian proud of his Arabic culture and heritage.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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