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Nature of Humans

Reader comment on item: Saddam's Rap Sheet

Submitted by Scott Chan (United States), Mar 14, 2003 at 11:15

Here r some foods for thought to i tell u what i think:

He use weapons on his own people and neighbor. Using force against enemies and invaders is understandable for self-defense, but his own people in his own country and his allies, that is just wrong. If he can use those weapons on his own people, who knows what he is capble of doing. He wil use anyone and them betray them in a heartbeat if it is needed.

Look at how he forms his positions where he has to always move people in power to avoid them holding on to power too long and pose a threat to Saddam. He puts only his family in high positions, the way he work his goverement can tell what kind of goverment, always suspious of other people trying to take him out tells u what kind of guy he is. Even his own daughter and son-in-law rattled him out, that also tell u what kind of person he is. He has to make clones who look like hime, have people tastes food from him, leak false info to where he is staying at, never sleeping in one place more than one night, if u want to see him they search u up REALLY GOOD, those methods does not give a good image for people to see, do u see other presidents do that.He just kills those who opposed him, not just the people who oppose him, even their whole family must be taken out. The way they torture people is inhuman and injustice the way he treats his own people. He even has his own troops completely under his control, no questions asked, why would he need a personal army called the repblican guard and equip them nicely while his regluar army is extremely poorly equiped. These kinds of methiods and thinking of Saddam can tell u what kind of a man he is and what is repersent.

We pinpoint him when even tho there is alot of other poorer countries out there also have nukes is because the way he even treat his own people can tell u that he is crazy enough to do ANYTHING without no restrain to anthing. He worships people like stalin who rules with an iron fist and use whatever methods he can to achieve his goals with no feelings of others. Another main problem besides he is crazy and have weapons of mass destruction, it is like giving a rocket launcher to a mental patient. Since he has weapons of mass destruction, he could anytime use them against another country and then the other country could unleash their weapons of mass destruction, then later it can attract other countries into the fold, then later it is going to be world war III. He controls the second biggest reserves of oil fields in the world, so he can keep getting more weapons of mass destruction, unlike other poorer countries.

Look at the way they treat the Iran soldiers using bio weapons on them. Saddam loves to control, he likes to invade countries, take kuwait and Iran as some examples. Now that he has so much Bio and Chem weapons and there is maybe even more than what people expect Saddam to be hidding, it can cause a lot of destruction. Of all the different weapons, he chooses bio, chem, and nukes when their own people is suffering, gee isnt he a likable guy. He trains sucide bombers incase the US does attack them, i cant think of much countries who will want to train suicde bombers besides terrorists. He buns his own oil fields which repersents that he rather destroy everything including his own country than let the US and his allies take it from him. He uses hostages as human shields, he breaks his own dams and other buildings just to slow possible US forces. He buys American and British uniforms and kill his own people just to blame the US and its allies. He will try and draw US forces into urban environment to use its own people as shields and make the US look bad because there will civilians casualties if they r present in the urban area. He will try and not feed his own people or other tactics to make his own people as burden to US forces since he knows that US cant just sit there and dont care, they have a image to keep. He will use whatever and whoever he can to expose US weakness to be fair and kind even if it breaks human morals. Each day Saddam is still in power, everyone in the middle east and even the whole world is at risk.

While i dont know if Saddam has anything to do with the bombing of 9/11, but i can be sure that he has done his share of bombing his own people similar to the US 9/11 bombing. What, just because they arnt american or other important countries their lives aren't important, behind each lives that Saddams kills have a face, name, history, background, family, and mostly importantly it is a life, which Saddam has no right to take, no one does. Some people in Iraq dont have the luxury of free speech, free access of info, or even the luxury of breathing. One bombing in US and everybody is so mad and sacred, imagine how the people in Iraq feel who have it done to them alot.

UN inspectors will never find anything if Saddam dont want them to, he will only let them find enough and destroy enough weapons to keep up hopes of this conflict can be solved by using inspectors. For every one he destroys who knows how many he makes in the time he manged to delay, since he has so many mobile factories and labs under innocent bulidings like school and hospital. If it wasnt the US to determind to wage war, he wouldnt destory this much weapons so far just to give hope to UN and the people of the world to give them to pressure the US indirectly.

Dont get me wrong, i would love peace, like i always say "Peace is more profitable than War". i wouldnt want to crush a bug unless i have to. I wish there is no weapons of mass destruction, but the sad truth there is people out there who wants to control and ensure they get the upper hand.The main point to peace is to save lives, right, if we dont take him Saddam down he will be a MAJOR eyesore in the future even if he isnt one right now ( yeah right). I dont know if he is part of the 9/11 bombing or even have nukes, but i am sure he could support terrorists in the future if he dosent already and will try and get nukes, i mean he already have bio and chem weapons, what is stopping him from trying to get nukes and using them. A man of his ethics and methods, i am not shocke if he support terrorists against US, infact i would be kinda of shock if he dont otherwise. People think of US invading Iraq for oil, right, it maybe true, but the important thing is that we r taking out a threat to the world. Also being France, China, and Russia all veto a war, u think they do it completely for the sake of peace or believe in the UN inspectors or believe that Saddam has intentation in disarming. They do it because Iraq owes France, China, and Russia money from weapons they sold to Iraq, funny huh, they make it al sounds noble in sake of peace when they also had part with the US selling weapons to Iraq, i mean how do u think Iraq even got the technology, training, and nuclear reactors to being with. At least the US live up to its misake of selling them weapons and try to correct things instead of thinking for their wallets or even afraid to go to war. It is almost clear os water that Iraq dont want to disarm all its weapons and France, China, and Russia knows that they arent stupid, they arnt world superpowers when they cant even identify a threat, but the question is what is it to them to avoid war with Iraq.

Everybody is afraid of US forces bombing might even hit the women and children and sometimes civilian causalities cant be avoid, but it will be in very small number if any at all. While Saddam will PURPOSELY take them out to gain a upper hand either to test his new weapons, use them as example if u disobey him, or even to use to blame US forces. Personally i feel sorry for the Iraqi civilians and even the soldiers who r just doing what they r told to do from birth. The best way to finish this is using a sniper, but finding him is hard then u think. the longer we wait the more people have to die or have a bigger threat of dying, it might be possible to stall Saddam, but eventually in order to finish this it either require war or a sniper to truely end it. In my opinion, it might be better to wait for a better chance to take him down, right now we have to smooth relations from the damage Saddam has caused, and with North Korea and Iran's threat of possible nukes, without UN help it can be hard to take them down. A good plan is to attack the mind, a bad one is attack the person, saving physical fighting as a very last resort might be wise, but not so to compromise a good a opportunity.

While since US have such a strong will for war, i might be wise to go with it since, almost most of the people is protesting and even countries r protesting against a war, but it hasnt even slow the Bush down. WIth so many people oppose war it is giving Saddam more hope and right to keep doing what he is doing. There is not much difference between protesting against war or not, why not unite where it could havea better chance of peace, how u say, by all of us unite to war it could push Saddam to meet our demand then US will have no reason to attack anymore. To win a battle u take out the person in charge, to win a war u must take out the reason.

that is just my two cents

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