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Terrorism Kuwaiti style.

Reader comment on item: What Riyadh Buys [in Washington]

Submitted by Ed Melik, Kuwait (Kuwait), Jan 21, 2005 at 04:41

It was just a matter of time that the tiny little country like Kuwait becomes the safe haven for terrorists. It's been in works since we started antagonizing with Taliban of Afghanistan. A large number of Afghanistani people live permanently in Kuwait who are open supporters of Osama bin Ladin and open enemies of America as among the majority Kuwaiti pretenders "we love American people".

Despite the repeated warnings sent to the US embassy, Kuwait and the State Department, Washington DC., by the concerned Americans, Canadians, British, and other European expats working in Kuwait about the pending fiasco of terrorists in the making, embassy officials have typically ignored these warnings. They have been so ignorant and arrogant in their totally flawed internal intelligence that blinds them with total shamelessness while the real acts of terrorism are taking place in Kuwait.

Like the total failure of the CIA, and other US intelligence agencies in Iraq and other countries, the US embassy also suffers from the same big government and proper channel syndromes and mentality. The US embassy in Kuwait is filled with incompetent staff of career minded foreign service officers who have become so dependent on their locally hired third world country's cheap assistants that they can't even lift their own files from their desks without having the foreign third world country's assistants fetch and carry such files walking behind obediently with their heads down with their short tempered American bosses like slaves.

Inside the embassy they are totally dependent on the Arabic speaking staff who are totally corrupt as they socialize with the local Kuwaitis enjoying their common cultural habits while passing on valuable private and classified information for personal gains from the corrupt Kuwaitis.

Our group has repeatedly warned our American officials at the embassy, but there have been no responses to even consider investigating these matters. The result is what is now going on in Kuwait.

Several attacks in last few weeks by the youthful Kuwaitis killing several Kuwaiti security officials while looking for American targets and then getting away, is the result of American intelligence's complacency.

Those who got caught were set free, for they belong to some powerful tribal families whom the ruling families do not want to upset for political reprisals. Some arrests were made for show'n'tell purposes by the Kuwaiti authorities, while a high power American delegation visited Kuwait last week, and then the "suspects" were immediately set free once the delegation left Kuwait.

Parliamentarians who are all, without exception, elected after purchasing tribes for certain agreed price with the heads of the tribes and the heads of larger families to vote for them, are busy after getting elected, paying their debts as they are fully occupied in bribe-laced kick backs in state and private contracts.

Members of parliament are often paid a million Kuwaiti Dinars (over three million dollars) by the ruling family after winning the elections to side with their policies.

Democracy is nothing but a sham to show to Washington DC that "the democracy is alive and well in Kuwait as one of the staunch ally of America"... nothing is more false than this perception. But it does the trick to keep a good face, at least for the time being.

What do the local security agencies do with the help of local police in pursuit of finding the hide outs of terrorists? They force their ways into the ghettos of Kuwait intimidating the poor expats from third world countries, break their doors, enter their dwellings and causing unspeakable beatings, pushing, arresting, keeping people on the floor with children and women for hours and taking them to the local police stations for prolonged beatings and intimidations and all this against the laws of Kuwait.

This is done with the pretense of finding terrorists among the poor from India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt and even among the east European expats lately.

But the same lawbreakers in police uniforms are afraid to search the real enclaves of the terrorists - the Kuwaiti terror camps. Terrorists are equipped with guns while the poor expats cannot allowed to own or posses any fire arms.

If the police and the security officers treat these Kuwaiti suspects with the same treatment that they subjecti the poor expats to, it could result in serious casualties among the uniformed and plain clothed security officers. The police are generally very reluctant to subject the Kuwaiti suspects in an intimidation style tactics as they always subject the non-Kuwaitis with total impunity.

Not one non-Kuwaiti terrorist has yet been found by these illegal searches. Whatever little result achieved by the Kuwaiti authorities is, that they ended up catching Kuwaitis as terrorists but the wide spread abuse of power and total disregard of Kuwaiti laws on daily basis inflicted on the poor of the third world countries who dwell in some of the most appalling living conditions, goes unpunished.

If America's security officials were given a real cooperation by the Kuwaiti authorities, it would yield results beyond expectations. But our embassy's long practiced "influence peddling" and rubbing shoulders with money-making opportunities with Kuwaiti friends, would not recommend such a move to their superiors in Washington DC. Our hands are full with the Iraqi fiasco and we in routine-like manner depend on incompetent and ineffective Kuwaiti authorities.

Kuwaiti authorities are not effective enforcing anti-terrorists actions with the exception of roadblocks to check identifications by totally incompetent uniformed Bedouin officers who have no idea what they are looking for. They often conduct such searches without any proper training. Kuwait still is one of the easiest countries for terrorists to pick and chose their targets without any possible effective response by the Kuwaiti authorities despite their fancy armored vehicles and latest models of weaponry at display on major intersections of the city.

Kuwait is the next theater of actions for terrorists. Of course, the American press has to keep up with the guide lines dictated by the State Department so they keep their mouths shut until the signal is given to go full speed and start demonizing the former friends and allies and let them taste the medicine of freedom of speech, the American style!

Our intelligence is the worst and its not getting any better. Our embassies and non-embassy departments responsible for intelligence gathering are totally incompetent and lazy. They do more fun-laced elite socializing than doing the real work. Our Vice President Mr. Dick Chaney is the role model for the diplomatic and non-diplomatic officials and of course, the entire private American corporate bodies in this part of the world. "Hey, if he's stealing, why not us". This is said by more than one high ranking officials of both the embassy and the prime contracting official with several highly lucrative Iraq reconstruction contracts on hand while trying to ease the minds of the corrupt guests in their "deewaaniyas" (social guest reception houses that all Kuwaitis socialize in the evenings) for not to worry, because we are with you on this corrupt trail of high dollar contracts and kickbacks by KBR and Co., the US Army Corp of Engineers, US Army Acquisitions and Contracts, and others.

Open corruption and total silence of inaction by our Foreign Service officers at the embassy is disgraceful, to say the least. Terrorists could buy or at least delay them getting caught for they are assured that their co-conspirators have friends at the US embassy and some even in Washington DC. So the only time we expect to hear any high profile action against Kuwait's lack of real cooperation would be when a sizable number of uniformed American officers are sacrificed by the hands of some of the powerful clans of Kuwaiti tribes. Terrorists are gaining their strength every day despite the sanitized intelligence reports sent by our embassy officials.

Not in months but weeks we are going to see the real colors of the terrorists of Kuwait. Remember, there are no excuses and forgivings for the US embassy and their friends when this takes place. The same American officials who are to watch and report such activities to their designated superiors but the lure of large money and its future accesses are more within reach often say "O well, we can't predict all terrorists acts and if its gonna happen its gonna happen" This is what one of the high ranking official of the embassy said to a group of Kuwaitis in the presence of non-Kuwaitis to reassure their paymaster to continue on the path of rape and harvest of the American tax payer's billions channeling through Kuwaiti banks directly to Iraq. Who get to divide the loot in Kuwait first? Well your guess is as good as mine. Don't have to go too far, just read about the corrupt former US Ambassador to Kuwait Mr. Richard Jones, Patricia Gonzales, Sean Murphy et al, who served their masters by having them succeed in getting huge contracts after kickbacks and then conveniently leaving Kuwait at the right time for better pastures. Well Mr. Jones & Co., it ain't over yet and best is yet to come! While your partners in crime are flying high as they continue to loot the billions in falsified contracts for Iraq with your doings, we in Kuwait and Iraq and many in Washington DC are tailing them. Soon the tables shall turn and head would spin!

Terrorists are here for good and nothing we can do about it as it is now a foregone conclusion that this would be the next long haul battle of a different cold war - more appropriately, I call it the "hot war" and "Oil curtains" instead of the "iron curtains

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