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Corruption in the US Embassy, Kuwait

Reader comment on item: What Riyadh Buys [in Washington]

Submitted by Ed Melik, Kuwait (Kuwait), Jan 10, 2005 at 12:07

"People who live glass houses should not throw stones at other's" how appropriate it is when it comes to equate "democracy in Iraq" vs. democracies in those countries where American tax payers' billions have been wasted for decades without an iota of democratic reforms i.e., Egypt, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, etc. Phony democracies are only the fronts for deep rooted corrupt laced regimes who are violating every possible articles of each and every treaty they have signed to reform their laws to meet the minimum standards of human rights, labor rights, women's rights, right to free speech and right to practice democracy. Oil rich sinister dictatorships like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Bahrain, Qatar, are some of the biggest violators of human rights, women's rights, and enemies of democracies. Of course, as long as they serve our American interest we are willing to look the other way.

Yet our phony front of democracy in Iraq is nothing more than a true Machiavellian principal at work. Political impotence of America is now substituted with military might that is breaking every American moral and ethical boundary that our previous generations stood firm against. Our constitutional compromises are not too far from Orwellian predictions. Big brother is in full swing and not even the most sincere patriots are safe from Big brother's sinister clutches that are ever present in all walks of life of Americana. Abu Gharieb Prison's atrocities committed through a military policy are evident in every military move in Iraq.

Same mentality prevails now among the diplomatic communities in most of our embassies abroad that openly abuse their authorities and often found bloated in their arrogance. After all they are cut from the same meat! A great many non-Anglo Americans and naturalized American citizens are discriminated at the US embassies due to their ethnic and religious background as routines. Corruption is rampant. Case in point... Richard Jones, former US Ambassador in Kuwait and his equal partner in crimes Sean Murphy who both conveniently left the embassy to work in other corrupt regimes after swindling millions through bribes received as they peddled influence and tried to return favors to some of the most corrupt business and political families of Kuwait who today are stealing hundreds of millions of dollars of American tax payers monies through equally corrupt American conglomerates like Halliburton, KBR, and shamefully, the US Army et al.

Corruption is rampant and totally open in Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia in almost 99.9% of those contracting companies who are engaged on the reconstruction projects of Iraq. Despite our volunteer efforts (CorruptionWatch.Org) not a single US official has taken any serious steps to stop this blundering waste of American taxpayers hard-earned dollars. With the exception of Rep. Henry Waxler, rest of the politicians are busy in offering untiring lip service without any real efforts to curb this waste of our nation's wealth that is being stolen by the corrupt rich regimes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and others and our embassies are fully responsible for keeping their mouths shut and eyes closed looking the other way to assist the crooks of these countries to steal from America's elders, retired, sick, and hard working middle class. Our schools are in shambles, education is going down the tube, our youth's morale is fad oriented so easily exploited by the glamour industry that it does not guarantee any future to our youth.

There's absolutely no sense to the madness in Iraq. NeoCons have regained their energy and power to fulfill their master plan. We all know the billions going into Iraq war will be eventually collected through the oil wealth of Iraq that is estimated in trillions, not to mention the impotent little dogs of the rest of the GCC countries who will sell out each and every citizen of their country for their own luxury and safety that is superficially guaranteed by our government. How little the poodles know what happened to the guarantees we provided to Shah of Iran, Marcos, Suharto, Bhutto, Noriega, etc., and of course, Gorbachev. Look at Russia and the rest of the eastern block countries. They are mired in corruption like never before.

Look at our own country how the corrupt money could manipulate elections year after year elections after elections. Democracy has become such a false game of mass exploitation that it is almost like inventing new slogans concocted by the 5th/ Avenue advertising moguls to sell different packaged of Coke and Nike as our tastes have become so ever shifting that we are almost totally short sighted of our future. It's a shame that our 200 years of democracy, morality, fighting for the right and standing with the weak and fighting for the principals based on our history has succumb to special interest lobbies, price for each and every elected official who is nothing more than a figure head puppet with strings controlling their each movement by the puppet masters who bank rolled their elections. God help us all.

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