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I Too Agree with Batya; However, As For "that child in our White House"... I Doubt He's Susceptible To Teaching....

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Submitted by mariana (United States), Apr 6, 2009 at 16:33

Some in the "Punditocracy" have commented - with neither reflection nor extension - that Obama almost always relies on word-for-word statements/answers to questions using TelePrompTers or large screens hidden behind media questioners. I believe this is because the 60's and 70's counterculture characters who created him [exemplified by Axelrod] have already done all the hard lifting. They've decided exactly how they will dismantle the American Military, deal a coup de grace to the already corrupt and generally inept CIA and Intel community, and subsume American sovereignty to power-hungry, incompetent and feckless parasitical International Bureaucracies.

Obama's foreign policy positions and his out-of-country performances - persistently trashing Bush and gratuitously criticizing America/American values while abroad - make it clear that he's utterly clueless of American and World History, requiring reliance on the scripts he reads [beautifully, of course]. The positions have been formulated by "Hate-America-Firsters" in a very simple manner: America needs to be brought down a few notches; if it's bad for America, and it's desired/craved by friend or foe, let's do it!

Obama's performance this morning before the Turkish Parliament, exposed a level of ignorance and incompetence that is staggering. The Legislators and Erdogan appeared alternately surprised, quizzical, and stunned most of the time. Where the hell has he been since 2002? And what was all that nonsense about Erdogan and Gul's having strengthened M. Kemal Ataturk's "secularism"? The PM and Pres of Turkey [unlike all their predecessors] have their wives wearing Hijabs and "covering"; and they've been reversing, one by one, Ataturk's laws guarantying religious freedom - forbidding religious display in schools and public spaces - separating Mosque and State. Erdogan's AKP is an Islamist party, which the Turkish Courts have attempted to shut down as Unconstitutional and corrupt.

Further, Turkey has, at least since 2002, actively worked against all American initiatives in and out of the region [traveling, intervening and proselytizing worldwide recently, supporting Hamas & Hizbullah].

Bush - first to his credit [when he resisted Erdogan's extortive demands for "cooperation", winning the war without the 4th Army traversing Turkish soil or airspace]; and ultimately to his shame - when in his 2nd term, he subsumed his own better judgment, beliefs and instincts, capitulating to the {always wrong} permanent foreign policy establishment in DOS & CIA {with their politically timed, bogus and inept "Estimates" e.g. Iran}. Look at the background and records of Obama's Natn'l Security appointments- particularly CIA and Deputy NSA, AG, Homeland Security, and observe/reflect for openers, upon the extreme changes his already announced policies are creating on the ground vis a vis theNear & Middle East, Russia, E Europe, Cuba, Guantánamo, So & Central America for starters.

One need only go back to the newspapers and literature of the late 60s & 70s [check out media reports in Berkeley, Oakland, SF, NYC & State and Chicago; especially read David Horowitz, who was also there]. Connect the explicit objectives and demands of SDS, Anti-War groups, Weather Underground, Peace & Freedom Party, Yippies, Black Panthers, US, Black Muslims, Acorn, Socialist Worker's Party, Symbionese Liberation Army, et al.

The people behind him have been patient. First, they searched for/waited until they found the perfect vehicle: a handsome, charming, charismatic and likable Af-Am "Activist"; they schooled, backed, surrounded and financed him, and ran the most spectacular campaign in American History.

Concluding that Obama [who flatters himself for having taught "Constitutional Law" at Harvard] has absolutely no understanding of the Blessings and meaning of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers and other Founding Documents which separate America from the absence of comparable Individual Rights in "democratic" France, Gt Britain, Germany, EU and ICC [particularly re: presumption of innocence, protections against self-incrimination, illegal searches and seizures- "Takings"], is inescapable.

At his Inauguration, he swore an oath he obviously does not take seriously: "To Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States" [...from all enemies, foreign and domestic....]. When one analyses his initiatives on Cap 'n Tax and other UN/enemy scams, his budget and execution of Tarp mortgaging the future of generations to come; his flirting with the International Court, and his great desire to "listen and not dictate to" EU, UN or any other anti-American International body, while insulting Americans - who have for 60 years, squandered American lives and lucre to build/rebuild, defend and sustain these parasites- one can only conclude that this foreign-raised "child" neither loves nor even understands America.

America's Founding Fathers enjoined from the Presidency, all foreign born naturalized American Citizens. While he may [arguably] technically have been born in America, his having spent his formative years in foreign, Islamic countries with a step-father of their ruling class, obviously caused him to grow up without the understanding, love and pride American Presidents are expected to feel for the miracle that the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution created. Alas, the Founders, who appear to have been right on this, apparently did not go far enough.

All of Obama's statements and behaviours concerning the nation's economic structure, while his Admin & Congress confiscate, nationalize, victimize, hire & fire CEOs & Boards of Directors of private corporations ["Property"]; blackmail financially sound banks into taking funds unnecessarily ["Beards" to protect unsound banks] with threats of "endless audits" if they dare not comply; his refusal to accept repayment from coerced banks of the funds they never needed/wanted in the first place [at 5%? interest]; his demand for immediate, total control of National Health Care [15%+ of US' Economy] etc., can only be interpreted as furthering the adoption of National Socialism and Marxist Economics [Medvedev calls him "Comrade"].

When does someone get around to wondering if we have a President who was a Manchurian Candidate? And what names do you suppose such an one might be called? mariana


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