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Using Kafir women in the service of Muslim demography : Common Islamic Tactics

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Submitted by Dangiram (India), Jul 30, 2006 at 05:58

Muslim Mullahs are motivating Muslim Youth to take advantage of every chance to trap Kaffir / Infidel Women ( Non Muslim ) and convert her into Islam and produce as many children as possible , this is a demographic war. When I was in Canada , I have seen muslim organisations distributed pamplets about trapping the non muslim girls and converting therm into Islam. Muslims have helped muslim youth with money and logistics for this plan. Some muslim organisation awarded those muslim youth who converted Non muslim girls into Islam.

This is an excellent articles about Muslim tactics to trap Non Muslim Girls everywhere.

Read it and forward it to all your friends and relatives.


Using Kafir women in the service of Muslim demography

One of the most painful aspects of Muslim demographic warfare is the open attempt by Muslims to grab non-Muslim girls to use them for their own demographic ambitions, meanwhile also inflicting a good dose of humiliation on the accursed kafirs. In Bangladesh and in Muslim-major­ity areas inside India, this often takes the form of simply kidnapping girls, or of threatening their families to marry them out to Muslims. In the open market-place of the West and of westernized circles in India, it takes the form of normal courtship, with the limitation that in case of a Muslim girl befriending a non-Muslim, family pressure is used on her, or physical threats on him or on both, to stop the affair; since the same is much less likely to happen in the reverse case, the net result is a considerable traffic of non-Muslim girls into Muslim households.

For example, after summing up some discriminations imposed by the Muslim state and district authorities on the Buddhists of Kargil (in Jammu & Kashmir), representatives of the Ladakh Buddhist Association compla­in: "As if this is not enough, there is a deliberate and organised design to convert Kargil's Buddhists to Islam. In the last four years, about 50 girls and married women with children were allured and con­verted from village Wakha alone. If this continues unchecked, we fear that Buddhists will be wiped out from Kargil in the next two decades or so. Anyone objecting to such allurement and conversions is harassed."[1]­

In NRI papers, you can occasionally read the testimony annex war­ning of Hindu women who sorely regret their mistake of having married a Muslim. E.g. one Hindu woman from the West Midlands (UK) warns Hindus to be alert when "some undesirables (...) who cannot tolerate a Muslim girl marrying a Hindu boy even in a movie, let alone in real life (...) try to take advantage of the innocence of Hindu girls to trap them in mar­riages." When a Hindu girl is approached by a Muslim, "she should be immediately alerted that he is actually fulfilling the Islamic command of grabbing and converting non-believer women by all possible means. It is not a reflection of my personal bitterness, I remind you of fatwas issued by Mullahs in England for Muslim boys in colleges and univer­sities to marry Chris­tian, Hindu and Sikh girls".[2]

In late 1995, "the Chalvey Muslim boys" in the Chalvey area of Slough (between London and Oxford), circulated a "notice" in and around the Slough & Eton Secondary School, informing the public that: "We Muslims don't want Kafirs such as Sikh and Hindu children to mix with our children, specially our girls. Two years ago a Sikh boy was friendly with a Muslim girl and we made his life so difficult that he committed suicide. If your children come to this school, we will bully your boys the way we did to the boy who committed suicide, and we will make your daughter pregnant and change them into Islam. We mean what we are saying, and if you ignore it you will be very sorry."

A Sikh youth writes to the editor, lamenting yet another case of a girl trapped in a Muslim marriage and about to be taken to Pakistan: "It seems to be fashionable amongst some misguided members of our com­munity to think that the Muslims aren't really out to convert and brain­wash young Sikh and Hindu schoolgirls. They think that all these Sikh-Muslim fights are about young hotheads and extremists just out to cause trouble.(...) What I want to know is what these people are going to do about this schoolgirl. Is their idle chit-chat about Asian unity going to return her to her family? (...) Brothers and sisters, don't take anybody's word for it but see for yourself what the Muslims are doing to us.(...) Just talk to the schoolboys who have been bullied and terrorised for years by Muslim gangs. Just talk to schoolgirls whom the Muslims have threatened with rape. Just talk to the parents of Sikh and Hindu girls who have run off and converted.(...) These problems are real and becom­ing worse.(...) time is not on our side and the number of Sikh and Hindu schoolgirls who are running away and converting is increasing each day."

I know plenty of Westerners who married Muslim girls and converted to Islam as the conditio sine qua non. Mostly working-class people with little knowledge about Islam, they believe that, just like so many church weddings these days, it is merely a formality without consequences. But once there are children and their religious education is decided on, these converts find that the entry of the new family into Islam was not just a matter of giving in to the sentimental obsession of the parents-in-law, but a firm commitment guarded by every Muslim around. These people usually have more children than their brothers with less exotic mar­riages, in obedience to what a Muslim calls "one of the fundamental tenets of Islam -- namely, to multiply the tribe."[3] This way, they add a little extra to the numbers of immigrant Muslim communities, which are already growing fast enough without them.

One more additional factor of numerical growth is new immigration through marriage, i.e. young im­migrants getting a bride or groom from the homeland. In a little country like Holland, with about 400,000 Muslims, some 8,000 marriage partners are brought in every year, mostly steeped in the good old ways, includ­ing the expectation of having many children. The population surplus is transferred from countries where Muslim hegemony is unchal­lenged to countries or regions where fresh numbers may tip the scales in favour of the Muslim community. This way, Islam tries to usurp both the women and the land of the infidels as its own breeding-ground.

Even Mohammed's prohibition of infanticide (post-natal abortion) should be seen in the same light. It is well-known that people living in extreme ecological circumstances, like the Inuit (E­skimoes) until recently, limit their numbers by means of infanticide. The logic behind it is that the alternative would be overpopulation relative to the scarce resources, hence civil war and far more destructive suf­fering than is caused by infanticide. Precisely the same argument is used by ecologists in favour of birth-control: like rats in an over­populated cage, mankind on an overpopulated planet would self-destruct, not just back to a sustainable population level, but entirely. Islamic sources allege that the Pagan Arabs also practised infanticide, and if this is true, Mohammed's prohibition of the same would be one of his more humane interventions in Arab custom. But that should not make us overlook its intentional demographic impact: the Arabs in their in­hospitable desert environment could only be encouraged to drop all population-controlling practices because the Islamic conquests provided an outlet for the population surplus. While Arabia itself remained as thinly populated as in the days before Mohammed's natalist policies, the neighbouring countries (Syria, Iraq, Egypt) were not just culturally and linguistically but even biologic­ally arabicized to a large extent.

So, is Islam's demographic offensive inevitably leading to the demographic islamization of the whole world? Not if Hindus and others challenge the Muslims' adherence to Islam. They should make sure that Islam loses its teeth before it can swallow their country. In most of Europe, Christianity is no longer dangerous to the unbelievers, neither by numbers nor by ideological commitment. Similarly, before the demographic presence of Islam becomes too strong, there is time enough to neutralize the political threat which Islam poses. Hindu society will be alright if it resolves to mentally liberate that section of Indians whose ancestors have fallen prey to Islam and who have been con­ditioned since childhood to revere the Quran as exclusive revelation and to consider the non-Muslims as enemies.

A short version of this approach is sometimes suggested by Hindus as a solution to the problem of infiltration from over­populated Bangladesh: mass conversion of the Bangladeshi im­migran­ts. But like so many Hindus making schemes, they do not reflect on how this is to be done. It would have been much easier if at the time of Partition, the Congress leader­ship had accepted the oft-heard proposal of a full ex­change of population: in that case, a Bangladeshi crossing the border would know that he is entering territory vacated by the Muslims, where he has no place except by converting. But now, it will be the long road of freeing the intellectual atmosphere from the morbid compulsion to praise Islam, replacing it with a frank critic­ism of Islam, and making sure that not a single Muslim remains ignorant of it. Learn from the way the Christian stranglehold on Western society was broken: make them think again about their ideological commitment by exposing its irrational basis.

A piece of practical advice to conclude with: before you start teaching Muslims, teach your own community first. Your daughter will think twice about becoming the breeding cow of a Muslim family if she is properly informed about Islam. And to get a proper perspective on Islam, she should first know what mighty heritage she is carrying, what treasure she would throw to the wind if she were to drop her native tradition in favour of Islam.


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