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Reader comment on item: Islamic Law at Belmont U
in response to reader comment: Chritian priest killer declared Hero!

Submitted by true believer (India), May 15, 2006 at 11:30

If you think I am not aware of what happened in Godhra you are wrong. Read my post at http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/43700 And you are right about one thing, Modi is indeed the Milosevich of India. Extremism is evil in all its forms whether it is New York, Kashmir, Gujarat or Kosovo.

Jana Sangh the precursor to BJP, started with just a couple of seats in parliament. It was the mainstream parties sucking up to the minorities and the backward castes that led to the common Hindu on the street getting ignored and frustarted and this brought the right-wing BJP to power. When it did not deliver and when the mandir wave died out, people voted it out of power in the center. Whether you like it or not it is there to stay with its own fundamentalist agenda to garner the Hindu votes. Other parties do the same with moslem and dalit vote banks.

Faisal , Sikhs took up arms to defend theirselves against moslems. The Sikhs during the days of Guru Nanak was not a martial race. Hitler never killed Jews in the name of Christianity. No body blames moslems for what they did 1400 years back, it would be damn stupid. They are blamed for what they are doing now. Spainiards were fed up of their dhimmi status and over threw the moors out when they had a chance. And what about the Byzantine empire ? What happened to the Assyrian and Armenian Christians ? Why did Turkey attack northern Cypress in the recent past ?

Dear unbiased, you are really biased when you think that Moslems are only successful in cricket, movies and music et all. You who board here should know better.APJ Abdul kalam was made the president when BJP was in power not because he was a moslem , but because he was the best,I would say better even that PC Alexander. Moslems in india have been presidents, governors. cheif ministers, cabinet ministers, chief justices, Lt Generals and distinguished civil servants. One even headed the Indian Air force. Three out of every five men in the Indian artillery units are moslems. Often you find that the huge and loud Rashildar is a moslem. Even Rajput regiment havs moslem Rajputs who serve without any discrimination. Moslems are backward as a community because they allow their religious leaders and political parties to exploit their religious sentiments. If moslems India as a community will embrace modern methods of family planning, common civil code ( no polygamy, no triple talaq and more rights for women ) and encourage the education of their women their condition will really improve for the better.

Facts are facts Ram. When you say "some famous and reputed hindu group" does it include any of the Shankaracharyas of the four main mutts or any of the lesser mutts ? NO. Does the religious texts of Hindus justify it ? NO. This is the difference that I am trying to point out. Had these "famous and reputed hindu group" been in control here, India would not have had more moslems than Pakistan. I never said that your infamous or notorious hindu groups were right. Dont waste your time trying to teach me hindi just because i write "muslims" as "moslems" or "Ram" as "Rama", I may even be speaking it better that you do for all that you know. Dont accuse me of making the Jews and Christians hate Moslems or vice versa or exporting hate to the west. The verses from koran and actions of moslems who follow them religiously are solely responsible for that. What follows is only a natural reaction to it.

"Slay them wherever you find them...Idolatry is worse than carnage...Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God's religion reigns supreme." (Koran Surah 2:190 )

"Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it." (Koran Surah 2:216)

"If you should die or be slain in the cause of God, His forgiveness and His mercy would surely be better than all the riches..." (Koran Surah 3:156-)

"Seek out your enemies relentlessly." (Koran Surah 4:103-)

"The Jews and Christians say: 'We are the children of God and His loved ones.' Say: 'Why then does He punish you for your sins?" (Koran Surah 5:18)

"Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends." (Koran Surah 5:51)

"Believers, when you encounter the infidels on the march, do not turn your backs to them in flight. If anyone on that day turns his back to them, except it be for tactical reasons...he shall incur the wrath of God and Hell shall be his home..." (Koran Surah 8:12-)

"Make war on them until idolatry shall cease and God's religion shall reign supreme." (Koran Surah 8:36-)

"If you fear treachery from any of your allies, you may fairly retaliate by breaking off your treaty with them." (Koran Surah 8:51-)

"...make war on the leaders of unbelief...Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them. He will grant you victory over them..." (Koran Surah 9:12-)

"Fight against such as those to whom the Scriptures were given [Jews and Christians]...until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued." (Koran Surah 9:27-)

"If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men." (Koran Surah 9:37-)

"Prophet make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home." (Koran Surah 9:73)

"Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them." (Koran Surah 9:121-)

"Fight for the cause of God with the devotion due to Him...He has given you the name of Muslims..." (Koran Surah 22:78-)

"Muhammad is God's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another." (Koran Surah 48:29)

Only if the moslem clergy world over to acknowlege publicly that the abovesaid verses are obsolete in this modern age.



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