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Question to Mr Daniel Pipes: Why does the west pamper moslems

Reader comment on item: Islamic Law at Belmont U

Submitted by true believer (India), Apr 25, 2006 at 11:20

Mr. Daniel Pipes ,Sir

I have always wondered as to why the west pampers moslems so much. Somewhere in a British jail, they are changing the direction of toilets that are facing the East so that it would not hurt the religious sentiments of moslem criminals. Some other European country is funding building of separate baths for moslem women because they feel offended by taking bath in the same place as Christian women. Some other European country excused a moslem lady school teacher from shaking hands with other men because it was supposedly against her religious feelings. When an American GI refused to take arms against Muslims in Iraq, his islamic army chaplain supported his actions publicly without receiving any punishment. Even the GI got away with a light sentence. Polygamy, abuse of women and honor killings among moslem families are ignored by authorities in Europe. Arabs and other moslems raping women both moslem and non moslem in the name of islam hardly causes a ripple in Europe. Recently moslem youths went on rampage on the streets looting and burning and only a few are arrested, even a lesser number were tried and actually sentenced. Islamis rallies in the moslem dominated areas of US openly scream of killing Christians and taking their women as war, booty but are condoned by the authorities.These are just a few of the disturbing developments of late.

I have also noticed this blatant bias among the so called western media in favour of moslems. Just after the 9/11 attacks we had the media sort of giving out the message that the whole world must learn more about islam. Many suave and smartly attired islamic religious teachers, mollas, academicians (and what not ) came on the TV talking about "peace" in islam. Or take for instance popular knowledge TV channels like National Geographic Channel (NGC) or the Discovery channel.

Last year during the moslem holy month of ramadan (when moslems worldwide fast) NGC showed a series of programmes which talked of moslems fasting, praying, preparing for pilgrimage, giving alms and so on and so forth. NGC also featured many programmes where moslem religious men and leaders explained about the various aspects of islam. So far so good.

Contrast that with what was shown about Christianity on NGC recently this year during the Christian Holy Week-end (i.e. Good Friday to Easter Sunday) Gospel of Judas, Holy Grail with scenes of Jesus Christ kissing Mary Magdalene. These programmes were repeated twice daily on all the three days. Discovery channel shows programs about Christian crusades where Christian crusaders are shown as lustful and murderous (many actually were) while moslem fighters are shown as principled gentlemen ( none were ) even though moslem conquests and wars were not any different from Christian crusades. Also these programs never tell the fact that Europe and rest of the civilized world owe their freedom to the defeats that crusaders inflicted on moslems at Tours and the subsequent defeat of the Moors in Spain and Sicily. Or the fact that the sacking of the pilgrimage hospice in Jerusalem and destroyed the Church of the Holy Sepulchre also in Jerusalem in 1009 by the moslem Fatimid caliph al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah was when the first shot was fired between Christians and Moslems which eventually started the crusades.

I have not seen a single TV programme that talks about the cruel moslem attacks on south east Asia or Europe or the Armenian Genocide. Even during the Sydney beach riots, the attacks on non-moslems including gang-rapes were downplayed by the media whereas the photograph of some person of Arab origin being beaten by non-moslems (mostly whites) was widely circulated. Western media does not seem to be controlled by Islamists but they certainly are behaving that way. By supressing some facts and by exaggerating others, ( just showing one side of the coin repeatedly ) the media seems to have successfully created the notion that the moslem is the victim of islamofacism and not the self appointed aggressor.

Same goes for the governments. Before 9/11 many islamic terrorist organisations were allowed to open their offices in US and Europe ( which they continue to do to this day by changing their names and adresses after 9/11). When ever moslems are killed in a a non-moslem state like like India, there is a loud hue and cry in the west in name of human rights violations. But when Christians are massacred in Pakistan or Indonesia or Hindoos in Bangladesh, western governments conveniently ignore it. They send huge armies abroad to fight the so called terrorists (Iraq and Afghanistan) but back at home extremists and their organisations are treated with kid gloves. Is the west too civilized to stamp out islamofacism in their own homes ?

The attitude of the government is that of some one who is very concerned about protecting the moslem minority from the non-moslem majority, whereas in reality it is the silent majority that is under threat from the violence and hate of the islamists. Is it some kind of collective Stockholm syndrome that the government and the media is suffering from ? Ore are they too civilized to fight like the French were during World War II. Most surprising is the reaction of the society at large. The society has never been this lukewarm. Those that have prided themselves on their stand against perceived unjust wars , the ones fought for rights for gays/lesbians and liberation of women to banning use of animal fur and even took on greedy greedy corporate giants and the government itself to get justice, are not even realizing leave alone discussing about the threat of radical islam to their very existence as a free and civilized society. Is this because of the lulll created by the media saying that 9/11 is a thing of the past and that violence is an abberation of the moslem mindset instead of being the norm, and things at home will never go wrong in future ? And a government that is eagerly willing to accept this view to soothe the troubled masses and sweep the burning issues under the carpet, so that the business goes on as usual ?

It seems that the bulk of the society, the governments and the media tolerate, condone, cover up or simply ignore ( in the increasing order ) the unruly behavior of the moslem community to a large extent. Moslems think that they have a God-given right to break laws while they themselves want to and do enjoy the full protection under the very laws that they break. Why is civil behavior not strongly enforced on moslems by the state ? If their laws are weak in dealing with extremism, why they dont they change them ? Why is a moslem given the freedom to misbehave the way he/she would the countries of his/her origin ? It is indeed a controversial topic and many people will deny or oppose my post just to appear politically correct, while others may do it for "religious" reasons. Meanwhile the silent and suffering majority will maintain its stoic silence as usual.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.




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Daniel Pipes replies:

Because the multi-cultural, Rousseau-ist left sees Muslims as victims.

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