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How Ahmadinejad came to power...

Reader comment on item: Iran's Final Solution Plan

Submitted by Mark Rosenthal (Germany), Dec 9, 2005 at 08:37

Mr. Pipes: Excellent writing, I thank you for what you wrote.

I watched the speech that Bill Clinton gave in Israel in memory of Yitzchak Rabin in Nov. 2005. A part of the speech was about the security of Israel, most importantly about the threat coming from Iran. Mr. Clinton pointed out, most interestingly, that Ahmadinejad came to power not because of any election promise to obliterate Israel, but rather, because of the horrific economic conditions in Iran and his promise to fix those conditions. Now that he is in office and has realized that such problems cannot be easily fixed, he has decided to take the course of hate, and most likely, of war, in order to divert his own people from their economic misery. They trusted him, some of the them with good-will in their hearts, others knowing quite well what an egomaniac and anti-semite he is, and wanting him in power because they are cut from the same cloth as Ahmadinejad.

This does not make what he is doing any more acceptable or understandable. If anything, it makes his actions all the more unexcusable and shows just how bloodthirsty and calculating this man is. Yes, the iranians have been hearing the cries of "death to Israel" for years, but the last years saw a moderate administration trying to sooth and stabilize, and those death cries were getting weaker and weaker and being taken less and less seriously. Now we are confronted with a mini-Hitler who is manipulating his people in EXACTLY the same way and in the same progression of events as from 1932-1945. A man who challenges the historical accuracy and truth of the holocaust is not worthy of being on the world's political stage.

So, I recommend a policy of complete non-tolerance. A 100% absolute embargo, per UN- sanctions, enforced by the member states, should do the trick. Completely seal off the borders, ground Iran's air force, jam it's communications. Shut off the oil pipelines, block the ports. Cut Iran completely off from the rest of the world, and that for as long as it takes in order to convince the iranians that there is a better way to get along with neighbors than by threatening to destroys them. During the embargo, nothing gets in and nothing comes out. Zero-nada-zilch. Close all iranian embassy's throughout the world and send all iranian diplomats from all over the world packing. Recall all foreign ambassadors stationed in Teheran. Carry out the same embargo on lands who do not hold up the embargo against Iran. And then let's see how long the iranian people will put up with Ahmadinejad's lies and manipulation. The embargo against Iraq failed because it was never a complete embargo and never seriously enforced. This time we should be wiser. Irony of history...unfortunately, we may all be too tired from the war that didn't need to be (in Iraq) for a war that may have to be (in Iran).

And don't forget, as soon as Ahmadinejad develops nuclear warheads, he will attach them to rockets with a range of 3,000 kilometers and shoot them at Israel and most likely also at targets in Europe. The europeans cannot be so naive as to think that Ahmadinejad has any great love for europe, he is only hoping to abuse the trust of the europeans. The australians are convinced that Iran is less than 6 months away from a working nuclear warhead and the australian secret service is one of the 5 best in the world. So, let's not kid ourselves here. The appeasement of the 1930's has taught us that just standing by does not work. And though I was and am completely against the Bush policies in Iran, I have been sending Emails for the last 3 years to my friends, saying over and over again that the target is wrong. The problem was not Iraq. The problem was and IS Iran.

If the iranians are really a modern thinking society that wants to be a part of the world community, then the iranian people must depose Ahmadinejad and his cronies.

I am sure that there are just millions upon millions of hard working, honest, open and loving muslims who are appalled to see what is happening now, not to mention christians and (it goes without saying) jews. A nuclear attack from Iran would not just kill jews. Many many many arabs, including muslims, would also die. So, muslims across the world, in my opinion, have a very vested interest in getting rid of the madman before it is too late.

I hope that the world will open it's eyes this time.

Mark Rosenthal
Bonn, Germany

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