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Reader comment on item: The Next London Bombing

Submitted by yonason (United States), Jul 12, 2005 at 17:56

At first the response of the G8 to the London bombings, as articulated by Tony Blair, of pledging to throw $3B of good money after all the bad that has been sucked into the "Palestinian" black hole of corruption and terror-building, seems utterly incomprehensible. But, when I look more closely, this response is at least consistent with Mr. Blair's politics. It seems to be his way of trying to show the Arabs the neo-socialist way of truth to peace by the light of his Third Way philosophy.

Mr. Blair's bankrupt morally relativistic wrong-way Third Way political philosophy requires of him a ‘synthesis' (‘peace in our day') of the ‘thesis' (the existence of Western civilization) with it's ‘antithesis' (civilization's demise by the agency of Islamofascist barbarism). Unfortunately for him, (and the other world leaders who are o.k., with this approach), the Arabs don't want to play that game, at least not by Western Leftist rules, and he will fail.

But neither he, nor any of his fellow world leaders want to admit this, because their world view demands that they act as if the Islamofascists can be won over, otherwise they will have to admit their whole political philosophy is based on falsehood. Unwilling to concede that fact, and it's consequence that some battles leave only one surviving victor and not two equally satisfied 'fellow travelers,' he is largely blind to the danger. Rather than seeking their eradication, he plans to build a superhighway toward consensus with them.

They talk of ‘addressing' the 'root cause' of a presumed ‘legitimate' Arab rage. But what they really mean by ‘addressing' is just ‘circumventing' it, which for them is the same thing. They do this by first imagining a ‘road map' that avoids the pitfall, which means that they build their EXPRESSWAY TO HELL in someone else's backyard (so you see that at some level they are aware that it won't work). Along with the rest of the world, they intend to accomplish it's construction by exercising some perverse imaginary international ‘right of eminent domain,' requiring Israel's forfeiture of her land, for the sake of that ‘just down the road and around the bend' ‘peace in our day' destination in all their brochures.

Trapped in the net of their own sophistry, they hope the fantasized capacity of the West to deliver "justice for the Palestinians" will impress the Arabs, with the result that they will respond in good faith. Then everything will be hunkey dorey. These communitarian cultural magicians are attempting to perform their illusion of morphing the ‘Arab-Israeli dispute' into Crazy Uncle Shimon's ‘Arab-Israeli new Middle East.' This slight-of-mind is to be accomplished by applying a Third Way 'synthesis' (peace through "justice for the Palestinians,") of the ‘thesis' (Israel exists) with it's ‘antithesis' (Israel's demise at the hands of Islamofascist barbarians).

If it works (which it won't) they will have proven the power of their ideology to deal with one of the most intractable problems faced by man. And, if it fails (which it will), since it's success is dependent on others, they can always just blame the failure on ‘them' (i.e., read "the Jews"). That takes the pressure off themselves, and they stand a better chance of keeping their jobs because they can pretend the failure isn't really their own.

Convenient, huh!

But what does that have to do with the next attack on the Brits, or anyone else? Only that their ideology is completely inadequate to deal with terror. As long as one tries to reason with the person trying to kill him, it doesn't matter how much superior his strength. Eventually the persistence of the murderer, with the help of his 'insignificant' 16,000 henchmen, will succeed. And the more they succeed, the more they will inspire other likeminded monsters to swell the numbers of those eager to self immolate among us.

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I'm just listening to reports that they have made some arrests, and that 4 suicide bombers have been identified. That's great! It leaves only about 15,986 terrorists to go. I just hope that next time we can find them BEFORE they go off.

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