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The Muslims Need a Scapegoat

Reader comment on item: [The Search for Moderate Islam:] A Reply to Lawrence Auster

Submitted by Ibrahim Abdul Mu'min (United States), May 25, 2005 at 11:21

The Muslims Need a Scapegoat 11/16/04

So…I'm sitting in the Mosque, listening to the beginning of the Friday (Jummah) prayer and the Imam is announcing that the topic will be "The Will of Allah"…ok…sounds good. Then as an opening statement he says, "my Brothers…some of us may not want to hear this but…the will of Allah is the destruction of Israel and driving out all Jews from the Middle-East"… uh oh… hmmmm…then he goes on to say, "when Israel started building their defensive wall they stopped being worthy of any respect from the civilized nations of the world and they deserve nothing more than total annihilation at the hands of the Palestinian freedom fighters, this is the will of Allah!"

I stood up and left, not because I can't stand to hear another's opinion, or that I am intrinsically and blindly Pro-Israel…but the blatant misuse of the Friday sermon and the arrogance of him deciding what was "the will of Allah" just made me furious, and maybe a bit sad.

The next week I was accosted and berated for my lack of respect for the Imam and my total lack of understanding of Islam…oh well…I was told that the main problem with the Muslim World today can be traced directly to the "Jewish Media" and America. They have an agenda to defame, degrade and destroy Islam and Muslims. After all, I was told, the Jews own all the newspapers, all the television stations and all of Hollywood. (yea…so?)

In the ensuing discussion I was called a Jew, a traitor, a spy and a false Muslim… "What would you do", they said, "if your children were murdered, your home destroyed and your daughters raped"…definitely a hard rhetorical question to answer and one that, I suppose, is meant to condone the Palestinian terrorists…what that had to do with the "Jewish Media" they never explained to me.

Of course, they were all against terrorism… " brother, we all know this is not Islam, but the Palestinians are not terrorists…you see, my brother, you must understand the struggle against Israeli aggression"… "The Jewish Media never gives the good news about Muslims". When I asked what that "good news" might be, they looked at me as if I was speaking in tongues … "and what about the Oklahoma City bombings?" they whined, "That wasn't Muslims"…(excuse me, the Jewish media reported that too)

The dark ages have returned, the Modern World is again burning in the flames of a new inquisition and the Muslims have found an age-old scapegoat for their own crimes. The mad Mullahs, shaky Sheiks and Arab Islamic-Fascist Wahabis have falsified history and falsified our Quar'an. So-called Islamic organizations such as CAIR are constantly telling Muslims in America that they are in danger from some sort of non-existent plot to defame Islam. They succeed because their followers are too ignorant to know that they are liars and hypocrites. Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship one God, the Creator of the universe.

The whole program is a futile quest to save their rotting regimes, keep themselves and the petro-dollar House of Saud-fraud in power and their people ignorant. An ignorant man is easy to control. The attack on the Jews, on the western media and on America is merely a piece of demagoguery to throw the hungry and ignorant masses off the trail of their real enemy; extremism, corruption, fanatics, terrorism, and a ridiculous, literal (almost heretical) misinterpretation of the Holy Quar'an.

It has become necessary for the world to fight against this great Arab Islamic-Fascist lie. These people and their murderous legions are like Hitler and the Nazis of WWII, telling the hungry, ignorant and fearful Muslims of the world that Capitalism and Democracy are "Jewish", and that attacking America and the Jews is the best way to restore the Muslim world to prosperity and peace.

What folly! What criminal deception and bloody fraud!

Sadly, however, there seems to be signs that this oldest swindle in the world is growing in acceptance among Muslims. "Well, you know brother, we must defend ourselves", they tell me. The defense of Islam against these Fascist liars and pseudo-religious butchers has become a most necessary task for every freethinking Muslim. Actually, it is not only a problem for Muslims, but also a problem for all people who want to live in a world of peace, freedom and prosperity. Renounce the Arab Islamic-Fascists who would feed the freedom hungry Muslim people with the old empty husk of anti-Semitism and anti- Americanism. I need no scapegoat. I see the enemy within our ranks, even as we pray in our Mosques, celebrate our holy days and try to raise our Families in the Way of Islam. I see them, but alas, in their arrogance, they don't see themselves. THE ENEMY IS WITHIN!

I, for one, will continue to speak out and denounce this Islamic-Fascist hypocrisy wherever I can, I will stand up strong in Unity and Strength with my Brothers and Sisters of FMCAT (Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism) and with whoever else will join us.

Truth and Justice have been substituted by terror and murder as the world watches the moral and spiritual decay of the followers of Islam…The Religion of Peace. WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON??!!

Signed and sealed by:
Ibrahim Abdul Mu'min
NY chapter president of FMCAT

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