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800,000 Hindus can't be wrong

Reader comment on item: Sarah Palin Endorses 'Bomb Iran'
in response to reader comment: My answers to Grand Infidel

Submitted by the Grand Infidel of Kaffiristan (Australia), Feb 23, 2010 at 05:17

Mr. bannerjee writes:

My Answer >>> My surname's spelling is Banerjee not Bannerjee. Try to look at my surname's spelling before you type.

You stick to Urdu - I'll use my own language the way I want.

My Answer >>> So you do not like any non-white , non-Australian calling you 'mate' . Is that word 'mate' your paternal property ? I can use any word that I would like to use. Understand.

Understand what I said - you're already a bad enough joke being a muslim - adding slang from another country to try and ingratiate yourself to the readers - makes you appear an even bigger loser. It's quite funny really.

Again - let's deal with facts. The 2006 war was started by Muslim Hezbollah, no doubt acting under orders from allah.".....The conflict began when Hezbollah militants fired rockets at Israeli border towns as a diversion for an anti-tank missile attack on two armored Humvees patrolling the Israeli side of the border fence"

"........My Answer >>> Well you are sidestepping the question I asked you in the first place. Tell me again was it moral for Bush to give a green light to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon which killed thousands of innocent Lebanese civilians ?

The Israelis were provoked into action. They would have gone in with or without Bush's approval - so it is a moot point.

"...My Answer >>>> What exactly do you see as myth when it comes to the Burqas ?"

Burqas? Burqas actually do exist, unfortunately for so many non-deodorised women in hot muslim sandboxes.

My Answer >>>> When you compare Egypt and India to the US regarding last 200 years you should know that both these countries were under western colonial rule for a significant amount of time in the last 200 years. The resources of these two countries were looted by the Westerners during that time.

And both civilisations are older than 5,000 years - plenty of time in which to succeed. So what happened. And what resources did the USA, which is the country we were discussing, take from India and Egypt exactly.?

Now coming back to the modern times do you really want me to believe that there are no poor people in the US ? Come on do not joke.

There are poor people in every country. But most of the poor in the US have colour TV's. Most of the poor in your country just manage to get enough to eat each day. There is a huge difference between being poor in the US and being poor in India. That is so obvious - but you don't seem to realise that.

"...People like Henry Kissinger , Bill Clinton and Al Gore have won Nobel prizes whereas some one like Mahatma Gandhi did not receive the Nobel prize"

The Norwegian Nobel Committee confirmed that Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1937, 1938, 1939, 1947 and, finally, a few days before he was murdered in January 1948.The omission has been publicly regretted by later members of the Nobel Committee.

".... My question to you is the Nobel prize is a thoroughly western concept and Muslims should not care too much about it."

That is a statement of your opinion, not a question. No wonder muslims don't get Nobel prizes. Nobel prizes aren't awarded based on race or religion but on developments in many fields which require a great deal of dedication and work by an individual.

"My Answer >>> The number of slaves that Arabs had was a miniscule compared to the Atlantic Slave trade performed by the westerners."

A bit of taqiyya there - or is it kitman? They SOLD slaves to Westerners so had to have them to sell.

".. Also one of the major companions of Prophet Mohammad was Bilal the Ethiopian , an African slave who was released from his bondage by Abu Bakr the first Caliph of Islam."

Was this before or after Mohamhead flew around on the buraq? Or spl;it the moon with his finger without the Chinses or Indians noticing?

"...Another fact of the matter , Bible also talks about slavery a lot in very favourable terms. Why are you intentionally forgetting it ?"

As mentioned before - the Old Testament is seen as more or less an historical document. Some of the events and practices of the people living in the middle east in those times (>2000 years BP) were barbaric. Nothing much has changed - but Christians and jews have moved on. Christians and Jews do not use that book to justify child sex or singling out anyone of any other religions for unjust or inhumane treatment. OR use it to justify suicude bombings of non-jews and non-Christians.

My Answer >>> Your support of nuclear holocaust of the Japanese is racist. "

Did I say I supported it? If anything I said it was the lesser of two evils . So how on earth does that make me 'racist'? Would it have been 'racist' if I said that I'm glad that Germany was also defeated????

Pathetic. Muslims are always ready to start name calling when they have no argument.

Should I have said I preferred the US had not used the atomic bomb and that millions of people should have prolonged their suffering and died slowly from starvation , burns and wounds - apart from those who would have been bombed with conventional explosives???

".....You support it since you consider that Japanese are sub-humans who can be disposed off . "

Now - exactly when and where did I say that?

My Answer >>> The point here is not that Mossadeq government was secular . The point is do you support the interference of the US in the domestic political situation of another sovereign country ?

Russia and China , all the great powers interfere in each others affairs all the time. This has been going on for a hundreds of years. Even Britain interfered in the US.

"If you do support it then I would say Muslims will be justified in interfering in the internal affairs of US , Israel and Australia et al."

Sorry to burst your bubble but this is the inconsequential opinion of an insignificant muslim living in a developing country - who doesn't realise that Muslims are not a government. Many of them are a rabble of ignorant fools with a chip on their shoulders - and many of the most seriously deranged motivated by the lie of a perpetual sexual afterlife. A group of muslims who thought to interfere in our affairs here in Australia were recently jailed for 25 years or more.

US participation was at the request of the Vietnamese government

".....My Answer >>> Another blatant lie of yours."

That is a fact.

"....The South Vietnamese government was a US puppet regime which was imposed upon the people of south Vietnam. The Vietcong were justified in taking up arms against that puppet regime so as to unite their country and free Vietnam"

You even believe your own lies? I'm so surprised! Ask ANY person from the multitude of South Vietnamese now living in Western countries what the real story was.

"...from the scourge that is Western imperialism."

Now who is being 'racist'???

I said "...., backing the brutal dictatorships in the Muslim world "

You said "Such as where - Iran? Pakistan? Egypt? Indonesia?"

"My Answer >>> All the places that you mentioned has or had a pro-US , anti-freedom dictatorship. Example the Brutal Shah regime in Iran , the recurrent military dictatorships in Pakistan , the corrupt Suharto regime in Indonesia and the current tyrannical Mubarak regime in Egypt are / were backed to the hilt by the US."

Many muslim countries are brutal miltary or theocratic dictatorships - not backed by any foreign powers (except Saudi)

"" Even now the US supports anti-freedom governments in the Muslim world such as the ones in Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Kuwait and Jordan. I hope this is enough for you."
Anti-freedom in the Muslim world?? What a joke.The Muslim world itself is anti freedom.

" You cannot blame the Muslims in trying to defend themselves from their US occupiers in places like Iraq or Afghanistan. "

and I can't blame NATO when ignorant Afghan muslims blow up schools and bridges built for them by NATO? Muslim society is pretty much a tribal society in those areas. They want to keep what they had - and don't like it when they are offered assistance from outside. BUt in Iraq and Afghanistan - NATO and the US is asked to stay there by the governments of those countries. Why is that? Do they fear the slide back into chaos?

".....Now the question is even if we do consider that the Muslims who are imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay are bad people "

Could that be even possible.?

".....What right do the US have in preventing a proper civilian trial to these people ? "

Because the crimes they committed were not carried out in a civilian setting - they were crimes committed in a 'theatre of war'. Hence they are under military jurisdiction.

"Do you think it is democratic for a country like the US which claims to be democratic."

What on earth are you talking about? What has the USA being a democracy got to do with which branch of law eemy combatabnts are tried under??? No Nobel Prizes for jurisprudence for you.

How about countries and religious fanatics instituting and wanting to institute a retarded politico/religious system with draconian punishments for what they consider to be crimes ?

My Answer >>> Exactly. Countries like the US and Israel which have been built on retarded religious supremacist ideas like American exceptionalism in case of the US

Is 'American exceptionalism' like 'Russian exceptionalism', or 'Chinese exceptionalism' - or even 'Indian exceptionalism'?? Are these religions? Keep to the subject. If somehow we could get 6 billion people to vote on the most retarded religion - guess which one would get the vote from 4.8 billion people?? Too hard for you? Need a hint?

"I also would like to request you to visit places like Bradford in the UK or the suburbs of France and then ask them whom they like most the US or the Islamic world ."

Despite what you'd like to believe the Muslim ghettoes of Bradford in the UK and certain suburbs of Paris - are not typical of the citizens of those countries. far from it.

My Answer >>> Well in the US there are a lot of Americans who are from Muslim background also. Do you believe then that the Muslim world and the US also have lots of things in common.

Love of money perhaps but not race or religion.

In proportion to the overall population - there is a very small percentage of muslims (of all sects) in the US. The numbers of actual or nominal Christian and Jewish Europeans in Russia is a high percentage - as it is in the US.

"On the question of similarities between Roman Catholics and Russian Orthodox I think you do not know anything about Christian religion. "

I like this - muslims lecturing Westerners on their own religions!

If these two religions had lots of things in common then why they did not melt together in the last 100 years ?"

Probably similar reasons that the Sunnis and Shias haven't managed to do that in the last 1600. Although - you have to give the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholics credit for not suicide bombinh each oter's churches don't you think?

Another point on Russians being white Europeans I guess as a WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant)

you live in a fantasy world of groundless assumptions. BUt I knew that already

"you should also understand that Chechens are also White Europeans."

I would say that technically Chechens are more closely related to Iranians etc.

" Does that mean that Chechens are also closely related to the Americans ?"

It does not mean that at all.

'Talking about WWII you must admit that the Soviets did the bulk of fighting during that war. So should the Europeans not remember them also ?'

Why 'must' I admit to a lie? They did the bulk of the fighting in their own country .

"My Answer >>> Talking about 9/11 , that incident actually made US do quite a lot of things like Guantanamo Bay and Abu Gharib which lets the world know that US is not that beacon of freedom it claims. It also tells the world that US is not an exceptional nation like any other empire it also does nasty things to hold onto power."

So you expect any country to sit back and take any muslim attack without any reaction. You've been in the sun too long I'm afraid. If anything - the US and other countries have shown great restraint. It's not that they can't wipe out those societies which breed such poison.


My Answer >>> See the Muslim world has seen of empires like the Byzantines , the Persians , the Crussaders , the Mongols as well as the modern European colonists. I tell you what without a total collapse of the current world system there will be no new power coming out. "

Again, the opinion of an insignificant person steeped in his beliefs. And you could say the Jewish world ahs seen even more empires come and go with even more validity. Is a 'total collapse of the current world system' (whatever vague definition you have for that) - is necessary for a 'muslim' world to appear ??? The irony is the muslim world has already collapsed - and collapses further day by day. There never , ever will be a future muslim world utopia, sad as that may be for you to hear.

It is becoming impossible for Islam to ignore what everyone else sees quite clearly.

My Answer >>> Internet also helps in other ways like helping the world to know and understand the evil deeds of America and spread opposition to this unjust American system like wildfire.

You are being delusional again - there is no 'unjust American system ' being spread - neither here in Australia - or in Lithuania - or Russia or Liechtenstein or Moldova or Paraguay ....etc

Tell you what the world with each passing day is coming to know about ISLAMIC atrocities all around the world and people are starting to organize against it."


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