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Abd al-Mahmoud and the Qur'an

Reader comment on item: Winston Churchill Compares "Mein Kampf" to the Koran
in response to reader comment: Why the west is against Islam

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Feb 24, 2008 at 07:01

Abd al-Mahmoud wrote

>As a practicing Muslim, I was quite outraged at the comparison of our holy book to "mein kampf". For those of you who have any doubt about the KORAN and its author, the challenge to mankind still stands.

I doubt that you can read the Qur'an in Arabic and you know what? the Qur'an says that islam is the religion of the Arabs only and you ain't no Arab (Q14:4)

>Create one surah on your own that will even come close to it.

Really? It is very easy to write poor literature as the Qur'an is nothing but poor literature. It is a confused and confusing book. It claims to be a kitab mubeen maktub bi 3Arabi which is far from the truth. Without Quranic commentaries the Qur'an does not make any sense. You cannot even reconstruct the life of Abul Qasim (that is his Kunya) aka Muhammad or is it Ahamd or is it Qutham by only reading the Qur'an. The Qura'n is full of foreign words when it claims to be written in 3Arabi faseeh, and it has its share of grammatical errors. And you know what? The variant traditions in the Qur'an is indeed evidence that there was more than one author for "this text with no context."

What is most amazing about the authors of the Qur'an is that the literature of the Syriac speakers and of the Greeks eg: "The seven sleepers of Ephesus" aka Qisat ahl al-kahf and "The Romance of Alexander" aka qisat dhul Qarnain and then these two stories of fiction are called the words of Allah!. Do you know what I call this? I call it plagiarism

And what do you find inspiring in: iqtoloo al-mushrikeen, qatilo ahl al-kitab or not to make friends with non Muslims. You tell us ya ustaz And why does your Allah asks you to: qatil fi sabeel Allah? Why is this violence when your Allah can change our hearts without resorting to such violence unless your Allah is not omnipotent. So is your Allah not omnipotent?

The God of the Qur'an comes across as an angry God who demands to get 1/5 of the loot collected from Infidels (Q8:41) he calls his own creation the Jews: Quruud wa khanazeer. He changes his mind often ( alcohol is Ok then it is forbidden, la ikrah fi al-deen and the infamous iqtoloo al-mushrikeen) and he calls it al-nasikh wa al-mansukh, he declares that human beings can make up their own minds but then he declares it is all about al-qada' wa al-qadr. If this in not confusing theology I have no idea what it is.

Now let me provide you with responses to the silly challenge of "the sura like it":

Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, Virgil's Aenid, Firdawsi's Shahnemah, even the Bible is great as in the Sermon on the Mount, the Hindu Gita, the Dhammapada, the poetry of Omar al-Khayyam etc.... even Harry Potter is more interesting than the Qur'an

> And yes you can use all the computing power you can muster and engage the most brilliant and most eloquent poets and linguists to the challenge.

Islamic gobbledygook. I bet you that you cannot even read the Qur'an in Arabic.

>If you can accomplish this we muslims will abandon our faith. If you fail to do so, please upgrade your code of life to Islam before it is too late for our species.

More Islamic gobbledygook

>There are really only 2 religions left in the world. One is Islam, submission to the creator, and Infinite Greed, all the other so called religions and atheists, aka the religion of theft. Infinite greed will destroy us all within the next 3 generations.

You remind me of communists when they used to say, and to paraphrase what you just wrote:

There are two religions (and yes communism is also a fascist religion not unlike Islam) left in the world One is communism submitting to Karl Marx the creator of the creed of communism the infinte creed and all other so called religions, political sytems and atheists aka the religions of theft not unlike Islam where 1/5 of the theft is supposed to go to Allah and his rasul.

Islam is nothing but Arabian imperialism and it will be defeated in the market place of ideas, just like communism


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