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Kerry's mental state

Reader comment on item: The Gods and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Submitted by Ray Exley (United States), Sep 19, 2018 at 22:24

Dear Sirs:

I have followed comments by Sec of State, Kerry's about the Iran deal, (including his recent attempts at conducting foreign policy with the Mullahs without any authority) and about the Palestinian conflict with Israel. My most common reaction is why does he not see how amazing bizarre (and unfounded, contrary to all evidence) his positions on these subject are, when compared to testable information of these subject.

Yet despite all of the contrary evidence Kerry and many on the left seem to feel that if they repeat factually wrong information frequently enough, it will become true. As, they seem to take positions which they find politically acceptable to other left wing accolades, then they try to find a cover story, which is usually a mixture of lies, disinformation, non sense, with an occasional accurate fact all mixed together in an illogical compilation of "crap," which they repeat as often and with as much emotion as they can muster, in an obvious attempt to obscure any source of accuracy or truth. Their techniques are always the same, all BS, no truth, much emotion, no truth, and repeat endlessly, and ignore the truth. I often feel they are trying to convince themselves in addition to others.

This behavior ("thinking") seems to dominate the positions of the politicians on the left, such as Kerry. And, they seem totally repelled by any attempt at objective truth or reason. They seem to run entirely on emotion, and prior left wing programing, as the source for their "thinking" on most issues And, they usually take offense if someone objects to their ill founded and often patently and obviously untrue ideas and positions, as if injecting accuracy or honesty into their bizarre untrue, and otherwise unintelligible political positions is some sort of insult. This they display when they object to enforcing laws which attempt to remove from the US, illegal aliens, who continue to commit violence against US citizens including murder, while illegally living here, and free loading off of the hard-working taxpayers, who are being forced by left wing laws to support their presence. The left wing politicians, who have no problem with stealing from the people who pay the bills, always support the criminals over the law-abiding.

I am not sure of these statistics, or how they were complied, but I understand the current count of US citizens killed by illegal aliens, including auto deaths with drunken illegals, is now approaching 25,000 US citizens killed by Illegal aliens in the last 15 years. Statistics on this are hard to find, and often manipulated to lower the count by dishonest left wingers.

Whatever the correct number is, allowing illegal aliens to kill US citizens, and not be incarcerated for life or removed from the US for life, seems to show a total lack of concern for the US citizens. The apparent motive to keep these killers free in the US is that Democrats believe that they need a population of incompetent people dependent upon the Dems largess (of citizens money) to live in the US to be a reliable block of voters to keep the Dems in power, so they can maintain their corruption and perks for themselves and their families and friends.
The Dems policy on illegal immigration is close to the definition of treason against the US, the government and the citizens, being carried out totally cynically just to maintain the power and perks of the leaders on the left, such as Maxine Waters, N Pelosi, C. Schumer, and the list goes on. This is why the Dems are pushing to allow convicted felons, including violent felons, to vote.

I hope I live long enough to see the left wing politicians charged with treason which is the result of their policies which abuse and kill US citizens, just so the lefties can stay in power. And, I would support the government, if the government decided to stand these treasonous left wing politicians up against a wall, as the correct reward for all of the US citizens they have killed with their treasonous polices supporting illegal alien criminals living in this country, killing citizens, such as the MS 13, who have killed with hacking by machetes, more than 5,000 US citizens, during the last 18 years.

Who could not agree that the dems who support gangs who live by extortion and murder of US citizens and legal immigrants, deserve the death penalty for their treason? Makes sense to me.

Concerning the Iran deal about nuclear power, consider the number of centrifuges that Iran needs to meet their power needs with nuclear reactors generating electricity, is only a few thousand at most, not the over 100 thousand centrifuges which the Iranian Mullahs claim they are using, which can have only one purpose which is to fuel bombs.

The intended use of the enriched fuel is obvious, because enrichment to 6% fissionable atoms (from nature's usually about 1/4%) is what power reactors need. Higher levels of concentration have no purpose for power generation, but are required by weapons, which require about 95% fissionable atoms to make a bomb. It is this high concentration which is the driving force behind Iran insisting upon having hundreds of thousands of centrifuges more than they need for power generation. And, why the Iranians insisted that most military instillations concerning nuclear power, are not to be examined by international inspectors. And, Kerry agreed to these terms, despite there is NO POSSIBLE REASON except for weapons for the hundreds of thousands of centrifuges the Iranians have admitted they have, which is many many times their possible needs for power. The Mullahs claims that the only purpose for their fuel enrichment centrifuges is for 6% enriched power fuel, but they have thousands of centrifuges, which have only one possible use, to enrich to about 95% for bombs, the only use for that high level of enrichment.

Only an idiot, or a Kerry would accept the Iranian official claims that they are not building nuclear weapons, when all of the available evidence including many of the statements by the Iranians provides consistent and overwhelming evidence that their program is for weapons. Their claim that it is for only electricity generation is a very thin cover of lies, to shield their real purpose which is to produce weapons. There is no other reasonable interpretation of their policies and actions, and they often admit that in their speeches in FARSI, which they don't think westerners understand. And, apparently Kerry is unable to read a translation. They clearly state their goal is production of nuclear bombs to destroy anyone not a Shite Muslim, who supports their regimen. Don't take my interpretation, just read what they say publically in FARSI.

The fact that the Iranian Mullahs will not allow international inspection of all of their military and declared nuclear fuel processing facilities is another proof that they are lying, as they would have nothing to hide, if all they were doing was making 4 to 6 % enriched fuel for power reactors. If there is nothing to hide, no lies, then there is no reason to not allow international inspectors. But, 96% enrichment for weapons is unmistakable, even to someone as biased and incompetent as Kerry.

Yet, despite the consistent and overwhelming evidence that the Iranian Mullahs motives are to produce weapons grade enriched fuel, with which they will make nuclear bombs, and use their missiles to deliver them to Israel and the US. Kerry agreed to the Iran deal, which prohibits international inspectors for many sites in Iran, and specifies nearly a month of advance notice for inspection of others, all of which means that the "deal" had no protections against the Iranians cheating and lying about the purpose and amount of concentration, because the inspection regimen specified is designed to be totally ineffective, and even Kerry could understand that, but he refuses to admit these obvious facts. The deal had no restrictions on missile development. You don't need missiles to deliver nuclear warheads, unless you have such warheads.

Kerry's continued support for this "deal" shows he either does not understand the facts of life about the need for centrifuges, or he does not care if the Iranians get nuclear weapons, which they will certainly use. They frequently make such threats to use nuclear weapons against Israel and the US to pursue their stated goal of destruction of both nations, and the forcing of their version of Islam on the world.

Kerry apparently does not believe his eyes and ears, as the Iranians, and the suicide bombers they support all over the world, have made it very clear that if they had nuclear weapons, the Iranian Mullahs would use them, as their motivation is religious, which is always removed from any reality other than their own beliefs. And their beliefs are that their instructions from their "god" are to destroy all other religions other than their own, and they should kill or subjugate anyone, any country who does not want to be a Shite Muslim, which is the goal of the Mullahs. Kerry claims this is not true, even though that is what the Mullah's openly say in FARSI.

Yet despite all of this hard evidence, consistent for at least a quarter century, that the Iranian Mullahs are pursuing nuclear weapons with the intention to use them on all of their "enemies," Kerry says we should continue a deal with the stated purpose was only to increase the time to a Nuclear weapon equipped Iranian military, not prevent it.

Kerry's world view seems to be, I am more than 60 years of age, and the nuclear devastation of Israel and the West, will occur after I am long dead, so why should I worry. Put in the cartoon from mad comics in the place for Kerry, as that is the level of understanding and commitment which he consistently demonstrates.

Unless the Iranian nuclear weapon program is totally stopped and dismantled with enough inspections to be sure that is happening, the Mullahs in Tehran will send nuclear weapons from Iran to Israel and the US, and probably many cities of Europe. The mechanism of delivery will be missiles and hidden in cargo, shipped in normal commerce.

Only an idiot, or someone who does not wish to see reality, can deny the reality of the future of the world is that the Mullahs will use nuclear weapons on their "enemies" in the west, as soon as the Mullahs have enough nuclear weapons to cause much damage including the deaths of millions. This is one of their stated goals.

Where does Kerry fit on the spectrum of useful idiots, who refuse to see this obvious reality, which is the Iranians will use nuclear weapons as soon as they can, I don't know? The evidence is overwhelming, of the Mullahs intentions to use the Nuclear weapons as soon as they are available, that Kerry's deal provides to them. Only a total idiot could not see that, or just listen to what they say.

But, Kerry's recent statements show he has totally disconnected from the reality of what the Mullahs intentions are about nuclear weapons. And, he is totally wrong about the effects of the Iranian nuclear deal. It will not prevent the Iranians making and using nuclear weapons, but it might slow the Iranian nuclear weapons program alittle, but not enough to be of any value to the rest of the world.

Kerry is a traitor to the world, to the west. Iranian plans and intentions are clear and unmistakable, and it includes the immediate use of these weapons, as soon as they have enough to do a great deal of damage. They will start with Israel and the US, but most of Europe will also be on their target list.

Only a change of the regime in Tehran, and replacement with a non extremist, preferably a nonreligious regime will eliminate that threat, and until then, whatever is necessary to block their access to nuclear weapons, is the only answer to this threat. Reason will not work against religious beliefs, only force and power will remove the Mullahs.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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