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Reader comment on item: Something Rotten in Denmark?
in response to reader comment: ASSIMILATE OR LEAVE

Submitted by Ravi Ranjan Singh BharatPanthi (India), Jan 3, 2011 at 14:20

Dear Jews, Christians, Buddhist, Hindu/Sikhs & Atheists join your forces and resources to eradicate a Chronic Disease, to save Human Species and this Planet. Treat the unfortunate patients of this disease carefully and very humanly isolate and keep them under observation until they are cured and are normal human beings.

West must realize

JIHAD IS A WAR, ever-going;

not against West, or Only West.

It is jihad verses humanity

In fact it is Jihad verses Reason, Freedom, sanity, love, women, animal, kafir, rivers, sea, dog, pig, wolf or anything & everything on this Planet and beyond.

It is as much against East, if not more.

It is not Clash of Civilizations; it is Clash with Civilizations of the Barbarians.

Unfortunately, Jihad got attention of West only after, the heat was unbearable for it.

On the other hand, The East, especially Bharat (that is India), bore the brunt of the Jihad attack for centuries.

Dear Westerners, please understand clearly that Jihad is not only against the West, it is as much against the East, specifically against all humanity and now the human race has to fight it out, JOINTLY.

You need to know: How Jihadis overran India!

Who uprooted Jihadis?

Who are Sikhs? How they contained Jihad?

How and why Sikhism was formed!

Why Sikhs were specially targeted & how were they tortured to death for not accepting Islam?

Why Jihadis still consider Sikhs as enemy No.1 and a Potential Death Threat!

To stop Jihad, the West should do what Sikhs did Centuries back, and remember that time Sikhs were badly outnumbered, out of power, had no Nation, no State, were on the run, individual properties were confiscated and were having a Price and a Prize on their Heads.

The slaughter of India started much before that in the West. Right from 714 AD. Although 'Test Fire Skirmish' took place decades before any major onslaught.

How Bharat survived and still keeps going strongly is a study case for the West.

The struggle of the Hindus to resist the Jihadi aggression into India was spread over a period of 600 years from 715 AD. up to 1328 AD. This contrasts with the swift Muslim victories in Persia (Iran) over the Zoroastrian Sassanians and in Mesopotamia, Egypt and North Africa over the Romans (Byzantines). The Muslims could not subjugate India with ease. And even after subjugating different parts of the country, they were never able to rule it entirely. The next 400 years from 1328 up to 1720 was marked by a valiant and ceaseless struggle for independence by Hindus to deliver India from Muslim tyranny. The hardest blow to the Jihadis was when their power was at a peak - when they were a superpower and believed to be invincible. Rajputs and Gujjars opposed them first as they were first victims. Later, Jats opposed them. Tribals and almost every community in India opposed them.

But the role of Sikhs is a special and a source of inspiration. As they did not just fight Jihadis for themselves and just by themselves, they were especially created for the purpose, to end the tyrant.

Sikhism started with Guru Nanak. He opposed the mighty aggressor Babbar single-handedly. He called him Jabbar (meaning tyrant and cruel) right to his face. Later Guru Arjun Dev was tortured to death for not accepting Islam. The story of the Last Sikh Guru Govind Singh begins as Aurangzeb the Emperor was a most intolerant Sunni Jihadi. To him Sufis and Shias were also infidels. Intoxicated by his power, he was killing Hindus on refusal to convert to Islam. Kashmir being the center of learning and Land of the Learned (Brahmans) became his special area of interest, as he believed converting intellectuals is more useful and easier. Disappointed, helpless Brahmins of Kashmir met Guru Teg Bhadur father of Last Guru with a hope. After discussions with them Guru Teg Bhadur sent a message to Aurangzeb that "all Hindus especially Kashmir Brahmins will embrace Islam willingly, provided you convince me and convert me". This was a heartening development for Aurangzeb. By just converting one man he would get Paradise with 72 Virgins. Guru visited Delhi; he was made to converse with Quazi. Kazi said:" Idol worshiping and ringing of bells to please God is a sin. Muslims don't do it, and we must finish these idol worshipers." Guru said:" I don't worship Idols nor believe in bells and I am against this ritual." Kazi asked:" Why are you siding with them, if its so? "Guru said:" I don't have the right to kill someone who does not believe in what I believe. I am for freedom first." Not being able to convince Guru, his companions were brutally tortured before him to terrorize him. But he did not budge an inch. Finally Guru Teg Bhadur was also put to Death. This was the turning point in the history. After beheading him, Kazi announced: "In this land of Kafirs anyone who calls himself a Hindu, may come forward and pick your Kafir Guru's head. There was a crowd of thousands and most of them were Hindus. But no one dared to come forward. That was declared the end of Hinduism. However, there was a dust storm and, taking advantage of it, one man cleverly managed to smuggle out the head of the beheaded Guru. He took Guru's head straight to Punjab. He narrated the whole story to Guru Teg Bhadur's son, the next and last Sikh Guru. "My Lord, no one dared to expose himself as Hindu, though there were thousands of them."

Guru Govind Singh thought if Hindus can not dare to say publicly that they are Hindus that really means Hinduism has now ceased to exist." Private, in-house rituals done secretly are not going to last long. One must have the courage to affirm his or her faith openly otherwise let's disown our respective faiths. Timid should be turned into Soldier. At this point of time So Guru Govind Singh gave Sikhs an Identity, a sign and lost Pride through 5ks, the bearing of which meant he can not shy away from the fact that he is a follower of his faith. These sign are hair, (unshorn), Kirpan/weapon Kara, Kachha, Kanga . Now onward turncoat can not be a Sikh. If you are a Sikh you are a thorough Sikh, Sikh inside and Sikh outside. No room for escape. Your enemy knows you, be ready to face it; otherwise you are not a Sikh and you can't be. That is it ! This boldness and direct challenge is the only Mantra to answer Jihad, and to radicals, to oppressors, to mad lunatics. No double-mindedness, I am what I am, I am here to save humanity, old or young, sturdy or fragile but I am bold and strong; I am a Sikh. Sikh Slogans and challenging chants are 'Chardikala' meaning 'in high spirits'. Sikhs chant it even when injured or dying or even in captivity. 'Sat Sri Akal' meaning Truth shall prevail. 'Raj Karega Khalsa, aaki rahe na koy' The Pure shall rule (not oppressors with worldly power) and there is no impediment in that.

Now the whole Human race needs same firmness and zero tolerance against Jihadis. Guru Teg Bhadur did not die for his faith; he was not an Idol worshiper: he died for others faith and his principal which is: " not to oppress and not to be oppressed ".

From the very beginning they were outward looking, developing new relations and maintaining old ones, seeking new techniques, seeking and providing help from and to anyone and everyone who can defeat Jihadis.

Still how a handful of Sikhs overthrew the Mighty Moguls, chased Jihadis right up to their burrows in Afghanistan and Iran, took over Kabul, Kandahar, and Jalalabad, and made them sign a "document of repentance and apology" for their and their forefather's misadventures/misdeeds. Nalwa made Afghans wear Salwar Kamiz (the dress of women, who were seen as lowly creatures and slaves by Jihadis). This was blow to their ego, against their, beliefs and considered as humiliation to self esteem of 'Great Warrior Tribes'. This situation cropped up because 'Brave Pathan Mercenaries' tried to escape as women, disguised as women, by putting dressed in Salwar-Kamiz and a Burqua on top of it. Since the Sikh commander-in-chief : Hari Singh Nalwa's order to his men was : 'no rape, no molestation, and no harm to children'. While trying to fool Nalwa & Sikhs, they were caught in women dresses. Nalwa sneered and spared them as 'Men without Manliness' so at par with women.

Afghans had to accept this humiliation and, later it became part of their life, and now it is their 'National Dress'. Arabs still taunt Afghans as homos and Kafir regarding the Salwar issue.

Battle of Saragarhi, fought in September is just on example, where 21 Sikhs in an unknown land, ill-equipped and cordoned off, battled with 15000 Jihadis, for three days till their last man was killed. Figures are: Sikh Causalities 21, Jihadis Causalities 600 on the spot and 2000 wounded, from unconfirmed sources to 2500 killed latter because of battle wounds and 4000 Injured.

We all need to study, what were military and other strategies and strengths of Sikhs? What can we learn from Sikh history?

As history revels despite Jihadis being in absolute Power when Sikhs came into being, there was reverse conversion, through dialogue and peaceful means.

How hurting was Islamic Rule impact on India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh that a new religion/Panth came into being as retaliation?

In living memory

India (Bharat) was tragically partitioned nearly six decades back(1947). The great tragedy is that it was not partitioned as "Muslim India" and " Hindu India" or " Muslim India" and "Non-Muslim India" but as "Muslim India" ( now Pakistan ) and "Secular India".

In other words Muslims got a Muslim Monopoly ( Darul-Islam Country) in Pakistan as well as a share in Bharat (India) where they are equal partners with Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists, who got one country to be shared amongst them and Muslims. .

It was a clear victory for Jihad, but was projected as a Win-Win situation by Gandhi and his sponsors and former Colonial Masters 'The British'.

Busy in celebrating or reconciling WW II, the West did not realize the Jihad that had taken Place in East.

This 'Independence' had a price tag "One and a half Millions Deaths", "Uprooting of 10s of Millions" of citizens on the basis of religion ( very obviously favoring Jihadis) and the seeds of another Jihad/Partition to be watered by left-over Jihadis in Secular India, Jihadis smartly hidden in the garb of Liberal Hindu culture/Secularism..

It was a Win-Win Situation in fact for Jihadis ( the new Rulers of Pakistan ) and for their Partners in the establishment of Secular India.

Jihadis got a full-fledged Nation State (Pakistan) plus Rights in the other Nation State called India, by being Equal Partners in it.

India's new, installed and incompetent leaders also felt themselves winners, because they got rid of their competitors in power, especially Mr. Jinnah who could outsmart incompetent Indian Leaders/ Installed Agents.

One Mr. Mohan the Ringleader of these incompetent, imposed and bogus leaders wanted himself to be written down in history as the apostle of Love, and he succeeded in it.

He fooled the world that time, now the world is still fooling itself by seeing that agent, power-broker, Jihad-Sympathizer and veiled Jihadi as a SAINT! The deceiver was probably also hoping for a Nobel Peace Prize. His followers, who are still in absolute power in India, are still trying to get a Nobel Peace Prize for him posthumously.

The Jihadi Propaganda was so strong that at one time even Hindus started feeling that Sikhs were too inhuman to Jihadis, without realizing 'Human Rights for Right Humans only'. Hindus were made to believe by Ringleader called 'SAINT' and his followers (most probably to serve Jihadi interests) Sikhs were no longer their well-wishers and this strategy did work to some extend, at one point some Sikhs started distancing themselves from their Hindu brothers. But in fact the bond between the two communities is so strong that nothing can separate them. 'It was like cutting water with a stick' as old Punjabi saying is. Jihadis failed miserably in their operation and their stooges so called Seculars and followers of Dubious Saint could not accomplish the assigned project

Sikhs did not fight the Jihadis just for themselves, but for the whole Human Race. Since Sikhs realized the time bomb has not to be just neutralized, but be diffused and dismantled and destroyed. Sikhs also did not fight just by themselves.

As expected, in six decades the population of Non-Muslims that was more than 20% in Pakistan has diminished to less than 3%.

The reason is Jihad, working to, convince the gullible, give concessions to, and indulgence to terrorizing the traumatized Non-Muslims to convert.

The population of Bangladesh ( a State which later separated from Pakistan) had more than 35% Hindu Population now has less than 7% Hindus.

Whereas the Muslim Population of Bharat (India) that was lesser than 10% after Partition, is now anything between 15 to 25%. This Game of Demography is another struggle, lost by Bharat (India) and followers of Indigenous Dharma/Panths (Religions) including non-Jihadi foreign-originated Religions (of course now these religions are as much part of India as Indigenous Religions/Panths)

Furthermore, Zoroastrianism is condemned in its country of origin, Iran , but is respected in Bharat. This religious tolerance of Bharat was respected by Parsis but is exploited by Jihadis.

Now whole world Knows Sikhs, so Support Sikhs, adopt their strategies.

Hereby, continuing the Sikh Tradition, 'I appeal to the whole human race to unite against Jihadis'.

Why am I writing this to the Christian West ? Because you need Sikh (type)-Christians to be raised to counter the onslaught of an anti-human evil cult.
FAQ 1.
"There are allegation of fraud conversion to Christianity by Christian Missionaries, why are you not against Christianity?"
Answer. First. Christianity is a Religion and no one who adheres to Manav Dharma by means of any of the Bharat Panths, can not be against any Religion. So how can I be against Christianity? Jesus was killed, he never killed or ordered revenge, he prayed for his own killers. Who can be sane and criticize Christianity?
Second. Christianity is not with a mindset of Subjugation, Conquest or justifying any means including lies, deceitful means or promises virgins to covert.
Third. I am against Cheats, and cheats can not be followers of Jesus. All atrocities, cheating done in the name of Christianity by so called Christians can not defame Christianity in my eyes, I have studied Jesus. Taking the advantage of its religious tolerance some (Un)Christian Missionaries are also into spurious conversions, but its overzealousness of some Christian denominations, Churches and individuals behind it. No way can Holy Bible be held responsible, nor is any Christian Governments budgeting the conversion or actively or remotely promoting it. The damage done by these Missionaries to Indigenous Dharma/Religion are
a: the converts are uprooted from their roots, cut of from their folks and there is mistrust between neo-converts and parental community.
b: They identify themselves with alien faith that they hardly understand since the Missionaries converting them are namesake Christian, anyhow the neo-converts are alienated from motherland. These neo-Converts in turn convert more aboriginals, Tribals, poor, disadvantageous victims. They use every method from 'planted miracles' to glorifying false stories about Jesus to draw analogies with Hindu Gods the animal and fallible gods of primitive, lowly, colonized Hindu Race. Now these neo-converts become anti-Hindu, and identify Jihadis as lesser enemy or even friends as discriminated cousins.
c: The neo-convert (and their white masters) in turn are extremely dedicated, some times they are carried away, sometimes because of own reasons and most of the time to prove their loyalty. They keep inventing Christianity and have created a Pagan-Christianity. So this false Christianity is doing harm to soul of Christianity as the genuine peace loving Missionaries also get maligned.
d: Much of Christian and Hindu force is spent contending each other, like Jews and Christians or Catholic and Protestants. This dilutes their energy to fight Universal Evil 'The Jihad'.

FAQ 2.

" Are Sikhs Hindus?"

Answer. I say No, they are not. Now I counter question:" Is butter milk?" The answer is here: Butter is not milk, it is enhanced milk. It is not milk yet butter is milk.

Sikh is by not Hindu. Sikhism is an Independent Panth.

Sikh is not Hindu technically (legally). Sikhism is an independent Panth, like any other Panth of Bharat.

I repeat Sikh is not Hindu, the same way butter is not milk, and Sikh is very much a Hindu as butter is only milk though in a different form.


1. 'Whole human race to unite against Jihadis'.

2. While eradicating the disease the patients should be dealt carefully and very humanly, isolate and keep them under observation until they are cured and are normal human beings. Surgical operations should be done where required but Mercy killings should be avoided.

3. Hindus, Jews, Christians, Atheists, Buddhist, Sikhs, jains, Bhais all are humans and can stay togather


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