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India v. Pakistan = Israel v. Palestine

Reader comment on item: Why Palestinians Need an Israel Victory

Submitted by Ludvikus (United States), Mar 30, 2018 at 16:49

Debanjan Banerjee, a commentator herein apparently of Pakistani descent, has written below that Israel should establish a bi-national state with equal citizenship for both Israelis Jews and mostly Muslim Palestinians, with no regard to maintaining a Jewish majority.

His observations are interesting, though not very well informed, in my view, as to to the Islamic history of India. He should recollect the time when Muslim Arab Hordes invaded most of Northern India, hundreds of years ago and how, wonder the Banner, and Sword, of Muhammad, imposed their will on Hindu India.

By Blood, or Race, Indians and Pakistanis are the same people, only the Muslim Religion sets them apart. And it was about that same time that Israel was established - around 1848 - that the Muslim Indians commuted Treason and Rebelled against Mother India, and set up the State of Pakistan (Everglades was back then merely a geographically separate part of greater Pakistan).

Clearly, Muslims aren't particularly good at living with a minority that isn't Muslim like themselves. The is a new area of study, known as IDENTITY POLITICS which has emerged in the West. From that standpoint, one can more clearly understand how Palestinian do not merely seek EQUAL RIGHTS with the Jews of Israel - they only seek such rights as a STRATEGY in order to OVERWHELM and DOMINATE the Jews of Israel through subsequent higher Population Demographics.

The Arabs and the Muslims of the world are still struggling with MODERNITY. As the Western Europeans had passed though the Protestant Revolution - involving the "Thirty Years War" as well as the "100 Years War" - so too we see these days the unfolding ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) Phenomena ! As much as the NONBELIEVERS attempt to disparage this Historic Event, the fact of the matter is that its is the "natural" "Hegelian" unfolding of the Muslim Brotherhood that emerged in Arab Egypt about 1928.

In this Context, Dr. Daniel Pipes is ""100%" correct - the Sword of Islam can only understand one thing, Military Defeat, and the consequent Humiliation. Unfortunately, what the Palestinians call a CATASTROPHE, the humiliating defeats of 1947-1948, has been sustained with hope by outsiders, mostly other Arab and Muslim States and Peoples. And the Pakistanis are a prime example of such sustenance - just as they sustain the Taliban, they must necessarily sustain their "fellow" Muslim Palestinians. With Nuclear Bombs, perhaps Pakistanis also dream of Conquering "Polytheistic" India one day too? Yet Hindu India has 40 or 60 Million Muslims in its midst of more than a Billion people. With such Demographic Dominance, the benevolence of India can be appreciated. However, Jewish Israel is barely equal to its Palestinian Muslim neighbors.

Unfortunately, the Word has not learned to live in Peace, neither is Disarmament even a remote possibility. IDENTITY POLITICS is a Reality of our World, here on Planet Earth. And the Jews of Israel are contributing INNOVATION, Drinking Water from the Salty Sea, and Farming Water from Drip Irrigation. On the other hand, Contemporary Islam has perfected Terrorism - as the Muslim Palestinians had Perfected (not even Invented) the SUICIDE VEST.

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