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So-called Palestinians and their lies

Reader comment on item: Count Palestine Refugees?

Submitted by Martin Horan (United Kingdom), Jun 1, 2012 at 12:21

Yes, it comes back to the SO-CALLED Palestinians! There are NO such people.

As Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian, mentions in her book Because They Hate, it was the Lebanese who were the original Palestinians. She also tells us in her book how these "Palestinians" with the help of those nice peaceful Syrians we're presently hearing about destroyed her country and their democracy.

She warns how Moslems (and she was a Moslem herself as was her husband, a former Imam of Cairo) are hell-bent on destroying all of our democracies.

The Arabs themselves sent a delegation to the blatantly pro-Arab UN in the 1950s claiming that "Palestine" was a Jewish myth. Why? Because only Jews ever called themselves Palestinians--right up until 1948. And some still did after Israel became a nation.

We never hear of media report these things. They are covering them up which shows that these people are not fit to be reporting the news. If they are not deliberately covering up, then they must be ignorant of basic history which means they are still not fit to be reporting the news until they are properly educated in the subject. I would be sacked from my employment if I did not have knowledge which was important to my doing the job properly. And if I were an employer I would sack people not properly qualified for their jobs.

Because of this ignorance and/or deliberate deception of the public these Arabs carry on with their slander and lies. And remember, as Moslems, they are required to lie to us who are infidels (all non-Moslems) as part of their religion. They have taqqiya which tells them this is their right. Mohammad himself lied to the people of Medina promising them clemency if they opened their gates to him. When they did, he immediately had them slaughtered.

This was even a boast of Arafat at Camp David to an American journalist. Unfortunately for Arafat, he didn't know the journalist was recording him.

The reason there are any Arab refugees is because the Arabs have caused them. There is even a Bible prophecy regarding the tents of Edom (these "Palestinians" are actually Edom), telling us why they are situated where they are in Gaza now. As the Arabs make a big deal about prophets they should read the Bible and they'll find real prophecies there, in detail and even applying directly to themselves. Not one of Mohammad's prophecies came to pass which shows he was never a prophet.

Be that as it is, what makes the Edomites--their real identity--differ from the rest of the Arabs? Zilch does. Is there a "Palestinian" language or culture that separates them from other Arabs. No, there is not.

They are exactly as other Arabs, eating the same foods, dressing the same, abusive towards their women in the same way, intolerant of homosexuals in the same way, and intolerant of everyone else who disagrees with them in the same way, hate Jews in the same way, and hate Bible-believing Christians in the same way, make useful fools of the Western liberals and socialist in the same way, and make useful fools of the ecumencal "churches" (which are equally anti Bible-believers and anti-Israeli) in the same way.

And the only way they are able to make fools of their useful tools is because the latter know very little or nothing of the history of the Middle East or of BIble itself. If these useful tools knew one or the other of those things, they would see right through all the "Palestinian" hype. A little logic also would have helped.

Brigitte Gabriel sums these people up. They thrive on hate.

They want the utter destruction of Israel for the same reason as all Moslems--because its existence stands as blatant proof to the fact that Mohammad was a false prophet and that the Bible prophets and the prophecies of Jesus Christ, especially regarding His people Israel, have materialized and are therefore true.

Their hatred is not only puerile, it is ludicrous. When King Hussein kicked these people out of Jordan--and interestingly they weren't calling themselves "Palestinians" then--Israel which had made the desert of Gaza bloom (as was prophecied in the Bible they would) gave the homeless Edomites that land. Israel had pity for their vicious neighbours and gave them land and crops their own people had worked hard to produce.

The Israelis gave them this for free. And how did these Edomites repay them? They repaid them by turning Gaza into a springboard for terrorist attacks against their unarmed peoples. Then they deliberately destroyed the crops and land that could have continued to feed their own people.

Why? So it would look to the world that they are being badly treated by the Jews who generously gave them Gaza. And we have lunatics in the US, British and other governments who keep demanding that Israel give up land to these mind-blowingly spiteful people who make it clear land is not the issue. They want the utter annihilation of Israel and they will use their very own children to achieve that depraved dream.

It is not gong to happen.

Our Bible has been spot on with every prophesy regarding Israel and their incredulously vicious neighbours--and the rest of this stupid world for that matter. There is no reason why it should cease to be wrong about the future prophecies. And there is no reason to suppose that the Moslems are now going to come up with fulfilled prohecies about a Madhi.

As Bill Salus shows in his book Isralestine, showing Bible prophecy regarding that area, we are about to see a decine in Islamic power. And when I look at the behaviour of Arabs in general and Edomites in particular, I say, "Bring it on Lord." That's because the quicker there is justice in the Middle East the better. And we know from the teachings of the Koran that it is never going to come from Moslems.

They cannot even give other Moslems justice, so what chance is there of Jews receiving justice from them? Besides, we Christians are next in line after their planned destruction of the Jews.

I'm happy to inform any Moslems that none of it is going to happen to either the Jews or us from Moslems. Israel has a promise from God: "Those that bless you I will bless and those that curse you I will curse" [Genesis 12:2-3].

One thing we don't have to worry from any Israelis or Jewish folk is that they will be any threat to us. They have blessed us greatly with their great writers, philosophers, artists, educators, politicians, scientists, physicians and that's what makes the Arabs so envious. All they have given us is oil and even then it's their sheiks and sultans who have benefited from that. They have allowed the Moslem world in general to live in abject poverty.

The so-called Arab Spring is not going to end it because nothing has ever stopped Arab fighting Arab in the past and nothing will stop them now. In fact, their religion of distrust and promise to conquer in war is the very thing that will stop them.


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