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Palestinian Refugees

Reader comment on item: Count Palestine Refugees?

Submitted by Renee Bouvier (United States), May 31, 2012 at 15:01

Obviously, those Palestinian Arabs, who have henceforth immigrated to Europe and North America -- and those, who have been born or are now being born in Europe and North American -- cannot be considered refugees just like the Eastern European Jews, who have resettled in Europe, South America, and North America can no longer be considered refugees. One can argue, on the other hand, that the children of the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust were just as much victims as their parents, who survived the concentration death camps of the Third Reich. Parents have a way of loading their psychological and emotional baggage onto their children, causing these innocent progenies to be quite dysfunctional psychologically, emotionally, and physically for no rational, objective reason whatsoever. That doesn't minimize the very fact that the progeny are, in fact, also victims, nor does it minimize the very fact that these children are, in fact, also victims.

These children are henceforth just as much victims as their parents, and therefore, require full redress and compensation to alleviate the injustices caused by the alleged perpetrators. Did the Russians fully compensate the Jewish refugees, resulting from the atrocities caused by the Tsar and Stalin's Soviet Union? Have the Russians partially provided some degree of compensation to all of the Eastern European Jews? No. Have the Germans and Austrians and Polish and Ukrainians fully compensated all of the Eastern European Jews, including all of the descendents? No. Have the Libyans, the Iraqis, the Moroccans, Tunisians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians, and Iranians fully compensated all of the Jewish refugees and their descendents? No. If one considers how the Jews of Eastern Europe and the Middle East were forced to live in small ghettos like confined animals, forcing them to engage in close line-breeding (thereby causing the descendents to suffer from an array of multiple autosomal conditions like selective IgA deficiency, henceforth putting these children and adult children at a much higher risk of developing diseases involving vasculitis like Crohn's disease, IBD, MCTD, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases like MS), the Eastern Europeans (esp. the Russians) and the Arabs should be paying full restitution and compensation to the descendents, who are now suffering from these autosomal conditions, resulting from forced consanguineous marriage due to the abhorrent living conditions intentionally and deliberately imposed on the Jewish populations. Everyone knows that Jews naturally have a proclivity to assimilate -- and not to willingly choose close line-breeding -- so no one can legitimately argue that our Jewish ancestors deliberately chose to marry one's cousin.

After all, how many of our American brothers and sisters are now married to gentiles? Most of our ancestors here in the United States have chosen the path of assimilation, while doing their best to maintain their Jewish heritage by having their spouses convert to Judaism through the Reform branch of Judaism. Jews have always chosen the path of assimilation except when forced into confinement by their persecutors. And yet, those persecutors have not fully compensated the effected progeny, who now must suffer from an array of severe chronic disease caused by the confinement of their ancestors. By contrast, the Arabs expect the Jews to fully redress and compensate the Palestinian Arabs -- all of the Palestinian Arabs, including all of the descendents and their progeny. For what?

As for the Israeli/Palestinian quagmire, this will not be resolved unless one purchases a larger, more comfortable shoe. No matter how many times one replaces the soles and cleats of these old shoes, these shoes will never fit. Over time, the foot widens and changes shape. If the Arab Middle East truly wants to resolve the Palestinian/Israeli quagmire, they should sell viable, large pieces of land to both the Palestinians and the Israelis to create two viable states: one for the Palestinians and one for the Jews. As for sharing the same capitol of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Arabs should realize their duty as concerns culturally assimilating with the Jews to a large extent, which the Palestinian Arabs (who have immigrated to the West) have already proven they can do very successfully. The Palestinian Arabs have proven over and over again that they too are just as capable as the Jews, when it comes to assimilation by acquiring top university educations to become extremely gifted medical doctors, academics, actors, screen writers, and directors, scientific innovators, banksters, and corporate miscreants. In many, many ways, the Palestinian Arabs are very similar to their Jewish "cousins."

As the saying goes, "It takes two to make a baby." Hence, one cannot fully throw the blame toward "the other." It is quite apparent that neither wants a complete divorce, especially if the two plan on sharing the very same capitol. Whether this sharing is accomplished by enlarging the municipal boundaries or whatever is irrelevant. The term now utilized is "separation." Hence, some form of a socioeconomic confederation will need to be created -- and with a socioeconomic confederation between two former enemies, one obviously needs a constitution and binding set of laws to protect either side. Personally, if I have to go through a series of checkpoints to go from point A to point B to point C to point D, and then, back to point C to point B to arrive at point A, I will be cursing every Palestinian and Israeli border policeman.

As for the Israelis, the Israelis have already accepted responsibility for millions of Palestinian Arabs. The Israelis have already provided full social services for those Palestinian Arabs of East Jerusalem, especially those who have acquired full Israeli citizenship status. Some of these Palestinians (although not many, thank goodness to their credit) have engaged in very close line-breeding for irrational reasons. Most of the Palestinians of Jerusalem and the Jews are both equally affected by the very few Arab Muslims, who have chosen to marry their first cousins. The Jews have accepted full responsibility for the children of these very close consanguineous marriages, even though these children will not live very long. One particular noted case was described in a Jerusalem Report magazine article in the year of 1999, noting one particular East Jerusalem Arab family, who are legitimate citizens of Israel due to the father gaining his Israeli citizenship in the year of 1980. The Israeli government provided his several afflicted children with the very best medical care the world has to offer at the Hadassah-Hebrew University Hospital at Ein Kerem, while providing both parents (first cousins) with a roof over their heads and a monthly stipend of $1,500, food and clothing subsidies.

Because this couple had so very many afflicted children, neither one was able to leave the home to seek gainful employment. Furthermore, the father was pulled at of school at the age of fourteen by his father to help support his fourteen brothers and sisters, many of whom were the children of his father's second wife. Why his father married again, after literally killing is first wife from coercing her into bearing so many children, is the fault of both the Palestinian and Israeli societies for not providing the appropriate social contract, enabling and providing the necessary public education and public health systems. A society cannot function unless everyone without exception accepts their obligations and responsibilities toward "the other." This involves providing a viable, legitimate social contract, which involves both a fully functional and viable public health and public education system, where all children without exception are given the necessary tools to survive in a cosmopolitan, modern society. With inequities come resentment and hatred, where there is an enormous propensity to resort to violence. When one begrudges, resents, and hates "the other," there will be visceral forms of very barbaric, sadistic, masochistic, malevolent, debauched behavior, which is not conducive to civilized society. The Palestinian Arabs must therefore accept their responsibility for what has been allowed to transpire and begin to work honestly and openly with their Jewish "cousins." After all, it takes two to make a baby.

By the way, there is a significant amount of intermarriage between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs, especially considering the level of animosity between the two peoples and the refusal to resolve all differences no matter how large or small. Both Palestinians and Jews have already demonstrated that they are more than capable of working and living together in harmony. There's no excuse except that these two peoples require a much larger, newer shoe to maintain their own space and separate identities. Without new, larger shoes, which are extremely comfortable, the two will not be able to engage in an intricate tango dance, where one compliments the other.

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