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Submitted by don (India), Sep 19, 2005 at 07:30

The Holy Bible reference is John 15:13 "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends"..(John 15:13). God took the initiative. He loves us first that's why we love him, not just out of fear or hell or for the rewards or caranal pleasure in heaven. He demonstrated his love for us in the person of Christ though you might call it "God is humanized". Ofcourse God is a spirit and he can't manifest himself in spirit to humans who are flesh and can see and understand flesh only. If God loves his creatures surely he would manifest himself in humanly way to them unlike the islamic Allah who always likes to keep his creatures guessing about himself, "unseen..mysterious, unreacheable...etc"..why would a God who loves his own creatures play hide and seek with them? I'm yet to see Allah demonstrating his love for his creatures.

It was held to refute the claims made by a man called Arius about the "nature" of Jesus the Messiah. What Jesus preached, his incarnation, death and resurrection are the same from the Apostolic time, during Council of Nicae time and even till now and the priests are not pagan Greeks. There were some three hundred bishops gathered at the Council of Nicea from all around the world. Eusebius lists many of them and their country of origin in his writings. It should be remembered that many of those present had, because of the recent persecutions, suffered and had faced threat of death for their faith. These were not wishy-washy men. It might also be remarked, that they were extremely sensitive to details of doctrine. The assembly numbered among its most famous members St. Alexander of Alexandria, Eustathius of Antioch, Macarius of Jerusalem, Eusebius of Nicomedia, Eusebius of Caesarea, and Nicholas of Myra. Some had suffered during the last persecution; others were poorly enough acquainted with Christian theology. Among the members was a young deacon, Athanasius of Alexandria, for whom this Council was to be the prelude to a life of conflict and of glory (see ST. ATHANASIUSFirst Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church, held in 325 on the occasion of the heresy of Arius (Arianism). As early as 320 or 321 St. Alexander, Bishop of Alexandria, convoked a council at Alexandria at which more than one hundred bishops from Egypt and Libya anathematized Arius. No new version was created from what he preached as you suggest and i don't need Christian schoalrs to teach me what that is. Even the quran is silent on what Jesus preached (except giving general idea about him by mentioning his virgin birth, healing sick and his ascension). So where did you get this idea that Jesus preached something else? and what exactly did he preach?

When you ask any muslim what "Rouh Allah" means they will reply like a mantra "it means without coupling"... "it means without coupling" without understanding it's deeper meaning and significance and they will mention Adam (this is most muslims favourite part). Their case is totally different and can't be compared. Adam was "created" out of a dust. Jesus was "born" from a virgin mother. If there was already a woman in heaven God might create Adam may be in such a way. But there was none in heaven and God decided to create human out of something. He created him out of dust and breathed in him and gave him life. But the birth of Jesus is in modern times in Israel where humans had procreated and multiplied through sexual intimacy. God wanted to create someone unique,sinless and "uncontaminated" person unlike muslims who say "Jesus is just a prophet like others". Adam=== of dust, "not anounted", got tempted easily by devil, sinned and was kicked out of heaven, died and buried. Jesus=== Spirit of God, sinless,never tempeted, arose from dead called my "favourite son" by God the Father (Matt 3:17)... Muslims say he is Rouh Allah beacuse he was born without coupling..you also call him "Word of Allah" and "Messiah". Can u please tell me what these 2 words mean?

Zarqawi, Abu baker, Bin Laden are all hunting and killing Jewish and Christians and then scream "Allah Akabr!!" do u think they are doing it because they hate Allah or hate him? why are searching in quran that directly says "if u love me kill for me"? are u blind to see what is going on? quran says "kill Jews and Christans (kaffirs) and humiliate them". so if u love ur Allah don't u think u would obey him? ," Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. quran 9.29

This is one of the most famous catchy phrase Islamists use against Jewish and Christians. What was corrupted? where is the proof? when did it happen and by whom? even the quran or hadith does not say anything about this riddle. All the messages in quran are there fully in the Holy Bible. Why would God repeat the same law and messages to two different prophets? Muhammed grew up surrounded by Christians and Jewish (tribes of Banu Qainuqa,Bani Nadir and Banu Quraiza). He must have collected all those messages from them to teach and giude his pagan tribe (Quraishi). To the muslim and non msulim alike the question comes "if the Holy Bible was correct and final what is the need for Muhammed to come?" to answer this very simple "the Holy Bible is corrupted so Allah gave Muhammed a correct and new one!!" If Allah can preserve quran because it is his WORD, then he would preserve the Torah and the Holy Bible because they are his previous and own WORDS too.

Of all religions i have never a religion that degrades women like Islam. As to those women on whose part you see illconduct,
admonish them, then refuse to share their beds, and finally beat them (Quran 4:34)............ men are a step above women"(Q. 2:228)..even Muhammed said women are awra and devil greets them when they go outside. He also said "hell is full of women" he also said "women are deficient in intelligence" among many many verses i can quote from quran and hadith. why would Allah punish women in hell fire forever just because they didn't listen to their husband and are not grateful to them? what a prejudice. do u think that is a just punishment? In the Holy Bible we have many propehetesses (women prophets), Miriam (Ex. 15:20), Deborah (Judg. 4:4), Huldah (2 Kings 22:14)and Anna (Luke 2:36) and many women who are admired in the Holy Bible like Women with admirable character, include: Noah's wife, Mary (mother of Jesus), Esther, Abigail (wife of Nabal and King David), Abishag, Anna, Deborah, Dorcas, Elisabeth, Eunice, Euodias, Hannah, Joanna, Lois, Lydia of Thyatira, Mary, Milcah, and Phebe. Can you please mention and islamic women who was called by Allah to be a prophtess or who is mentioned in honour (except Mary mother of Jesus)? Many women are fed up and leaving islam but in secret beacuse they don't have rights. please read here www.faithfreedom.org.
muhammed said "women are deficient in intelligence" do u believe in that? please answer it.

It is true Jesus said i came to the lost of tribe of Isreal..but he didn;t say "i came to the lost tribe of Isreal ONLY" there is a big diffence. Of course Jesus had to come to Bethlehem, Israel. He is a Jew. He is the expected Messiah of David's blood. Imagine Jesus suddenly born in Brazil or Thailand from some woman and tell the pagan people there "i'm Jesus the awaited Messiah"..The scripture people were Jewish first and they wouldl get the message first, naturally. Then the message goes to the non Jewish (Gentiles). Jesus came to the whole world, not only to Israel. (read John 18:37,Acts 1:8, Matt: 26:13)...He will come back to judge the whole world beause the Gospel will be spread through out the world. If he had come for the tribe of Isreal only why would he then judge then the whole world? he would just judge "the tribe of Israel only" right?

ALLAH- merciful (to believers), unmerciful (to non believers) compassionate (to believers) Ruthless (to non believers)....what is his name compassioante or noncompassionate? mericiful or ruthless?
Mutkebrin means proud. here is the proof even from islamic website.( www.crescentlife.com/spirituality, www.islammessage.com/ ,spiritual-learning.com/orders-orgs-10ref.html).....Al-mutakabbir
Qur'aan [59:23] and also "Allaah Almighty said, 'Pride is My cloak, and Glory is my wrap, so for he who competes with Me in either of these, I will cast him into the fire."
- reported by Ahmad, Abu Daawuud, and ibn Maajah from Abu Hurairah

You said Al muthkenbir means "independent". Well you are wrong. If you had said it innocently without knowing it is o,k no problem but if you were doing Taqiyah (islamic lies and deception) then i would like to tell you that i'm not a naive and foolish westerner and who said Allah is "independent" and does not need anything? he needs international thugs and virgin houri-hired mercenaries to kill and slaughter Jews, Christians, Buddishts, Hindus etc to make this world "islamic paradise". Do u think he can do it without the help of "jihad" and all those rouges?

P.S you quoted 1Samuel.....well that was done to Amalekites who had were Godless pagans warriors who never gave Isreral peace.. that kind of method was used at that particular time, not like Islam who even though came the last still adovates violence to dominate the world. Do u see Israeli chasing and burning Amalekites till now and screaming "Moshe (Moses is Great!!) or any Christian doing it and screaming "Jesus is great!" but Muslims are still doing it even in this civilized 21st century.

Best regards,

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