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Churchill/Reagan - Like Confrontation with Psychopathic islam

Reader comment on item: Islamism's Likely Doom
in response to reader comment: Any Reasons to be OPTIMISTIC about Islam's Downfall?

Submitted by Domenic Pepe (United States), Jul 26, 2013 at 14:09

Ron Thompson ..... Your considerations regarding a truly effective confrontation of the hateful, evil, violent, and totalitarian aspects of islam's ideology and practice, in the sense that Churchill and Reagan confronted nazism and communism, are very insightful. That America's and other western leaders refuse to confront the psychopathic totalitarian aspects of islam may seem a puzzle until one factors in the insidious role played by the islamic/OPEC/petro-dollar stranglehold. This oil wealth is being used to support, instigate, and spread islamic troublemaking and aggression of various stripes around the world.

These islamic/OPEC dollars are used to effectively bribe and corrupt American and other western collaborators who have become the apologists and quislings for islam and sharia law. If vast resources of oil had been discovered in Sicily, it is most likely that American political and cultural leaders would have come to terms with the mafia and its totalitarian and murderous practices and intimidation. If vast oil reserves had been found in central Africa where human sacrifice and cannibilism were religiously and traditionally practiced, it is most likely that our political and business and many cultural leaders would rationalize and accept such barbaric behavior in order to ingratiate themselves to those who controlled the distribution of the resources and money. Unlike the german nazis, japanese militarists, and soviet communists, islam now has vast energy and financial resources that America and the rest of the world need and compete for. America's leaders and politicians have not and will not confront the vile, psychopathic, totalitarian, freedom-hating, violent, aggressive and murderous aspects of islam because they have been bought off and corrupted either blantantly, surreptitiously, or in many obsequious, clever, veiled, and delusional ways.

If the saudis practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism in the name of islam, America's and the West's quislings would find rationales to condone or ignore such barabarism in the name of islam and sharia law. The islamic/OPEC/petro-dollar stranglehold is a tremendous barrier to a truely effective confrontation of islamic psychopathology and totalitariansm and its insidious spreading into American culture, values, politics, institutions, and spirit. The core of the problem is the corruption and betrayal of the American beneficiaries of the islamic financial largesse. After 40 years of saudi/islamic/OPEC blackmail, intimidation, and bribery, how does America break free and defeat, crush, and vanquish the evil, depravity, and barbarism perpetrated by psychopathic islam and its lunatic clergy and adherents? Our leaders will not even name the islamic enemy and its historical and fundamentally totalitarian nature.

How can a confrontation of islam in the spirit of Churchill and Reagan be mounted when so many American and western leaders have already betrayed their own legacy of liberty, justice, and personal freedoms with respect to muslims? One simple practical policy that could be implemented is for the USA to demand freedom oriented reciprocity in all laws and policies with islamic nations. The US could demand that saudi arabia, for example, permit Christian and Jewish, and HIndu and Buddhist religious practice and proselytizing on their territory, otherwise islamic mosques will be banned in America, and islam declared a criminal organization under the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) Laws. That America today considers saudi arabia and many other psychopathic islamic nations allies is a disgrace and an affront to, and betrayal of the great American legacy of freedom, liberty, justice, and equality of all people before the law. Islam itself perpetrates human psychopathology, bondage, and totalitarianism. It is a disgrace that many American cultural leaders and polititians associate themselves and deal with such lunacy without making any reciprocal demands upon the ideologies and behavior of mslims and the islamic world.

But we all know the reason why .... the islamic/OPEC/petro-dollar stranglehold and blackmail (explicit or implied), and the acquiescence and submissiveness of American and western quislings, traitors, and sychophants. So, Mr. Thompson, how is a nation to confront and defeat an insidious enemy when this enemy has entangled, enticed, bribed and corrupted the nation and its leaders themselves? Hopefully, a new generation of Americans (or Chinese or Indians or Europeans) will arise, see the 1400 years of islamic crime and aggression and depravity and bondage that has been perpetrated for what it is, and then finally truly confront psychopathic, totalitarian, liberty destroying islam and crush and vanquish it.


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