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Hooligans and killers are shameless

Reader comment on item: Assessing Obama's Cairo Speech
in response to reader comment: The Disneyland of Salah Ali

Submitted by Salah Ali (Norway), Jun 13, 2009 at 10:04

Lou from Queens:

It is one thing for third world potentates to control and threaten their own population with torture, death and destruction. It is quiet another for such countries to threaten other nations and their allies with such action. Iraq was given the leisure of crossing the line concerning the genocide of their Kurds and war with Iran but the invasion of Kuwait, which just happened to be in the American sphere of influence was just plain, stupidly or psychosis. An action that was in fact, a war for oil, as Iraq was bankrupt after their eight year war with Iran that ended in a stalemate.

They also had lost over half a million of their own people in that war. Only a moron or radical leftist would think that their Russian, and French allies, and others would be giving them weapondry for free. Once again, Saddam had made a mistake, his mighty army driven out of Kuwait within a matter of weeks with the deaths of over 40,000 Iraqi troops. The Iraqi people should have disposed of him and his sons right after that defeat which the whole watched on televison.

Then came "the rush to war" after seventeen ( 17 ) toothlesss United Nations resolutions (thanks to Russia, France, China ), and twelve years of, on and off inspections. Not to mention almost daily attacks on our aircraft patrolling the "no fly zone". In fact a de facto air war between Iraq, and both the American and British airforces. And so instead of leaving the country, Saddam, the loin of Baghdad, was willing to defend his regime to the last Iraqi.

How dare you blame the United States for the actions of the butcher of Baghdad. And concerning your post about the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens, never in the history of modern warfare has any army tried to avoid civilian casualties as our U.S. ground forces have in this Iraqi conflict. Unlike our cowardly enemies we do not intentionally target civilian populations. Ever see pictures of Grozny, we are not like either.

It is not United States military personnel who are planting explosives, car bombs, indiscrimant weaponry, in and around Mosques, hospitals, children's schools, hotel's, market places, and other public areas. No, it is in fact the heretics and psychotics that represent Islamic fascism who have declared "FITNA" against their brother Muslims and who revel in nothing but death and destruction. In fact Saddam and Osama, like Hitler and Mussolini, have brought more death and destruction among their own people then any foreigners or infidels in recent history. And they and their cultists are very likely to bring more endless death and destruction to the rest of Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan within the next decade.

It is shameful that educated people like you, can no longer can differentiate between an enlightened revolutionary, and a reactionary. Osama bin Laden is nothing but another, Mad Mahdi - Mohamed Ahmed ( 1848 ) of the Sudan whose army was finally defeated after 17 years of war. And the West should be prepared to fight such a battle. And that is why I believe that your world is now in the state of "FITNA" and will remain so for the near future. May GOD help you.

My comment: We are a world apart. We bequeathed our own world-view and cultural heritage and are satisfied with it. And it is a historical fact that it was the West that intervened in our affairs: first during the colonial era, second after the invasion of Napoleon and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. It is a common fact everybody knows that the USA lied and committed atrocities in Afghanistan. The threat, destruction and torture claimed to be practiced by our past governments was a lie fabricated by the USA to internationally justify its aggression. The attack against the Kurds with chemical weapons was and still one of the most complicated plot in the history of guerrilla and counter-guerilla wars in the Middle East. Iranians were involved as well as the Iranian Kurds. Halabhja was the theatre for various Kurdish factions some of whom belonged to Iran while some others were in league with saddam Hussein, even the KDP and the CP were at times friends with Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi fighters and choppers didn't strike the peasants in Halabje. First they attacked Sirwan 20 Km from Halabja because desertes occupied that small village after its people fled towards Iran. Three days before the massacre, the people of Halabja were trying to leave for Iran but the Peshmargan sent them back, they only helped the rich for money. Moreover, Halabja was bombed for three days by Iran and it was occupied by the Pasdaran before Iraqi planes attacked the town. The Peshmargan helped direct the Iranian bombing because they wanted to get rid of the near by Iraqi soldiers who were in Halabja to help the people but left after the Peshmargan occupied the town, and after the occupation the Peshmargan helped the Pasdaran to keep everyone in Halabja. At the same time they moved their own families to Iran. Iraq only decided to strike Halabja after accurate reports that the Iranians with the assistance of the Peshmergan had occupied the town and forced its people flee towards Iran. There are reports that the gas that killed most of the peasant was not Iraq's mustard but Iran's phosphogen. And both gases were given Iraq and Iran by the West. This just shows how far the West had gone in the road of lying and fact destortions.

The atrocities committed by the USA army and Blackwater herds can be witnessed in all sites and it was Americans who photographed Abu Ghraib tortures and othe henious acts you are shamelessly defending! I quote only few sites:




It was also a USA reports that testifies to the lies and illusion preceding USA aggression against Iraq. I quote the following:

(Tyler Drumheller, the former chief of the CIA's Europe division, revealed that in the fall of 2002, George W. Bush, Vice President Cheney, then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and others were told by CIA Director George Tenet that Iraq's foreign minister — who agreed to act as a spy for the United States — had reported that Iraq had no active weapons of mass destruction program.

Iraq Ties to Al Qaeda. The White House made this claim even though the CIA and FBI repeatedly told the Administration that there was no tie between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. They were mortal enemies — one secular, the other fundamentalist.

Saddam Hussein was a Threat to the United States. In fact, Saddam was a tottering dictator, with an antiquated, fractured army of low morale and with Kurdish enemies in Northern Iraq and Shiite adversaries in the South of Iraq. He did not even control the air space over most of Iraq.

Saddam Hussein was a Threat to his Neighbors. In fact, Iraq was surrounded by countries with far superior military forces. Turkey, Iran and Israel were all capable of obliterating any aggressive move by the Iraqi dictator.

The Liberation of the Iraqi People. There are brutal dictators throughout the world, many supported over the years by Washington, whose people need "liberation" from their leaders. This is not a persuasive argument since for Iraq, it's about oil. In fact, the occupation of Iraq by the United States is a magnet for increasing violence, anarchy and insurrection.)

It was not the oil that motivated Iraq's glorious leadership to attack Kuwait. It was the aggressive and immoral practices of the pawns and cat-paws of Kuwait: First, by following the USA dictation in pushing oil priced up in time Iraq needed cash for rebuilding what war had devastated, and Second, by directing intentional insults made in the Arab summit against our Vice President Mr. Ezzat Al-Dori. There are other reasons for which even a dead man would rise and give those bastards a slab on the face. In other words, I would have invaded Kuwait thousands times myself if Saddam had done it once and rest assured it is not for oil. You cannot understand our psychology and the place we give to the concept of honour in our culture. I don't mean that there is a lack of that sense in the West but we view things differently. Unfortunately the West sees the top of the iceberg in our culture and judges us according to your own criteria. Consider, the concept and practice of democracy for instance, we feel that the concept and practice of Shura has precedence and is a Qur'anic fundamental of government. Another example is Iraq: when the USA army forces men to lie on the ground or frizz women. This alone, regardless of occupation, calls Arabs to turn into moving bombs. Can't you understand that we are different? If you understand that, why do you force your own system on us? Western democracy has passed through several generations of development since the Renaissance, maybe even before the Renaissance. We Moslems have different course of development and it is sheer stupidity to go along with teaching a horse how to bray or an ass how to neigh!

It was psychopaths like the neocons lead by the pervert Bush that invade others for oil. It was also the USA that used WMD to force our brave army (that has never lost a war in classical times) out of Kuwait. The USA army fighters machine-gunned 200.000 Iraqi men (not 40.000 as you said) most of whom were university graduates. And some of whom were my students. You are one-eyed, if not totally blind, to the war facts to defend the USA atrocities which the USA itself admits committing. And remember you are talking to someone who eye-witnessed all these wars and it was in a dialogue with an officer in the USA army who asked me if I knew where Saddam had hidden gold. There I saw cars and tanks that were turned to dust. No traditional weapons would have done such destruction. Iraqi children still suffer from the depleted uranium used by the USA criminals. Of course, the gold kept in our museums was stolen by the USA and by Blackwater criminals from the very outset. The USA then allowed ordinary thieves to get through just to say that the villains are Iraqis themselves! I have so many documents and photos to show you these acts of piracy and hooliganism. You can see them on flickers and I will put them one day on a site which I will name (Thieves and Bastards).

You speak of not targeting civilians? Are you ignorant or ignoring the hundreds of people killed intentionally and arbitrarily by the USA army and the hooligans of Blackwater. Al-Ameriyya Shelter strike which killed hundreds of women and children is just one example of USA savagery. I have seen so many people with brains out on their car cushions shot by American patrols. What you say of friendly fires that killed so many coalition personnel such as the Polish ambassador's convoy which was shot at by Blackwater gang or the shooting of Al-Nusoor square. You are defending criminals and bastards! In one flicker a US soldier commenting on an Iraqi farmer riding an ass: "Iraqi and his girl friend". And the sight of the soldier who killed an old man in Al-Falluja mosque is there on youtube for everyone to watch. Do you call these acts civil?

You cannot change history by empty statement comparing Osama and Saddam to Hitler and Mussolini, though the last were bastards! Osama did fight a war by proxy for the USA in Afghanistan ten years before the CIA blew off the Trade centre to provide a plea for striking anywhere in its neocons' unholy Crusade. Saddam, on the other hand did not wage any war of aggression. The one with Iran was another proxy war waged by the West against Islam. That time Saddam was a Western hero: Neither France, nor the USA hesitated to support him weapons and logistics to defeat Iran. It just shows the morality of the West in the way Western powers deal with its allies. A fact that explains Ramsey Clark's defense of Saddam and the Reagan gift of a horse spur to Saddam: The only American gift in the Watch Museum which your hooligans have robbed and devastated.

The butcher then is the USA not Saddam. And it is just a foolhardy to try to convince someone to shift his religion and conviction.

A last word in this comment: Islam is third humanity and is eternal…A handful of perverts and primitives like those hooligans you admire can't and won't change history even with lunatics like Bush or Derrida..


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