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Kman Sounds Disallusioned

Reader comment on item: The Democrats and Israel
in response to reader comment: "Options" can be found wherever you are willing to look

Submitted by Renee Bouvier (United States), Jan 27, 2009 at 17:35

The American people have demonstrated that they cannot govern and run a society without oversight and accountability. That means, Americans are unable to conduct themselves in a trustful manner without having regulations (rules; the rule of law) like any other westernized, civilized society.

The type of government of which you speak is corrupt. When there is no oversight and accountability (regulations; rule of law), miscreants and malfeasance abound with impunity. Government is not bad; miscreants running our government (cronyism), where malfeasance abounds with impunity, is. We now have an historic economic crisis, thanks to the economic policies of the followers of Reagan's economics. The Republicans did away with the rules and regulations created to prevent another Great Depressions, so now we have another economic crisis, another Great Depression.

Only a handful of miscreants are still benefiting from the present situation. That must change. All stolen money must be returned (claw back the money, so to speak). Many of us found ourselves without healthcare insurance coverage, thanks to the miscreants of the private healthcare insurance industry (who were allowed to steal from the people under the various Republican regimes with impunity). Some of us found ourselves paying in excess of $29,000 per year for our healthcare insurance premiums. Some of us could no longer qualify for any type of private healthcare insurance, if we suffered from any sort of chronic condition, and hence, humiliated, violated in a most heinous manner and forced into Medicaid and Medicare programs run by the state and federal governments against our will. When you abuse your privileges and demonstrate the inability to be trusted and to govern, you lose.

Basically, the Americans, of whom you speak, not only failed miserably, but they cannot be trusted. They seriously and literally hurt many, many Americans and the country. One is totally delusional, if one thinks there was an option to Obama. If you don't like him, because he's an Afro-American, that's an entirely different story. By the way, there's many Black Jews in Israel. I personally helped fund the airlifting of the Black Jews of Ethiopia to Israel. Now the streets of Tel Aviv truly look like the streets of Brooklyn, New York and other cities in the United States. That's the way I like my democracies -- fully integrated, where the rule of law is followed like in any civilized society. The society, of which you speak, is not civilized. The rule of law makes a society civilized -- accountability and oversight without exception.


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