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War Against Muslims the World Over? Old Uncle Indeed.

Reader comment on item: "America's Chickens are Coming Home to Roost"
in response to reader comment: What Pipes failed to mention

Submitted by Sofa Sogood (United States), Mar 17, 2008 at 17:02

The world over. That's interesting. Does that include Indonesia? Malaysia? Thailand? The Phillippines? India? Muslims here in the US who get special food, footbaths and prayer rooms in public schools, when no other religion is allowed that indulgence -- and the ACLU and almost everyone else is silent about it?

You don't condone what Rev.Wright,Jr. said on September 16, 2001, basically that we got what we deserved, but, and as you say, contextually,

Which war against Muslims was George Bush and the U.S. conducting exactly when the World Trade Center was bombed?

Could it be that it is rather the [Radical] Muslims war against us?

Could it be their war against the kaffir?

I'm not and never have been a fan of President Bush. I wasn't in favor of going into Iraq, and I have very mixed feelings about our staying, but do you think that if we left now that Muslim lives would be saved? Our brave soldiers are fighting alongside Iraqis who will be massively slaughtered by Al Queda and the Iranian sponsored killers the moment we leave. Then Al Queda will fight with the Iranian puppets and other Shiites. Perhaps Iran and Syria will march in, and then what will happen? Our military presence there is warring against Al Queda and Iranian puppets, and preventing as many if not many more Muslim deaths. Do you think those market and school bombs that blow up so often, tied to the likes of unwilling retarded children, are aimed at our soldiers?

Muslims have killed more Muslims many times over than we could ever be responsible for. One Million were killed in the Iraq-Iran war alone. How many Muslims did Hamas kill in Gaza? Syria's Assad bombed his own city, Hama, slaughtering 20,000 during the 1970's-80's Lebanon war. Just a few months ago, the Lebanese Army killed several hundred Al Queda and Palestinians in Lebanon. Then there's Darfur. Shall I go on? Where's your outrage? Where's the outrage of the world? Where is our Press?

What did Osama Bin Ladin mean when he longed for the return of Andalusia? And that same longing is expressed on so many varied Islamist websites?

What do so many, many Radical Imams and Mullahs in Britain and other Western and ME countries mean when they say, that when they condemn the killing of innocents, they are referring only to Muslims, because Kaffir, by not accepting Islam, are not innocent.

Or what does Sheik al-Qawadari, the great Muslim leader, mean when he preaches that it's permissible to kill Israelis anywhere in the world at any time? And that the great times will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews, and the last tree tells the Muslim of the last Jew, and says, "A Jew is hiding behind me, come and kill him."

How about when Iran orders Hezbollah to bomb a synogogue in Argentina, killing 85 and wounding 300 ordinary citizens going about their daily life?

You don't condone what Rev.Wright, Jr. said, but, since we are making war against all the Muslims in the world, what's the logical conclusion about what you believe we deserve?

The fact is that it has been the Radical Islamists war against us. Our war against them is in response. In response to the harm of a vicious attack, and those who are on the verge of a vicious attack against us or our vital interests.

Yes, in response. The whole world believed Saddam Hussein had WMD. Saddam stated unequivocally that he had wanted the world to believe so. I and the rest of those who were against going to war there, were against the war in spite of the WMD, though very few admit that now. Not that I'm sure I was right at the time. Not that it isn't great that Saddam is gone forever, but I was leary of a violent backlash and the inevitable false propaganda that too many are too eager to believe as long as it's anti-American. It's just come out in a Pentagon report based on 600,000 Iraqi documents that Saddam did, in fact, fund, train, equip and arm groups closely aligned with Al Queda, including Zawahiri's group. The Press totally misreported this report. You can read a synopsis here:


War is horrific. But Peace Marchers, if you want to help prevent war, please make your protests against those who make war against us. Peace March against Al Queda. Peace March against Iran and their Death to America threats. Peace March against Iran's Nuclear Weapons factory. Peace March against the abusive and murderous Taliban who protect Al Queda. Peace March against any who claim that Kaffirs are not innocent and therefore are legitimate targets of murder. March against female genital mutilation, stoners and abusers of women and honor killers. March against executions of homosexuals. Peace March against those who are working to attempt to infiltrate our Constitution and laws with Sharia law. Don't march against those who, in response, are protecting you from those who would harm you, your lives, well being, and, by the way, your free speech rights to march and speak out. An unelected EU (One Europe) Government and Constitution is going to be installed and enacted against the wishes of 75% of the European people. England has already made it a criminal and imprisonable offense to criticize Islam and its often heinous and violent Koranic and Sharia precepts. In Iran they imprison, torture and often kill their peaceful protesters.

In which country would you prefer to live where you wouldn't have to despise your fellow countrymen so much? Where could you live where you could be "proud" of them?

Who cares, really, what that "marginal" preacher teaches. This is a free country. But Presidential Candidate Barak Obama chose that Church and that preacher out of how many hundreds? He patronized it for 20 years which is most of his adult life, donated $20,000 a year [which certainly contributed to Rev.Wright,Jr.'s trip with Farrakhan, the abject racist, to visit Khaddafi, the terror supporter and at that time, avowed enemy of the U.S.] and he brought his children there to learn. He referred to Rev.Wright,Jr. as his friend, mentor and advisor.

I don't know about you, but me, when I choose a place of worship, I go where the beliefs I already have are expounded to inspire me, and I'd be very careful about what goes into the minds of my small children.

Could it be that those passionate anti-American and racist speeches given by Rev.Wright,Jr. were only given on the days they happened to have been caught on video and that Mr. Obama and his children didn't hear them on a regular basis, or as he claims, didn't hear them at all, ever? He didn't attend that Church specifically to hear that type of speech? On the days Mr. Obama and his family were there he only heard about Jesus and poor people? Do you think there is no hint that perhaps the pastor's are the same beliefs that Mr. Obama holds himself? On the contrary, it seems it's pretty certain they are the same. If you can believe the opposite, well, what else is there to say?

Old Uncle indeed.

I think the level to which our country has overcome its racist past is fantastic. Some prejudice and discrimination will always exist everywhere in the world. Clearly, the African-American community is not innocent of them. Most of the problems that remain, however, are more the effect of that past than they are of current prejudices. Current obstacles have much more to do with poverty, education and cultural issues that were brought forward by that long history of discrimination. I don't presume to know how these problems can be solved. Certainly encouragement of genuine pride in one's race and personal accomplishments is important, but also certainly those better off than most indulging in the encouragment of ideas of racist African-American Supremacy, disdain or even hatred of the white race, anti-semitism, and hatred of the country they live in as it exists now, is definately not helpful nor an answer. It's one thing to be against the Iraq war, it's quite another to preach and believe that the white race had deservedly brought 9-11 on itself because of its racism.

At first, when I read about what Mrs. Obama had said about never being proud of her country before this, I thought the press made too much of it. An off-handed remark while she was trying to get an idea across. But now I realize it's much deeper. It is directly related to the beliefs promoted by her and her husband's Church.

The fact that an African-American could have gone this far, and may very well be elected President, I think it's great and would take pleasure in that. Especially during wartime and economic fears, we also crave and certainly could benefit from an inspirational orator. But not this man. This man is not who and what he pretends to be. He's using his oratory talents to pull the wool. At this point, and not solely because of his Church, I would say deception is his real middle name.

He is running for President. His values, beliefs and behavior (including truthfulness about those values and beliefs, and the specifics of them, not just singing We are the Ones emotional baloney) are being examined. Would you prefer not?


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