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Take The Fight To The Root Of The Problem

Reader comment on item: Preface

Submitted by Geoff (Canada), Nov 28, 2007 at 01:12

I have been taught by a certain learned gentleman (he was Jewish, and I was a young Christian lad at the time) that the best way to solve any problem is: to get to the root of the problem.

Now we're not trying to earn 'brownie-points' here. There's an ideological was going on out there, which will become far worse than any Stalinist or Nazi movement can ever be.

Trying to understand whether the nature of Islam is transforming itself to Islamism or any other 'ism' does nothing for the free world...

...except its demonstration of refining the muslim use of "lies of convenience" , "expressions of love for us non-muslims (and for those of us in the know, we know what that means!), and "muslims gently asserting themselves to our well-recognized gullibility...thinking that with time they shall prevail."

Whether their clever strategy will work or not depends on our own understanding of their most fundamental weakness that no one has dared to speak of (probably never thought of because it is seemingly irrelevant)...

What am I talking about?

A fundamental contradiciton that begins right from the start...with Mohammed himself.

Now I'm not going to quote verses etc, but: Assuming that muslims are genuine believers, and do believe in their written word entirely (which they believe to be flawless), then consider this major contradiction:

1) they believe that Jesus was sent by God.

2) and it is accepted by them that Judaism and Christianity came before islam, and that Mohammed had come across the Judaic and Christian faiths during his days as a travelling merchant...

3) that he was exposed to the Judaic and Christian faith from which he took bits and pieces from each to create a new religion...islam, with himself as the head.

4) Yet to secure his status as a divine prophet of God, Mohammed had no choice but discredit Jesus by denying his crucifixion and resurrection --the basis of the Christian faith.

5) at the same time, Mohammed preserves Jesus as one of the great prophets sent by God thru a miraculous birth, and that Jesus conducted miracles thru God's power etc...

...but then denies Jesus of His death and resurrection...thus allowing an incompleteness that he (Mohammed) would secure...

...and assures his self-proclaimed right to some kind of divinity as prophet.

Mohammed at this point has conducted a blasphemous (even the muslims themselves would see this) act because:

6) by reducing Jesus to a lesser role, Mohammed denies God His Divine Right to direct His world as He sees fit. Mohammed denies God His Perfect Intellect by denying Jesus His death on the cross and resurrection, yet admits to Jesus' standing as someone who was sent by God miraculously and conducting miracles...

...thus he contradicts God once;

He then asserts that the Christian books are innacurate and that his divine revelation corrects the errors that Christian writers have done. Whether these Christian writers were inspired by God isn't important to him because he is seeking self-proclamation that he attributes to God.

That is his second blasphemous contradiction.

7) so Mohammed admits to Jesus as the greatest and powerful of all prophets, and then denies Jesus the rest so it fits his own (Mohammed's) self-interests to become the head of something...

...which follows that he is Denying God His Right to determine world events past-present-future that God knows way before we can even conceptualize the notion.

8) if self-interest was not his major agenda, the Mohammed would have inspired to become a follower of Jesus preaching the Good News of salvation which had no self-proclaiming interest at all except to preach the Good News of Faith.

But Mohammed had other motivations, which casts doubt to his own belief in God and more to believing his own ambition of personal posterity.

9) From that point on, we can all see and understand how islam came to be with its books and of course the lead up to today's islam, which is full of deadly contradictions, morally, socially, psychologically, ideologically, and religiously.

Now some may say that there is also a cultural divide that may obstruct our understanding of muslim ways.

Well, from my standpoint, executing women, beheadings, being persecuted by the "moral police" and so on is not a cultural divide --especially when these actions are perceived as teachings of Mohammed who was inspired by God...

...which is the third contradiction that shows God as "Good God/Bad God."

From the root of these contradictions comes an understanding that Islam or Islamism (from a Jewish, Christian, and theosophical standpoint) is a religion born out of contradiction. The effects are then continued in their faith and practices which only continue islam's commitment of disruption of anything non-muslim to this day.

So is it understanding that we need you say? Now you have seen the root of it all.

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