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Exposure of B'tselem's criminal Ezra Bawi and unreliable Haaretz's war on program that exposed him

Reader comment on item: My Testimony before the House Subcommittee on Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations
in response to reader comment: B'TSELEM: Anti Israel liars, unreliable source, propagandists , posing as "human rights activists"

Submitted by Filip (United States), Dec 5, 2021 at 09:19

* B'tselem's Ezra Nawi caught in passing on names of Arabs, selling land to Jews, to Palestinian Authority, admittedly knowing that the racist authority will assassinate them for it.

* Haaretz defends other crimes by this criminal.

* Haaretz's Gideon Levy who boasted of riding in a van with Nawi, lies that he "didn't know." But he is upset that the exposure was braoadcasred. Not for the damming facts.

* "Breaking the Silence" also exposed.

* Haaretz begins a vengeful campaign against the program that exposed B'tselem's guy.


Acting editor of "Ovda" to General Ben: "Haaretz is running an aggressive and unethical campaign against the program"

A new clash in a skirmish over a Navy investigation: In a letter sent by Shachar Alterman to the publisher and editor-in-chief, which reached Walla Brenze, he accuses the newspaper of revenge and "hysterical, dishonest discourse of people walking around as if a butter factory is on their heads."

Mia Mana, Sunday, 31 January 2016.

...Acting editor of the program, Shachar Alterman, accuses the Haaretz newspaper of campaigning against the program, following an Ezra Navi investigation. Alterman wrote to publisher Amos Schocken and its editor-in-chief, Maj.

In a letter sent today to Schocken and White, which reached Walla Brenze, Alterman wrote: "My expectations of Haaretz have fallen sharply in the past month...
Alterman goes on to say: "I suppose you too could not help noticing Haaretz's aggressive campaign in recent weeks against 'Ovda' following the article prepared by Omri Assenheim and giving gas to Ezra Navi and his associates to extradite a Palestinian land trader to preventive security. I just wonder if you signed "This campaign must cross every boundary of journalistic ethics - collegiality has no point in exaggerating empty words - out of passionate intent or out of omission and disregard. And I also wonder which of the two options is more serious."


Ovda: Catch the leftist for a change

Nava Koren, 18/01/2016

"I hope that Ilana Dayan will not be frightened by the threats of the bullying and violent left in understandable panic, so they will not stop terrorizing 'fact' investigators lest they reveal more details in their possession, about the betrayal and exploits of left-wing activists against IDF soldiers."

"There is no crime, no crime at all that can not be forgiven when 'our-side' commits it. Even if we do not deny that the crime was committed, even if we know that it is exactly the same crime we condemned in some other case, even if we admit intellectually that it is unjustified, still "You can't feel bad. Loyalty is involved, so compassion stops functioning." (George Orwell 'Under Your Nose')!

I have no idea how the contemporary left will be taught in future schools and universities in future generations. One thing I have no doubt, George Orwell like Uri Zvi Greenberg who were good at diagnosing the intellectual left in their generation, will be considered prophets who watched and prophesied about the left in our generation-do not know what I would do without them to understand the contemporary left and what is happening here ?!

On January 7, 2016, Channel 2 aired on Ilana Dayan's popular program 'Ovda', an unusual investigation that reveals for the first time the shame of the far-left organizations whose activists make a living from the blood libel under 'occupation' under the guise of 'human rights' activists. To the left and most to the Israeli media and its researchers.

Except for the chilling testimony of the far-left activist known by Zehava Gal-On: 'Empire' - after all, it is Ezra Nawi, chairman of the Taayush association who testified, among other well-known activities of left-wing activists against IDF soldiers by provocations and libels - for a fee - who also informs and betrays Arabs who trade with settlers, to the Palestinian Authority for torture to death in his literal language: "First Zobor and then Gazanga"!

As long as Taayush activists, Yesh Din, B'Tselem, Breaking the Silence, the New Foundation and Peace Now acted in Israel as they Esau, a knife in the back of the nation and persecuted, slandered, slandered and caught the Jews de-jour : a bird did not tweet and no outcry was heard, not even when Adv. Roni Aloni-Sedovnik, revealed here on the website on September 20, 2010, a chilling article entitled:

"The betrayal of the left in peace activities that were sexually harmed" - including rape, by Arab left-wing activists, and they were silenced by their "Jewish" activists who prevented them from complaining to the police so as not to harm their livelihoods from the "lie industry" and "anti-occupation" enterprises. And all this under the guise of 'peace,' 'Brotherhood of Nations' and 'Human Rights' - 'never happened!'

It was a terrible article, which was supposed to shake the thresholds of the Knights of the Rule of Law, the left-wing feminists who swallowed their tongues and the monopolists on: 'Wisdom', 'Morality', 'Justice', 'Conscience', 'Truth' and 'Peace' '- and the story as I well remember was unanimously silenced as expected from a Bolshevik recruiter recruited on the left - just as the prophets George Orwell had predicted and prophesied:

"Everyone will react in more or less the same way. One sad stab of nationalism and intellectual fairness may disappear, the past can be changed, and the most obvious facts can be denied"!

And Gideon Levy's red response to the above exposure in 'Ovda'!

The exploits of the 'righteous' from left-wing organizations could be learned long ago, the brilliant and evidential number of the undercover on his own behalf, Tuvia Tenenbom, who impersonated the 'German Toby' journalist as the Palestinians prefer and love 'Germans', and as such did a wonderful job, and if it were not for us we would die of laughter. Tennenbom revealed the hypocrisy, stupidity and ignorance of those left-wing activists who make a living from selective anti-Semitism, and even interviewed Gideon Levy, Uri Avnery, Amos Oz, Merav Michaeli, the useful rabbi Arik Asherman and others in his wonderful book: "Catch the Jew" - a must read!

It was possible to learn how the method works in left-wing organizations, as well as his equally important book by Joan Peters 'book Since and Promoting, by the decent leftist and straight-forward Ben-Dror Yemini, who I think should combine his book, 'The Industry of Lies' with 'From Time Immemorial,' in the Ministry of Education for future generations...

When Gideon Levy swears to Rick 'in the lives of his children'

At the end of the broadcast of "Ovda" investigation, Gideon Levy from the "Haaretz" anti-Semitic newspaper was honored to respond. Despite Ilana Dayan's ridiculous apology to her leftist friends before and after the article aired, Levy did not calm down. He was furious as expected from a common Bolshevik - and not about the horrific interrogation he was angry about, but about Dayan's 'impudence' who dared to broadcast the article at all?

It was not the shocking article that bothered the monopolist about the rights of the wild man in Israel, but the very broadcast that he said: "I was bothered by a few things here, but more than that, with all the appreciation, Ilana, did it bother me that you broadcast this article"? Really! in these words !.

This is how Levy attacked Ilana Dayan in order to protect the "our" people. An article that was supposed to first shock the "beauties of the soul" who boast in vain of "enlightened" values such as: "morality", "conscience", "equality", "truth", "justice", "human dignity and liberty" and other regrets- Barta as only the left knows how to sell and can!

The main thing that 'democracy' and freedom of expression 'exalt in the throats of our leftists, but in the territory as we know, is the sword of Bolshevism, hypocrisy, double standards and omission for Jews: in their language, in microphones, in their pens and in their blood!

The despicable attempt of Gideon Levy, who he said used to 'walk around in a van with Ezra Navi', to shake it off and reduce the well-known and overt deeds since the Oslo scam, of those far-left activists to: "one man"? An insult to intelligence! And it's like abandoning a 'wounded' friend in a typical and predictable treacherous act-area. Expected from a leftist fanatic caught in his perversion !.

Levy increased his swearing "in the lives of his children" to convince Ilana that he did not know what would happen to Arabs who traded land with Jews when they were handed over to the Palestinian Authority?

Is there a single citizen, regardless of religion.. who does not know what happens to an Arab suspected of collaborating with the Zionist enemy?

Let alone investigative journalistic material like Gideon Levy? Even if he, to his shame, does not understand a word in Arabic. Is this a journalist who has spent almost his entire life in this field and more than others? Where did you get this Gideon Levy from? And swear by your children?

"A person has to belong to an intelligence in order to believe such things, but an ordinary person cannot be so stupid"! Also in the opinion of George Orwell!

Only they will not tell us that Amira Hass also does not know what happens to Arabs who trade with Jews?

In conclusion, I very much hope that Ilana Dayan will not be intimidated by the threats of the bully and violent left in understandable panic, so they will not stop terrorizing 'Ovda' investigators lest they reveal more details about their betrayal and the exploits of leftist activists against our IDF soldiers. For his sake, and against innocent Jews, but will continue to do its work faithfully without fear and without prejudice towards all without religious, ethnic and partisan distinction — as equals of equal...

By the way, I heard the journalist Ari Shavit in 'Diary Friday' on 1/15/16 warns us against using the word 'traitors' against those far-left activists. And in one breath, like many on the left who automatically remind us of the 'incitement that preceded Rabin's assassination' in order to silence the right, despite the fact that the incitement to Rabin's assassination was done by one man, according to Gideon Levy, by the inciter, openly instigator to the assassination of Rabin who was Gilon's 'champagne' in the Rabin / Peres / Oslo government named Avishai Raviv, and despite the fact that the then attorney general, Menachem Mazuz, investigated this incitement well and concluded that: "I know it is customary to repeatedly mention the assassination of the Prime Minister as an outgrowth of incitement, to this day no one has proved it!" (August 2005) !!

Nor does this fact prevent that Bolshevik left from continuing to slander and incite against the right for no wrongdoing, automatically, and without letting any fact and no conclusion confuse them!

I would like to refer Shavit and his tribe to the Ibn Shushan dictionary to internalize and learn once and for all what the word 'traitor' means: "Breach of trust, a person who acts against his friends, against his people, or against his country and helps the enemy."

On the contrary, Ari Shavit is honored to answer us honestly: Who in our homeland meets this criterion?

Finally, it bothers me that the media has never engaged in research on those malignant associations and organizations called by the left: 'Human Rights' - No way!, and the New Foundation headed by those who work in their eyes "for our benefit" as if... And in the question: To point out one bright spot that worked for Israel in exchange for their activities here and in the world?

One 'bright spot' that 'benefited' our international outreach and 'our good'? Who contributed to our 'peace' and security and 'our good'? Who acted for the belief in the righteousness of our factual way? The public's right to know!

I have noticed, since the establishment and activity of all Israeli left-wing organizations for generations, and the lucrative and profitable 'peace' institutes here and around the world - the world remains against us and even becomes much larger anti-Semitic than it was...


Biased and stasis coverage: On Navi, Levy and Breaking the Silence

In Haaretz, Ezra Nawi's conviction for sodomy against a minor is framed as irrelevant. Gideon Levy's insult from the investigation that was broadcast in fact is a strong expression of the media's bias. "Breaking the silence" are not opponents of a regime, but doers of other regimes

Tal Raphael | 12/1/2016

1. Ezra Nawi
As is well known, in the past Ezra Navi was convicted of an act of sodomy on a minor, and in 1997 even ran for this offense a sentence of actual imprisonment. For Amira Hass from Haaretz, this is merely an ancient and marginal conviction, which she vaguely calls: "solicitation and the cause of a minor." There is no definition in the law of "minor cause", and "solicitation" is not exactly an offense in itself (solicitation for what?). Apparently, Hess is playing with the terms in order to avoid the legal definition of an "act of sodomy," which may sound threatening to her. She frames the "ancient" conviction as some sort of irrelevant item in Navi's biography, one that helps attack him for no wrong in his palm. Just like the fact that he wears "headgear that deviates from his nerdy standard of appearance" (yes, so originally).

By the way, Nawi is not clean of convictions to say the least. A few years ago he was convicted of participating in a riot and assaulting a police officer. Nawi appealed, and the judgment on appeal read as follows: "In his (Nawi-TR's) past violent offenses unrelated to his political doctrine. Public, various drug offenses and transportation of "Shavim".
After all this, Amira Hass thinks it is easy to treat him because he is "gay, oriental, aging". Oh, so that's the reason?

2. Gideon Levy
Among right-wing circles, there is often the claim that the media is unbalanced. In order to prove the claim, it is customary to count the number of right-wingers participating in the panel, or to highlight in a red line "convicting" words in biased coverage. But a strong expression of the media's misrepresentation could be found in the astonishment that gripped Gideon Levy at the end of the broadcast of the investigation in "Ovda." "I was bothered by a few things here," he said in the studio. "But more than that, Ilana, with all the appreciation, bothered me that you broadcast this article." In other words, Levy told Dayan, we are old friends. There is an unwritten covenant between us that you have just broken.

He continued to express the insult even in his column in Haaretz: "The story is how the deadly virus of distraction in the propaganda service also penetrated into the almost last outpost of the real press in the tribal bonfire," Levy wrote of "Ovda." "How did a right-wing McCarthyist organization, whose motives are clear (and vile) and whose origins are unknown, manage to easily seduce such esteemed journalists as Ilana Dayan and Omri Assenheim." They are ours, Levy shouts. Although Dayan answered him nicely ("We do not work for you", she wrote in a column published following the review), but the point lies in Levy's assumption: after all, communication and truth research is a game we all play here, why, Ilana, violated the rules of the game.

3. Stasi
"We do not work for the Stasi and do not respond to the Stasi," Breaking the Silence responded to an investigation into them, in which it was revealed that the organization transferred funds to Nawi and Guy Botvia. The Stasi, the secret police of East Germany operated since the 1950s. Its job was to locate the perpetrators under the government and punish them.

Ostensibly, they will say in "Vouchers", we are brave opponents of a regime and in front of us a thought police. But in practice, these opponents of the regime are not exactly opponents of the regime, but the doers of other regimes, from which they receive a budget and in spite of which they are secretive. The NGO Monitor Institute recently revealed that donors to the Breaking the Silence organization have in the past conditioned the transfer of money on obtaining a certain number of negative testimonies. For example, the aid organization ICCO (funded by the Dutch government) required Breaking the Silence to interview at least 90 soldiers in 2009. Breaking the Silence also signed another contract with the British organization Oxfam (funded by the UK government), which requires them to conduct interviews with "Some That more "soldiers who testify to the performance of" immoral "acts that violate human rights.

In other words, "Breaking the Silence" are working to fulfill the will of these "regimes," to whom they report regularly. If what was revealed in the investigation is true, then in "Breaking the Silence" they paid money to Palestinian activists in order for them to attend the demonstrations. Photographs, which show the reactions of IDF soldiers to rioting demonstrators, are regularly transmitted by a variety of organizations to the authorities of the defending and funding countries. So who is working against whom and on a mission?


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