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B'TSELEM: Anti Israel liars, unreliable source, propagandists , posing as "human rights activists"

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B'Tselem Can't Be Trusted to Tell the Truth

The NGO's latest report sees Area C as already part of a PA state by rights. All the Jewish communities are in Area C and Naftali Bennett has suggested annexing it and giving its Arab residents Israeli citizenship.
Ted Belman

B'Tselem and Truth: The NGO definitely has a Problem

It is like being in the twilight zone to look at B'Tselem's database and compare it to the Izz al-din al-Qassam Brigade website.

Tags: B'Tselem Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades

Jonathan Slosser

This tale was taken from the B'Tselem Database and the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades website, Izz al-Din being the military wing of Hamas. It involves five "Qassamis" - five al-Qassam Brigades soldiers - and it is the English translation taken from each of their webpages that forms the factual basis for this tale, "Homebound".
B'Tselem created the name and the ending...

B'Tselem, Los Angeles Times Redefine "Civilian" | CAMERA
Jul 7, 2003 · Misrepresenting civilian deaths in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, guest columnist Rashid Khalidi erroneously reported ..

The New Blood Libel
Editorial of The New York Sun
March 19, 2007
Here's the two-time Pulitzer-winner, Nicholas Kristof, in yesterday's New York Times: "B'Tselem, a respected Israeli human rights organization, reports that last year Palestinians killed 17 Israeli civilians (including one minor) and six Israeli soldiers. In the same period, B'Tselem said, Israeli forces killed 660 Palestinians, triple the number killed in 2005. Of the Palestinians killed in 2006, half were not taking part in hostilities at the time they were killed, and 141 were minors."...
Aside from the fact that Israel was being attacked by the Palestinians after withdrawing to the 1967 borders of the Gaza Strip, here's some context that Mr. Kristof left out. B'Tselem is funded by German church groups, the governments of Switzerland and the European Union, and the same Ford Foundation that underwrote the anti-Israel agitation that preceded the United Nations' Durban conference.
Moreover, the statistics Mr. Kristof cites don't include Israelis killed by other Arab terrorists working in league with the Palestinian Arabs and funded by the same Iranian terror master. In 2006, that included 43 Israeli civilians and 117 Israeli soldiers who were killed in the war with Lebanese-based Hezbollah. The B'Tselem statistics do include — but Mr. Kristof omits — the 55 Palestinian Arabs killed in 2006 by other Palestinian Arabs, a figure to which can be added another 84 killed in intramural violence in January and February of 2007.
For these deaths, it seems Mr. Kristof hasn't yet figured out how to blame the Israelis. Nor does Mr. Kristof's selective use of the B'Tselem statistics include the Americans and those from other countries who were killed by Palestinian Arab terrorists, such as Daniel Wultz, a 16-year-old from Florida who was slain in a 2006 suicide attack on the old central bus station in Tel Aviv.
More broadly, both Messrs. Soros and Kristof ignore an essential difference. The Israelis are out to minimize both their own casualties and those of the noncombatants behind whom their enemies hide. They build bomb shelters into every building and have established a culture where civil rights groups, independent commissions, and a Supreme Court investigate allegations of misconduct beyond the collateral damage that is an inevitable consequence of any war.
The Palestinian Arabs, in contrast, are out to maximize casualties, training their children as suicide bombers in hopes that they will become "martyrs," so that gullible Westerners who haven't thought the matter through will use their deaths to extract concessions from Israel. The Palestinian Arabs attack Israeli civilian targets such as pizza parlors, banquet halls, wedding parties, and buses as a matter of policy, while the Israeli army goes to great lengths to avoid targeting civilians.


CAMERA Snapshots: B'Tselem Jumps on the Bandwagon
Sep 9, 2009 · B'Tselem, an advocacy group known for its harsh but unreliable ... B'Tselem -- not to be outdone by the other groups ...

B'Tselem Knocks Goldstone Report - CAMERA Snapshots
Sep 30, 2009 · Over the years, B'Tselem has hardly shown itself to be a beacon of accuracy and fair...

UPDATED: B'Tselem Photographer Stages Scene | CAMERA
May 19, 2011 · Take, for example, B'Tselem, which noticed that some lazy journalists prefer to receive pre-packaged video clips over..

Jodi Rudoren Skews the Story Against Israel Again | CAMERA
June 16, 2015
She portrays B'tselem as "an Israeli rights group" without noting that the group focuses its efforts almost entirely on denouncing Israel under the guise of Palestinian rights and has routinely misrepresented the facts to promote its agenda. (See, for example, "B'Tselem Photographer Stages Scene," "B'Tselem's Annual Casualty Figures Questioned," "In 2007, B'Tselem Casualty Count Doesn't Add Up," and "B'Tselem, Los Angeles Times Redefine 'Civilian'," "Bending the Truth.")

The United Nations Has Israel's Blood On Its Hands
By Hank Sheinkopf, George Birnbaum, Ronn Torossian
16 Tammuz 5775 – July 3, 2015

Across the political spectrum in Israel, the United Nations report was condemned – noting its purpose was simple – to undermine Israel's right to defend its citizens from attack.

Israel's Education Minister Naftali Bennett noted that the report "..has blood on its hands [for] allowing the murder of Jews." Speaking from the Knesset, Bennett said, "It is a report with blood on its hands that is trying to turn Jewish blood into the cheapest product in the world. This is a report with blood on its hands because it's trying to restrict soldiers who protected this country's citizens; it's trying to tie our hands."
There is blood on the hands of those who wrote the report – as well as those organizations funded by The New Israel Fund who provided factually inaccurate information to the United Nations. They are responsible for this modern day blood libel against Israel.
MK Tzipi Livni – a Netanyahu opponent – denounced the report noting it was "born in sin by a committee that systematically and proactively attacks Israel." Livni added, "We will not accept a comparison between IDF soldiers and terrorists. We will not agree to speak about IDF soldiers and terrorists in the same breath. This is an important distinction for any country fighting terrorism."
Put most simply, this report gives a boost to terrorist organizations around the world by allowing them to continue to attack innocent civilians.
While Israel chose not to cooperate with the biased UN, factually questionable information was provided by numerous organizations funded by the extremist New Israel Fund (NIF), including B'Tselem (69 mentions in the report), Human Rights Watch (22 mentions), Physicians For Human Rights-Israel (16), Hamoked (12), Breaking The Silence (8), Adalah (8), and Yesh Din (5.).
Bennett said today from the Knesset: "I saw the report, and I saw here several recognized organizations: Breaking the Silence, B'Tselem — and I ask myself: B'Tselem? Our B'Tselem? That cannot be. So I had to make sure."
I went on the website of The New Israel Fund, who invented the granting of this patent of putting soldiers on trial for war crimes. Please note – the B'Tselem organization was nominated for the Campaign to name Children from Gaza Killed During Protective Edge. Why would the world file complaints against us? We're so good at harming ourselves – [via] organizations such as B'Tselem, the New Israel Fund, Breaking the Silence. After all, if the world would miss a war crime to attribute to us – there are those of us who would find it all by ourselves. Like a homecoming party, the radical leftist organizations meet after each operation of the IDF, and tell the UN that we are war criminals," he added.
Many in Israel have called for an end to funding of these organizations who harm Israel's interests. We join them, and agree it is time that those responsible for funding the organizations behind this report immediately stop helping the enemies of Jews.


I would like to ask who appointed the BDS to speak on behalf of the Palestinians.
Mon Apr 4, 2016
Joseph Puder

Bassem established the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group. He had resigned from B'Tselem, an Israeli Human Rights monitoring organization, where he was employed as a senior field researcher (1989-1996) following B'Tselem's decision not to monitor human rights abuses of Palestinians by the PA. In 2016, Bassem assumed the role of chairman at the Center for Near East Policy Research.

B'Tselem defends executing Arabs

Leftist 'rights' group on revealing identities of Arabs sellers to PA: 'only legitimate channel' to stop Jews from moving in.

Matt Wanderman , 08/01/16 13:57
The purported human rights organization B'Tselem has expressed its support for Nasser Nawajiya, one of its members who was found to be providing the Palestinian Authority (PA) with the identities of Arabs who sell their property to Jews.
In an expose by the TV show "Uvda" on Thursday, Nawajiya and far-left Israeli Jewish activist Ezra Nawi admitted to doing so in order to allow the PA to torture and execute the sellers.
B'Tselem acknowledged the deeds in a Facebook post, but chose to defend Nawajiya rather than to denounce him...

The Washington Post Evicts Context on Palestinian Village Without Electricity | CAMERA
November 2, 2016
... CAMERA has pointed out, B'Tselem employees have been caught staging scenes and misrepresenting statistics of Palestinian civilian deaths in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, among other actions that reflect a lack of impartiality and, perhaps, a consistent desire to portray Israel in a negative light.
In 2014, B'Tselem was forced to admit—after initial denials—that it was employing a Holocaust denier ("Israeli rights group admits employee denied Holocaust," The Times of Israel, Oct. 7, 2014).


Where are the condemnations of the PA's efforts to prevent "normalization" with Israel?
Wed Nov 2, 2016

Noah Beck
Israeli human rights group B'Tselem recently appeared before a special session of the United Nations Security Council, excoriating Israel and pleading with the body to act against Israel's settlements.


Stealing the anti-Zionist thunder from the Stalinists.
Thu Jun 23, 2016
Steven Plaut
...A member of the board of B'tselem, Klein seems to have never met an anti-Semite he does not like.


"Those who encourage murder cannot continue to hide behind the hypocritical pretense of caring for human rights."
Mon Jan 11, 2016
Mark Tapson

Israel is in an uproar following a damning news report Friday which aired on Channel 2 Israel's highly-respected _Uvda_ program, on which secretly recorded video tapes revealed that Nasser Nawaja (pictured above), a Palestinian leader of left-wing human rights organization B'Tselem, and Ezra Nawi, a Jewish Israeli activist in an organization named Ta'ayush, conspired to entrap Palestinians interested in selling land to Israelis, and led them to their deaths.
"Straight away I give their pictures and phone numbers to the Preventive Security Force," Nawi is recorded saying, reporting Arabs who wish to sell land to the Jews to the Palestinian Authority's counterintelligence unit – a certain death sentence.

Column One: The consequences of anti-Zionism

MARCH 24, 2016
The January report also showed senior Ta'ayush and B'Tselem operatives Ezra Nawi and Nasser Nawaja apparently plotting to turn a Palestinian interested in selling his land to Jews over to Palestinian security services with the full knowledge that they would torture and murder him.

B'Tselem's response to the January report was first to dismiss its legitimacy. Uvda, the group insisted, was wrong to broadcast the report because it was filmed by Ad Kan investigators rather than Uvda reporters.

B'Tselem's claim was particularly rich given that Channel 2 makes liberal use of footage B'Tselem provides its reporters.

Just as Novak doubled down on Breaking the Silence's spying operations, insisting they were legitimate without explaining why, so B'Tselem justified Nawaja's actions insisting that handing Palestinian land sellers over to the PA is "the only legitimate path available to Palestinians."

B'Tselem didn't explain why Nawaja didn't just get his donor friends to buy the land. The self-proclaimed human rights group didn't explain why its senior employee couldn't accept the human right of Palestinians to sell their land to Jews or the human right of Jews to buy land from a willing Palestinian seller.

B'Tselem didn't explain why it's legitimate to turn over innocents to PA henchmen with the full knowledge that doing so will lead to their torture and murder.

It isn't that the radical Left's goal of expelling all Jews and IDF units from Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem is inherently illegitimate -- that is, illegal. It is arguably just as legal as the late Meir Kahane's goal of expelling all Arabs from Judea and Samaria.

But the fact that your goal is legal doesn't give you the right to break the law. In other words, Breaking the Silence is legitimate. Breaking the law is not.

Ad Kan's revelations are startling not because they call into question the legitimacy of the radical Left's goal. They are startling because they show that in advancing that goal, radical leftist groups have a distressing comfort level with criminal activities.

Column one: The IDF's new social contract

JANUARY 5, 2017 22:48

A case that will have major implications on Israel's handling of enemy threats.

The name "B'Tselem" was seared into the public's consciousness as an organization hostile to Israel and dedicated to causing it harm with the publication of the UN's Goldstone Commission Report in 2009. Among the Israeli-registered groups that provided materials to the biased UN commission charged with finding Israel guilty of war crimes during the course of Operation Cast Lead against Hamas in late 2008 and early 2009, B'Tselem made the greatest contribution.

Erdan on B'Tselem: 'Terror-supporting liars'
Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan responds on his Facebook page to B'Tselem campaign calling on soldiers near Gaza to refuse orders.
Tags: Gilad Erdan B'Tselem

Minister Gilad Erdan , 04/04/18 22:47


The New York Times misinformed readers in two recent stories about Palestinians in the Jordan Valley — and although the newspaper promises to correct mistakes big and small, it has yet to correct its errors.

Access to Jordan Valley Land

In the first story, a Sept. 10 piece by Ben Hubbard, the paper erred about Palestinian access to the Jordan Valley, a stretch of land parallel to the Jordan River that runs along the West Bank's eastern border. Citing the Israeli advocacy group B'Tselem, Hubbard told readers Palestinians are "barred from entering or using about 85 percent" of the Jordan Valley where it passes through the West Bank.

B'tselem conspiracy theories and drama

Aug 30, 2020
When a Palestinian life is worth 3 months menial labor.
Amit Gilutz is the spokesperson for B'Tselem.

1. Before even noticing it's the spokesman for radical anti Israel group B'tselem... the headline was already pushing the envelope too far.
Then one sees, it is rather an anti "occupation" crafted piece masked under screaming headline about the worth of a life.
1. From so many years, anti-Israel B'tselem has been working... and only some 2 or 3 cases they have got to show for?
2. Just because a drama propagandist says his statement is not a conspiracy theory doesn't mean it's not. And even if the few cases he offers were indeed abuse, any force on the planet has some abuse cases. Not to mention most of the world does not deal with as much of the constant fear of being attacked.
3. Such a line "he fired for no reason" is an insult to anyone's intelligence. Who is he trying to fool about a tightly close border fence with constant attempt by racist Arab Palestinians young or old to harm Israeli Jews. Soldiers 24/7 are on edge on every little sudden move of anyone. One can presume there might be some mistakes aling these hot points too.

IDF: Not a grain of truth to B'Tselem libel

The radical left org claimed that the Civil Administration had confiscated tents used as an emergency clinic for Arab coronavirus patients.

Arutz Sheva Staff , 26/03/20 18:41

The radical left organization B'Tselem claimed on Thursday that the Civil Administration had confiscated tents used as an emergency clinic for Palestinian Arab COVID-19 patients in the Ibizik district of the Jordan Valley.
The Coordinator of Government Activities in Judea and Samaria denied the claim and attacked the radical organization, "We regret to see that the human rights organization cynically seeks to exploit a global crisis in order to distribute Fake News while joint efforts between Israel and the PA are underway to curb the [effects of the] coronavirus."
"As for the claims - this is not an emergency clinic for the treatment of corona patients – or any other kind of clinic. This is a complete lie. This is a traversable structure built on unauthorized land in the Jordan Valley along with tent covers and rods for erecting tents for unclear purposes. It should be clear that no appeal was received on the part of the Civil Administration regarding the establishment of an emergency clinic in the area neither from the Palestinian Authority nor [any] international organization."


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