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"Ne mutlu türküm diyene" or Gazi Kemal's postal jihad against the name "Constantinople"

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Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Jun 1, 2008 at 06:50

mehmet wrote : "No pole can be this much. you are using rum fascist terminology and most perhaps only a rum residing in poland." Dream on, Moslem ignoramus! "But this is not the main point anyway stay in you hole whereever it is."

A nice hole it is in sooth! No Moslems pestering the air, no mosques, no Turks and their infantile megalomainac demands and lies!

"Do not try to give me lang lessons about aristo name, this is like this in Turkish and i am not an English language expert."

"Aristophanes" if you happen to have heard of that yunan guy too must also be "Aristo" in Turkish, isn't it? Turks know neither of them so why bother about any distinctions? Turkish can so splendidly distort anything, any fact, hide any distinction and obscure and belittle anything un-Turkish. It probably the best language to self-gorify its speaker. The truth is not as elastic as you believe basing your belief on the flexibility of the Quran. ", answer the following: what happened in 1920 s all of a sudden and we commited crimes? and why not it happened throughout hundereds of years and just in the beginning of 20 th century?" If you happen to like painting which I doubt maybe you should at last take a look at Eugène Delacroix?

Take a look at his contemporary picture illustrating the Turkish "jollifications" on Chios (in 1822 with c. 42,000 Greek islanders of Chios hanged, butchered, starved or tortured to death. and 50,000 Greeks sld on slave markets 23,000 were exiled)! It looks amazingly familiar and not at all so dissimilar from Turkish "jollifications" between 1914-1923 , doesn't it? http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/delacroix/chios.jpg

"You are such manly and we are something else, huh, if you are a man then manness is not a good thing. Truth is not in your monopoly."

Who says that? In "modern" Turkey you have no freedom of speech just like under the Ottoman regime. You have no right to doubt the stupid dogmas of Kemalism and the lies your fascist government spreads to fool you into servile obedience. If you don't , the state machinery will crash you with article 301 and other violent means to control your minds. You're terrorized into parroting senseless propaganda of your new pashas and beys with alleged secular world-view.

Turkey is a huge police state. It's Turkish totalitarianism where dissidents and few brave journalists and intelelctuals get constant death threats, are imprisoned under fake charges or are simply assassinated, where show trials are staged, where retired officers engage in political gansterism- in short the very opposite of freedom! And you dare to speak to me about truth in Turkey, you brain-washed Moslem hypocrite !

"But one thing you spoke very true, its true that Fetih Bayram was not existing in Ottoman time," It was not my remark. I quoted it from a Turkish source. "and there was no kind of hesitation or complex, and on lately printed gold coins it says konstantiniyye, which is Konstantinopol, because of idiotic fascist attacks from rums like you, there has been reactions to these kind of usages, otherwise it doesnot mean anything." On the contrary, it does mean a lot! The name "Istanbul" is as Greek as "Konstantiniyye" is. It come sfrom "Eis tin polin" and signifies "In the city" as you definitely don't know. So don't insist so stupidly on the alleged Turkishness of the name "Istanbul", Turkish scholar!

What is more, Kostantiniyye was always the official name of the city under the Ottomans. It was used on coinage as you remarked and the Ottoman chancelery and Court used "Kostantiniyye" indicating the place of origin of formal documents. This was changed only after Kemal created the new regime in 1923 and began to forcibly Turkify the place names across the country. In the past the Turks had founded no cities of their own, but used to conquer foreign cities and towns and settle down in them, so the Turkification of toponyms proved as patchy as the whole Kemalist project- an old holy rotten Moslem cloak with new patches exported from the West sewn upon it .

Thus many cities changed their names at Kemal's command to look 100% Turkish and in 1930 it was Konstaniniyye's turn. With the Turkish Postal Service Law of March 28, 1930, the Turks officially demanded foreigners stop calling the city with any non-Turkish names and use only "Istanbul" in their languages. ( Imagine the Russians demand the English speaking world stop using "Moscow" and use "Moskva" instead ! ;) But the foreigners were not as easily convinced as Kemal's slaves on the infallible wisdom of his fads. Anyway, what right did Kemal have to forbid people pronounce the name that had been in use for 1600 years?

Yet, the holy warrior of Islam = Gazi= turned recently secular and so sour with the religion of his subjects had a remedy against history, memory and human habits. It was a sort of soft terror , a continuation of jihad with other means, against those foreigners that weren't cooperative enough. On his instigation letters, postcards and packages sent with address 'Konstantiniyye' on them were never delivered and arrived at their destinations.

They either disappeared in the corrupt Turkish postal system or were sent back. This way the Greek name "Istanbul" was spread by the mad hater of things Greek and now on many a forum any mention of "Constantinople" provokes Pavlov's reaction in Turkish readers shouting angrily "Instanbul, man! There is no Constantinople". Some Turks even believe that there has never been Constantinople at all! "Because of this also from other side (we) there are collective ideas to provoke your frustrations and finally it find its shape in Conquest Celebrations." I know why you celebrate 29.05 and you know it as well. It has nothing to do with what is officially said. A Turk is a Turk.

Forcing a European suit on his barbarian Asiatic soul will never make a European of him. His old Ottoman barbarian jihadist soul is awakening. "A pole cannot be low like this, its impossible," A carpenter knows what is possible and what is impossible and what Poles can be and can't be like. Very interesting! >in the history we protected their existence and independence against other powers in Europe,> Yes, yes! The Turks sent many times envoys to Cracow and Warsaw and invited us to embrace Islam or face forced Islamisation. We do know how you "protected the existence and independence" of Byzantium, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Transsylvania, Bulgaria !

in the 16th and 17th century you with the Moslem Tatars looted our Eastern provinces, kidnapped Polish boys to become janissaries, raped and kidnapped women to sell them on the flourishing slave markets in Constantinople and elsewhere. As early as Varna (1444) we learned what awaits us when you break through Hungary. Our king Vladislav IV's head was cut off by the janissaries, put into a barrel of honey and transported to Adrianople to adorn the main gate for many weeks...

But we had cossacks on the Dnieper who knew how to protect themselves and us from the fury of "the religion of peace". "Adam Mickiewicz ( donot judge lang if wrong) has home in istanbul, there is a polish village here who seeked refuge." How many were they anymore? A few scores of misguided misfits? Hatred of Russia and ignorance of history and Islam made all of them blind. They allied themselves with the worst enemies of Christianity. What for? To help the Turks re-impose their yoke upon Christian populations on the Balkans and in Asia, to deprive them of their Christian and Slav brethren the only hope which was Christian Russia?

And Mickiewicz's adventure in Turkey ended with his death. Nobody told him Turkey was not just the breeding ground of jihad but also of almsot all epidemic diseases that then spread on with deadly regularity in Europe. "if you are not a rum i will throw myself to black sea, you are definetely a rum who has knowledge of polish and reside there." It's quite symptomatic that the idea that someone can be simply interested in those things never flashed in your mind. But you're a carpenter after all, aren't you? A Moslem carpenter!

"Dont question ethnic roots of turkish important people like ataturk, it doesnot mean anything." It's a dangerous question, I know. A Turk with blue eyes and blond hair being the prophet of Turkishness, of Turkish racial superioirity and purity...Hm...If he emerged in Central Asia among the true Turks - Turkmens , Uzbecs or Kyrgyz, they would have taken him for a 100% Russian! Those Turks can't still believe their is any racial relation between teh Anatolian mongrels and themselves. "Turkey is a harmony of balkanic, caucasian and anatolian people alltogether.

There are more albanians here than albania itself, more georgians than georgia itself, more bosniacs than bosnia, and many other ethnic backgrounds MR GREAT FASCIST, its hurting your soul isnot it?" Lies can't hurt me, carpenter! Turkey is a racist and fascist regime where no non-Turk can live in peace as non-Turk. They were all declared Turks and forcibly Turkified in full accordance with Gazi Kemal's commands. The Indo-European Kurds were declared "Mountain Turks" to fit in with his mad theory of Turkshness.

"You just read" istanbulu fetheden yeniceriye gazel" of yahya kemal, because i feel exactly same as in this poem against crusader looter minded people like you.MR INFERIOTY COMPLEXED MAN." I guess you're a descendent of a janissary, probably a Greek or Armenian boy kidnapped by the Turks ("devshirme"), educated in the hatred of all things Greek and then sent to his place of birth to kill his true parents. A typical Ottoman story, you know. It is what you Turks really are! You have completely lost any genetic relation to the true Turks from Central Asia and you hate and kill those that in fact gave you birth. This national schizophreny is your identity.

This is the real Turkishness - nation that has been trained to bark and bite to death their real non-Turkic parents to please their new masters that pose to be their parents. "our existing is your damnness, burn in your own hell, soryy i now will listen to Beethovens Turkish March and some classical turkish music composed by Rum and Armenian masters and watch the minarets of St.Sophia from my balcony." If you watch it, recall those wretched women and children your janissary forefathers slaughtered, raped and enslaved there. Their blood will stain for ever your Turkish identity as the blood of those millions of rayas that you Turks have on your conscience.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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