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Surprise! It really is a world war on terror (2 comments) New York Post December 31, 2001
Johnny Walker Green (1 comment) New York Post December 24, 2001
Israel may be winning New York Post December 17, 2001
Arafat's Suicide Factory (5 comments) New York Post December 9, 2001
Arabs Have Never Accepted Israel Wall Street Journal Europe December 3, 2001
On to Baghdad?: Yes - The Risks Are Overrated (2 comments) New York Post December 3, 2001
What's True Islam? Not for U.S. [Government] to Say (25 comments) New York Post November 26, 2001
Victory Shifts the Muslim World (2 comments) New York Post November 19, 2001
'We're Going to Conquer America' (16 comments) New York Post November 12, 2001
[Middle East Scholars:] Getting it Wrong in the Middle East New York Post November 5, 2001
The Curious Case of Jamil Al-Amin (24 comments) American Spectator November-December 2001
Fighting Militant Islam, Without Bias (13 comments) City Journal November 2001
The Danger Within: Militant Islam in America (182 comments) Commentary November 2001
How Many U.S. Muslims? (34 comments) New York Post October 29, 2001
Bin Laden is a Fundamentalist: A reply to David F. Forte (1 comment) National Review October 22, 2001
Muslims love Bin Laden (6 comments) New York Post October 22, 2001
Containment: The U.S. War Aim? New York Post October 15, 2001
The Coming Century History News Network October 11, 2001
Two declarations of war (1 comment) Jerusalem Post October 10, 2001
Why this American feels safer Jerusalem Post October 3, 2001
War, not "Crimes": Time for a paradigm shift. (1 comment) National Review October 1, 2001
What Bush got right - and wrong [in his speech] Jerusalem Post September 26, 2001
[American Muslims for Jerusalem: Radical] Islam's American lobby Jerusalem Post September 20, 2001
Legitimizing Extremist Groups in U.S.: Letter to the Editor The Forward September 14, 2001
Protecting Muslims while Rooting out Islamists (2 comments) Daily Telegraph (London) September 14, 2001
A Middle East Party (4 comments) Jerusalem Post September 14, 2001
Mistakes Made the Catastrophe Possible (2 comments) Wall Street Journal September 12, 2001
[Australia's] Crisis of illegal immigration (30 comments) Jerusalem Post September 5, 2001
Editor's Introduction Middle East Quarterly Fall 2001
Interview with Khidhir Hamza: "I Can Forsee Saddam Controlling the Middle East" Middle East Quarterly Fall 2001
The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem (278 comments) Middle East Quarterly September 2001
First, Accept Israel Los Angeles Times August 31, 2001
[Building a Wall and Israel's] Quick-Fix Mentality (1 comment) Jerusalem Post August 29, 2001
Double delusion [by Israelis and Arabs] Jerusalem Post August 22, 2001
[Suicide Bombers:] A father's pride and glory (6 comments) Jerusalem Post August 15, 2001
Rolling Back the Forces of Terror Wall Street Journal August 13, 2001
Shakespeare with Shari'a (1 comment) Jerusalem Post August 8, 2001
[The New York Times' Susan] Sontag's off-key ode to Oslo (1 comment) Jerusalem Post August 1, 2001
The [Suicide] Jihad Menace (15 comments) Jerusalem Post July 27, 2001
Preventing War: Israel's Options Jerusalem Post July 18, 2001
[Khalid Durán] An American Rushdie? (4 comments) Jerusalem Post July 4, 2001
Bin Laden and Herndon, Virginia (1 comment) Jerusalem Post June 20, 2001
Will the Assad dynasty last? Jerusalem Post June 6, 2001
Terrorism on Trial (2 comments) Wall Street Journal May 31, 2001
Mitchell report missed it (3 comments) Washington Times May 30, 2001
Israel's Lebanon lesson Jerusalem Post May 23, 2001
Islamists - Not Who They Say They Are (16 comments) Jerusalem Post May 9, 2001
The Left's ongoing Oslo delusion Jerusalem Post April 25, 2001
[Islamism:] The New Global Threat (1 comment) Jerusalem Post April 11, 2001
Comment on "Political Islam and the Roots of Violence": In "The Influence of Faith: Religious Groups and U.S. Foreign Policy" Lanham, Md.: Rowman and Littlefield, 2001, pp. 149-51. 2001
Growing Arab Anger Won't Be Easy to Contain Wall Street Journal March 30, 2001
The Sharon Effect Jerusalem Post March 28, 2001
Lift the 'siege' [on the Palestinian Authority]? Jerusalem Post March 14, 2001
Letters to the editor: Intifada Commentary March 2001
Land for What? American Spectator March 2001
Nothing Succeeds Like Failure (7 comments) Jerusalem Post February 28, 2001
The education of Thomas Friedman (12 comments) Jerusalem Post February 14, 2001
Is Sharon dangerous? (1 comment) Jerusalem Post January 31, 2001
The Temple Mount's Indian counterpart (173 comments) Jerusalem Post January 17, 2001
The Oslo Process: An Israeli Choice [and Not an American One] Jerusalem Post January 3, 2001
Interview with Prince El-Hassan bin Talal: "Jordanian Christians are Fully Integrated" Middle East Quarterly Winter 2001
Interview with Elliott Abrams: "Religious Freedom is More Important Today" Middle East Quarterly Winter 2001
Disappearing Christians in the Middle East (40 comments) Middle East Quarterly Winter 2001

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