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Islamic Terrorism

Reader comment on item: Denying [Islamist] Terrorism
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Submitted by hinda blas (United States), Nov 26, 2006 at 03:08

Excuse me May but perhaps you have been absent. True perhaps in the Koran it does state that but pray tell me who is murdering shias, sunnis, sufis? Who is also murdering Christians, Jews, Hindus, Zorastrians, Bahais, and African-sects of Islam? Who? The Terrorists who follow a Saudi-Based interpretation of the Koran. That is who.

I lost 3 cousins on 9-11. They were Jewish. I know of Hindus who had died on that dreadful day. I also have read (have you?) of the schoolchildren in Breslan Russia who were gunned down on their first day of school. How about the Israeli children (teenagers) being blown up in a disco? Or about tourists and residents in Israel as well as in India who are blown up as well? Is this not in the Koran? So why is it that the Muslims are doing this? When I write Muslims they claim they are - they are Shaheeds. In Iraq and under the PA with the blessings of both Fatah and Hamass there are women who are now "Allah's Widows"

Please explain to me a member of the Parliament who personally videotaped herself putting bombbelts on her own sons and now she's a hero and all Muslim women in this region as well as throughout the Muslim world have (not condemned her) but PRAISE HER!!! Where is the condemnation against this attrocity? Where is the condemnation against a practice that is going on called Female Mutilation as well as another age old ritual - HONOR KILLING?

Pray tell me, May where is the honor in murdering your own child? Yes I am angry because the SILENCE IS DEAFENING. From the corrupted and impotent UN (who has a leader that has been a part of many of the attrocities - check his record since he was the head of the UN the attrocities against humanity has increased) to the blind Hague that refused to listen to the survivors of the homicide bomb attacks AND even to look at the proof of the prize of the Islamic Jihadists - a skeleton of a Bus that had people from children to the elderly on board to our inept politicians who would rather appease then to deny them any dialogue (do I hear echos of Chamberlain's visit to Hitler repeated?) to our media which have lost the ability to broadcast truth as truth instead of something that was staged and revised!

May go look into what our children are learning in schools. Go and see them learn history revised and censored to the pen of a person who bought a well-known education textbook company and destroyed it's credibility (Houghton-Mifflin). Also, May - I agree with you that it is not in the Koran - but that is if that Koran is not a Yusuf Ali Interpreation or one that came out of Saudi Arabia/Pakistan in the late 20th century/early 21st century. The korans prior to these were more of peace and tranquility.

More of understanding of others and more of respect. Go do an experiment I did. Get an old koran one published in 1920 or even in the 19th century. Take it to a mosque and ask for someone to help you read the arabic. You will find out that they cannot read the arabic as it is "too ancient". It's not Modern. Also read the interpretations and compare sura (chapter) by sura. You will also see grave differences. You will also understand why people did flourish with the older korans in countries that had the majority of being Moslem or ruled by the "mohammedians" (As Sir Richard Burton, the Victorian Translator and Archeologist had termed them) because then other faiths were looked upon with a great deal respect (but then it also had to do with the ruling Sultan/Pasha/Governor of the region).

Unfortunately, the Muslim Terror we are seeing coincides with that of the Nazi attitude. Ask yourself a question, why is "Mein Kampf" the best selling book in Islamic countries? Why is it that military of these countries march similarly to that of the Nazis? Why is their salute like the straight arm like the Nazis? You can go to any search engine you like and type in "Haji Al Husseni" and "Hitler." There you will come up with your answer. You will find that Al Husseini, also known as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler were partners.

This man was also the uncle of Yassir Arafat who was in exile along with his uncle and lived at Yosef Goebbel's House. There he learned the phrase - "If you tell a lie long enough, it too becomes believable." It works. He has been telling the same lies (he was from Jerusalem, he was a native Palestinian, he is a man of peace [piece], and he will work for a solution without bloodshed). The media and Clinton bought it - and now we all are living the nightmare that the appeasement from Jimmy Carter (who supports Hamass and Hezbollah and condemns Israel's right to exist) to James Baker and Ramsey Clark (both who were on Saddam's defense team) and the political correctness that has destroyed our common sense of what is right and wrong.

I know I became long-winded. But for the sake of my children and their future - if I do not speak up now - who will? Do you want to see a holocaust like the one happening in Sudan where the UN once again has ignored for over 8 years (thank you Koffi Annan). Think about this. And Shalom/Salaw/NAMASTE/SHPENA


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