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The Qur'an says that Islam is a violent religion so is the author of the Qur'an an Islamophobe?

Reader comment on item: Jihad or Criminality?
in response to reader comment: Islam is not synonymous with violence

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Mar 3, 2013 at 11:48

Our dear Miri wrote

I realize killings do happen in the name of religion .

Wrong so you tell me how many human beings were killed in the name of the Jain religion? Let me help you: None.

Now compare this with 90M Hindus that were killed enslaved and raped in the name of the so called god of islam

Your statement is ridiculous

Think about the crusades, the Spanish inquisition,what happened in bosnia etc...

Again there are no doctrines in the NT that tell Christians to wage a holy war and this is indeed what the crusades were all about and you forgot that the first real crusade was the Islamic crusades where your Arab masters invaded the Middle East in the name of their so called Allah

I agree with Emett Scott that Europeans imitated what Muslims were doing so the crusades were only an imitation of the Muslim crusades or the Arab invasion of the Middle East and beyond and the Spanish were involved in the inquisition that was not different from the Islamic principles of iqtoloo al-mushrikeen and the vile Islam taslam! So you see our dear Miri them nasara learned a trick or two ...

Oh now if we check what the Spaniards did to the native people of America the likes of destroying their books and forcing them to convert to Christianity or killing them in the name of the Christ and forcing them to pay jizya like tax they could only have learned this evil from the Muslims that invaded Spain and occupied it for some 700-800 years

And do not forget that your Arab historians tell us that Muslims destroyed the libraries of Alexandria and Nalanda and Ctisephon and the Spanish learned it from ... the Arabs and this is why they destroyed most of the books of the Aztecs and Mayas!

Even the civilized Greeks in the Byzantine Empire were involved for a period in iconoclasm and they learned it from your masters the Arabs

So you see without Islam the world would not have had the likes of the crusades or the inquisition or the atrocities committed against the natives of the Americas and 90M of your Hindu ancestors would not have been killed enslaved and raped by the Muslim invaders of India

Oh darn it did I just write your Hindu ancestors?

Im not saying it hasnt or doesnt and will not unfortunately happen again .I just think its irresponsible to label one of the largest religions as a violent religion when a relatively small number of people(compared to the size of the population of the world that is in fact muslim) are extremists and and acting out in the name of religion.

So is Islam the religion of peace darling? And if so how do you explain Q9:5 and Q9:29 and the nasty 9:111 and the foundation of Islamic holy war or Q2:216 or ayat al-irhab or the terrorism verse/

It is not us kuffar that say that Islam is a violent religion it is the Qur'an that says so

As far as Im concerned this argument will never be put to rest as long as people refuse to be biggoted and Islamaphobic.

Well what is really islamophobia darling? but let us have a deal: delete the nasty Christianphobia, Jewish phobia, Hinduphobia, Buddhist phobia and women and kuffar phobia in the book of your Allah and we kuffar will stop going after Islam and your so called Allah! Deal?

Like it or not Islam is here to stay and for as long as history has been recorded Muslims have peacefully lived along side of other faiths .

Really? then how about the 90M Hindus your ancestors that were killed in the name of Islam?

But you know what? Islam will be a relic of the past and people like you will be free again

We are all still here.Think about that.as long as you have masses of people who are impoverished and not educated you will have masses of people following extremists that say they have the answer to their suffering.

gobbledygook and tablighee fillers

Hitler convinced so many people that jews,gays were the reason for europes economic and social decline resulting in the death of millions of innocent people. why do people forget this?

So let me see do Muslims ... care about the Jews and gays? Sobhanallah! Since when?

Now you tell me why the lies?

Oh the transliterated Arabic? But you can ask your Mullah to translate it for you if he knows Arabic that is

I urge you to leave Islam and be free again from the Arabs and their imperialism


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