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Reader comment on item: Reflections on Current Hamas-Israel Hostilities
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Submitted by M. Tovey (United States), Nov 26, 2012 at 11:42

Were that the world operated on facts only, life might have been more easily diagnosed, choices more perceptively made and decisions quickly validated for the right choices we had hoped for. Yet as any who have been through enough of life and have a view of how history tells us it has been no picnic for our antecedents, we must come to the conclusion there's more to it that 'just the facts,' as a favorite TV character of mine once used to say.

As sure as the seasons comes and go, there are certain things of life that have certainty; birth, life and death are formulaic for all with only some variation. But those are answerable in most circumstances with the advancements of science and observations in the practical realm.

Ahh, but religion; there's a sport of a different sort: a tangible exercise of giving recognition to something we cannot see but some are convinced to a varying degree we must give credence to for the inexplicable things that happen in life, like the premature death of an infant or the catastrophic loss of a child without known reasoning or the untimely death of a close loved one like a spouse to rocket fire. These events are commonplace and we as humans are quick to demand to know how such things are possible.

More to the point, just as quickly, there is the demand of wanting to find blame. Therein lays a root cause of religion; laying blame at the feet of the unseen forces we have never really understood and seeking ways to please those unseen forces by offerings of whatever for appeasement. This is at the root of many things, not the least of which are the 'Palestinians',' Iranian and Hamas-Israeli hostilities.

What are the facts, for example, of why the Hamas do not think it wrong to indiscriminately lob rockets into Sderot, Tel Aviv, et al; or that Iran is hedging its antipathies by importing the tools of Israel's destruction through tunnels into Gaza; or Jordan making claims against the 'Palestinian's over the Israeli territories comprising the parts of Jerusalem promised to the children of Israel? These facts are more easily answered in religious terms.

You were not misunderstood; for the sensibilities of many are attempting to find logical sane reasons for finding peace, even peace acquired in compromise for land exchanges: yet all to no avail. Others ask why is it so impossible to achieve peace when reasoning of the facts could be so easily be the answer? The answer is: religion gets in the way. Even you say so; and I agree. That is why I do not practice religion; but I do answer to my faith.

When it comes to such things, while thinking about the truth such things devoid of any religious implications might seem impractical, the true impracticality reveals itself in that truth must involve all aspects or it is not the complete truth. Anything less leads to delusion.

I appreciate your observations and insights. My only misgiving in such things is that too many I have traded thoughts with have made the same (or more indelicate) comments of reservations on what I have observed and that does nothing to shake my resolve; but it does lead me to wonder. If the Holy Bible is being confirmed in its truth with each passing day as it relates to Israel and what we see in the news: what is going to happen when it comes to its completion and so many are going to get left out when the final fulfillment arrives?

The facts are that Israel is in the midst of her fulfillment of Biblical destiny and I cannot be so wrapped up in religious wastes of times while I watch as the promises of Jesus Christ are happening in front of my face. Thus it is that I write what I write and hope that others arrive at the same place that I expect to, while there is yet time.


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