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1933-1945: Nazi Arab Palestine

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1933-1945: Nazi Arab Palestine

In the 1930s, Arab students returning from studying in Europe were determined to found the Arab Nazi party.[1]
In 1934, Arabs in Palestine used swastika in calls for boycotting Jews.[2][3] [4]
The Husseinis, the ex Mufti and his nephew Jamal al-Hussein, had founded in 1935, the al-Futuwwa, modeled on Hitler-youth.[5]
Also in 1935 Palestine, Arab youths in Haifa founded the Arab nazi club: 'The Red Moon'.[6][7]
In 1937 in honouring Muhammad's birthday, Hitler and Mussolini were celebrated, en masse.[8]
The Palestine magazine, as well as most newspapers in Palestine supported Hitler.[9]
A poll conducted in February 1941, showed 88% Palestine Arabs supported Nazi Germany over Britain.[10][11]


The most notorious nazi collaborator in the Arab world, infamous ex Grand Mufti of Palestine, Hajj amin al-Husseini,[12][13][14][15] who--began his agitation for violence at least in 1920,[16][17][18][19] and much responsible

[20][21] for the Hebron 1929 massacre on non-Zionist pious Jews[22][23]--within two months of Hitler's rise to power has already contacted the Germans.[24]
A sworn enemy of the Jews, as testified by German official.[25]
Worked with the Nazis even after being convinced the nazis wouldn't help even in as much as halting little migration of Jews in exchange of Germans held by Britain.[26]
Incited to the Farhud pogrom upon Iraqi Jews, June 1941.[27][28][29]
He met with A. Hitler on November 28, 1941;[30] dubbed: "The Hitler of the Holyland",[31] he had broadcasted over Berlin radio airwaves to the Muslim world, a jihad, to kill the Jews whererer they find them;[32] intervened against rescue of thousands of Jewish children during the holocaust;[33][34] has led SS Muslim divisions in E. Europe, committing massacres;[35][36] and for at least six months kept urging the Nazis to bomb Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, even when Germany was losing.[37]


Among his helpers in fighting for Hitler, his nephew Jamal al-Husseini, [38] [39] Active also with the Mufti in the pro Nazi coup of Iraq in 1941.[40]


Another helper of the Mufti for the Nazis was Ahmad Shukeiri (al-Shukairy, Shukayri, Shuqayri),[41]

who recalled, he and his surrounding, 1939-1940, were all praying for Hitler's victory and that no one agreed to enlist in the British army,[42] and who since Stalin began fighting against Hitler in 1941, has switched and fought for Hitler against the Jews. [43][44][45]
Both Jamal al-Husseini and Ahmad Shukeiri have in 1946 justified the Holocaust and repeated Goebbels' propaganda.[46][47]
Shukeiri himself was sacked in mid-December 1962 by King Faisal [48][49][50] over his November-30-1962 cheering, saluting, promoting the Nazis of Argentina (Tacuara)[51] who earlier (June-1961) abducted 19-year old Jewish student Graciela Sirota, tortured her, carved a swastika on her breast as revenge for killing Adolf Eichmann.[52]
Shukeiri also objected to Eichmann's trial in Israel.[53][54]

Another helper of the Mufti was Tunisian born Hussein Triki, collaborated with the Nazis,[55][56] settled in Argentina in 1962 forged ties with Nazi groups there including aforementioned Tacuara,[57] and incited[58] for violence,[59] and has denied the Holocaust in 2011.[60][61]


Hassan Salameh was one of the leaders of the Great Arab Revolt, which, like Mufti, moved to Iraq and from there to Nazi Germany. He was a partner in the Mufti's plot 'Operation Atlas', which was launched in Palestine on October 6, 1944, in which three Germans and two Arabs were captured. [62][63]

Some say it included a plan to massacre hundreds of thousands of Jews via poisoning the wells of Tel Aviv.[64]


Fawzi al-Kutub studied sabotage in Nazi Germany in the late 1930s and also took a commando course on behalf of SS in the Netherlands. During the course he refused to fulfill an order and as a result was imprisoned in a concentration camp near the city of Breslau in Germany. He was released due the ties of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, with the top echelons of the Nazi leadership.[65]


Fawzi Kawkaji was an Arab military commander best known for his fight against the Yishuv in the Great Arab Revolt, then crowned "Supreme Commander of the Arab Revolt in Palestine". After fleeing Israel, he was an accomplice in Rashid Ali al-Khilani's pro-Nazi and anti-British uprising in Iraq in 1941. [66]

After the failure of the uprising he arrived in Nazi Germany, married in Germany and served there as an Arab leader in exile in Germany who served the Nazi propaganda machine. [67]


Jorge Sabaj Zurob, who emigrated from Israel to Chile in 1931, admired Hitler in his book [The 'La Reforma' - renamed:] "The Arab World" "El Mundo Arabe" as early as 1933. Printed at least twice the famous forgery "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" extensively, and distributed despicable cartoons about Jews. The paper was banned during World War II, and was warned to be re-arrested in 1949 by a leading media outlet in the same country. [68]

(He kept ties with Issa Nakhle and promoted him when he edited and published "America and the East" America y Oriente, in which he praised totalitarian regimes, especially of Hitler, Nazi Germany.[69] and who denied the Holocaust in November 14, 1972[70][71] and who worked with neo Nazis [72][73] till at least the mid 1980s.[74] ).


In 1942, many in Arab Palestine cheered the news of the mass murder of Jews. Some were skeptic and tended to believe it's "propaganda".[75]



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