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the dalit saab is still in denial

Reader comment on item: Still Asleep After Mumbai
in response to reader comment: Hard Facts hit harder, Gen Lt. AK -47 & STOP CONTRADICTING YOURSELF EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

Submitted by Lt. General Ayyub Khan (Turkey), Feb 13, 2009 at 05:14

Goodness gracious me that last reply was garbled ... Sorry but i must give critisism where it is due.

You are STILL fast asleep ---and hardly could even address 80% of my last lesson to you. Seems you are a hopeless case, so lets try to make sense out of this bakwaas reply of yours.

Clinton also acknowledged that they had him .

The same clinton who says India is now the epicenter of the global HIV/Aids epidemic. -- (BBC, December 2006).

? dont really care what he says

A bruised Pakistan Army, in which Pashtuns constitute a significant element, is reluctant to face further disaffection and desertions in its ranks caused by ...
www.ict.org.il/Articles/tabid/66/Articlsid/288/currentpage/3/Default.aspx - 61k -

Are you joking me? I can tell you from first hand experience that unlike indian army (with huge desertion and soldier suicide rate) ---our army doesnt face these issues anywhere close to what is described in this ludicrous link you provided.

Actually, morale was only low during the lost decade –when yanks put sanctions on us...but it forced us to take action. Now we have Pakistan Ordinance factory, as well as 350 other private defence companies in Pakistan. And our defence exports (excluding aircrafts) are yielding over half a billion dollars per year –and expected to keep rising.

Bruised Pakistan army my ....

Speaking of morale, your army received their new inflatable doll equipment. Hahahahahah!!! Glad im not a bhindian!

Indian army Finds Inflatable Answer to Low Morale


7 Feb 2009 ... ISPR had been hiding desertion in Pak army ranks, ... has put foot on the free flow of money, their orphan like wry faces are able to see. ...

Please use only professional and valid sources...... "dictatorship watch" lollllll.....I didnt even bother looking.

The Daily Star: Internet Edition

The Pakistani army is being forced to fight America's war and faces desertions. Its Frontier Corps is refusing to fight. Recently, the Taliban captured 250 ...
www.thedailystar.net/story.php?nid=41426 - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

Quite a proffessional army!!! no wonder you lost all the wars with us!!!!

must be kidding me, son. I type "indian army" + "desertion" and i get HUNDREDS of results. E.g.

Indian Army probing soldiers' desertion in US


Lol. I guess scrubbing floors is more rewarding than serving in hindustan army.

Did you know that indian army batallions are divided by religion and caste? Unbelievable that this is state-sponsored system of backwards india. The Frontier Corps is a paramilitary force consiting of locals – i.e. its mostly local Pakhtuns who know the land. They are less equipped than the Army itself, but still they have had many successes against taleban. Its true that some of them are unhappy about 'americas war' ---but every time taleban kills a soldier or carries out terrorist attacks in Pakistan –it deepens our resolve to stop them. What conviction or honour does your joker army have? You couldnt even stop 10 unruly kids in your bollywood city!!!! Your most 'elite forces' were hiding behind walls trying to dodge bullets! LoL.

Oh and who can forget this story.....old is gold.

Indian soldiers 'paraded naked'

Indian soldiers have been paraded naked for allegedly attempting to rape a girl in Indian-administered Kashmir, police say.

Angry residents in Kunan village near the northern town of Bandipora beat up the soldiers, stripped them bare and paraded them through the market.


Indian Army And The Legacy Of Rape In Manipur


Women Rage Against Army 'Rape' in Northeast India


Indian army Soldier Fatally Shoots 6 Colleagues


What were you guys shooting anyways? rubber bullets?

I was not present, so I am not sure. But small arms fire from the ground will not always guarantee a kill. But according to many sources, the soldiers and reporters had to jump out as the aircraft later burned.

what sort of weaponary do you Pakistanis use anyways?

You can find out online. But we are well-armed. Unlike your army which is using what? 3-knot-3s and other world war II era weapons? Couldnt even stop 10 unruly kids.....tsk tsk. Did you read what the israelis said about your joker army?


Were you there?

Anyways –its moot point. The ICJ ruled AGAINST Pakistan. We lost 16 patriots who were martyred. But we dont need to get revenge. We just need to sit and watch indians fly their mig-21 1960s era jets. They're still falling out of the sky like little birds. Attrition rates!!!!! LOL

And i think 1965 and 1999 was enough proof that your air force keeps getting OWNED by Pakistan.

and our elephants did parade the atlantique wreck for the world to see

ahhh yes....indians and their elephant gods are inseperable. No problem --- upon request i can proudly provide u links to the israeli UAV and the junk IAF Migs that we shot down

Your country is a failed democracy!It is a haven for Terrorists!

Ahhhhh booo hooo hooo....you sound like that minister of yours ... ---Pranaab Mukhraji.

Your country is the worlds begging bowl!

There are more beggars in india than the entire world combined!!!!!!!!!!! Dont even dare call us worlds begging bowl. Sure –our leaders are a bunch of wimps. But Pakistanis – unlike indian –would rather starve or just eat less, rather than beg for money. We do have beggars in Pakistan, but nowhere NEAR how many there are in your trash-infested sewage-littered slum nation (which you try showing as some rich developed country)

50% of your countrys people -probably low caste (backwards, as your state would classify them) dalits are living below poverty line and dont even have access to sanitation! If we are the begging bowl, then you are the begging freightliner! lol

Inquiry into 'beggar amputations'

The Indian Medical Association has launched a probe after three doctors were shown on television offering to amputate beggars' limbs for money.

There have long been rumours that criminal gangs pay for the amputation as beggars are able to generate more sympathy and make more money.


Your country is the root cause of instability in Asia an a serious impediment in the progress of India!!

Kashmir and Afghan issues must be solved in just manner....

I think india is its own enemy. Your government stinks of corruption. Your police are corrupt. Your army is a joke. Now i admit, india has made some strides in the past decade ---but it seems that the caste-based discrimination and the conflicts of ethnicities have the potential to fuel civil war.

Look at Assam for Gods sakes whats going on over there?

Your country is one of the most irresponsible nuclear rogue country whose Nuclear Designers are caught selling nuclear technologies to rougue nations!

Hahaha indians are funny. ?ran used to be a close ally and u sold them out just to get cuddly with the zionists. Low honour people you are.

Yes AQ Khan did sell technology. In fact, Iran is using the same advanced P-1 cascade design that we are using. I do wish Iran best of luck in her nuclear ambitions. North Korea and Libya have abandonded their programs.

AQ Khan is still a hero in Pakistan –and he is no longer under house-arrest.

Your country is all set to be over-run by Radical Islamic fundamentalists and it is soon going to be another afghanistan!

? doubt that simply because even in Frontier Province (where i hail from) – it is the most conservative area in Pakistan ----yet the masses voted for the Awami National Party which is a secular Pakistani nationalist party. Proof that even the religious people in Pakistan are fed up of the extemist people.

Your comments are garbage. Worry bout your own country

Your country is the only country which has terrorism as a state tool.

?f you fail to elaborate and/or post proof to back your claims, then I will dismiss your comment as rubbish (oh wait, everything you say is rubbish)

Any Political Party or organisation which deviates from HATE INDIA campaign does not find audience in Pakistan..

LOL! Which is why the People's Party won elections? Which of our political parties has a HATE INDIA campaign? I'm very curious.

Organizations --- sure there are some that promote hatred against india. Militant ones like LeT and JeM are banned in Pakistan. They arent operating.

Yours is the only country that puffs on foriegn weapon technologies supplied to you by China and USA .

As well as Sweden, Germany, France, Brazil, Czech Republic, Turkey, etc. etc. We have defence cooperations with many countries. And at the same time, many countries are using our Pakistani manufactured weapons. Learn about Pakistan Ordinance Factory, and also 'Integrated Dynamics'

? will be very happy to provide you with a list of companies we have and the markets they are exporting to.

Your indian officials are always huffing and puffing when they admit Pakistan is far ahead of india when it comes to defence production, promotion, and export.

I guess in time they will realise what a blunder it had been to keep you guys alive..

We know who our friends are and who our enemies our.

We welcome anybody to our lands either to enjoy our warm-hearted hospitality, or our barbarianism if they challenge our motherland.

You guys are spent force and already NFWP AND SWAT IS LOST..

We have many challenges for us. NWFP is not lost, its reasonably stable. FATA has seen disturbing times --- but Kurram Agency (my hometown) has never had issue with taleban since it is very anti-taleban area. N and S. Waziristan has seen miraculous stability lately (thank God). Army had huge success there.

The trouble area is Swat, Bajaur and occasionally Mohmand. NATO forces just yesterday gave Pakistan army high-tech night vision gear with ranges over 10 km! They will be invaluable for us. Taleban use hit and run tactics. Its a guerilla army force –so it will be challenging but we will only accept victory when our holy lands are purged.

You are stupid if you say they are 'lost'.....then i could say Orissa and Mangalore are LOST.

' in about couple of years the taliban will come to islamabad and lahore..

What leads you to this assessment? Anyways –taleban can come try to by all means. The nation is pretty pissed off with them.

USA is drained economically and its a matter of time that they will pull out.

Obama has just sent 30 thousand troops to Afghanistan. They need to pull out of Iraq and international forces need to put all attention to Afghanistan.

You cannot put a price-tag on Afghan stability. Its important for us and the whole world, actually.

Then your chicken army will be slaughtered by the monster you guys created!!!

? guess you havent been following the news lately. Every day we are arresting and/or killing them. The local tribes are also rising up against taleban.

For the record ---

a.) the whole world is responsible for the creation of taleban....americans, arabs, europeans ---etc.

b.) india supported the afghan northern alliance. They arent much different from the taleban.....

The taliban.. and all the radical terrorist outfits you guys had supported to destablish India

... You are showing too much weakness.

the world will see the seeds of Islamic Caliphate bieng sown in Pakistani Soil!!

Inshallah. I hope so. I really do. That would be victory.

But theres only one problem....

taleban arent Islamic.....they arent fighting for islam. If they were, then they wouldnt be using extortion, kidnapping, forcing their ideas on others, and promoting drugs trade. Everything they do is shirk

You guys spent 4.5 % of your total gdp on defence expenditure

No problem. These are internal affairs and our concerns. What the f*ck do you care?

no wonder you have such hi tech weaponary which you brag about!!

We place a strong emphasis on defence of our country. Especially since india is still bitter about our independence for the past 62 years. ?ndian are just jealous of Pakistan and her beauty and cleanliness.

The JF planes you brag about are just Chinese planes donning PAF colours!!

Chengdu Corp of China and Pak Aeronautical complex of Kamra Pakistan (PAC) split the costs evenly for development. We (Pakistan Aeronautical Complex) own 50% of the project from a legal perspective. Everything after that is subcontracted out to Chinese and Pakistani firms.

Additionally, Pakistan provided the performance specifications that the aircraft should meet, which formed the basis of the design (actual design work was a collaboration between Pakistani and Chinese engineers –who wanted to base the desi?gn around the single engine F-16 as well as the Sabre-II program which was earlier discarded).

Engineers and pilots from Pakistan have been involved in testing systems and the aircraft's flight performance every step of the way, to ensure that it meets our requirements.

Since the avionics were decoupled from the airframe, this has allowed Pakistani firms to create some of the avionics subsystems, such as the software for the HUD

Another thing we have done is modifying the aircraft so that it can carry and launch most missiles/bombs in PAF inventory (including our Ra'ad air-launched nuclear cruise missile as well as the new anti-radar missiles we are acquiring from Brazil)

Pakistan is also setting up facilities to assemble JF-17's ourselves using sub-systems that are delivered by China, as well facilities for repairing and overhauling the aircraft.

You indians think we are just extremist mullah backwards people. LOL.

Like you, we also put emphasis on development of our country —and that include defence sector. We have had more experience with air industry than you will ever have —starting from the time we had radar maintenance/re-build factories in addition to a seperate facility for assembling and re-building our older Mirage Rose and (now retired) J-7 and Q-5 aircrafts.

Unlike your airforce, ours has been certified as 'top gun' standard by some of the most decorated officials (including retired US Air-force officials)

The engines we use in JF-17 are RD-93s (from Russia). Despite indian crying and begging, Russian still sold them to us...... Pakistan -1 india -0.

Your main supplier China is also now wary of selling arms to you..

Uhhh said who? Their Army chief was in Islamabad 2 weeks to sign an MoU regarding new defence-related initiatives. Are you talking out of you ass as usual?

Ahh – give my regards to your russian friends....looks like they just upped the price of the aircraft carrier which you will be renting from them. I still remember a friend of mine telling me how Vladamir Putin made PM Singh wait over 45 minutes before attending to him. Signs that your defence masters (Russians) are getting fed up of bhindian flip-flopping.

Compare that with us.. We spend only 2% of our GDP on defence purpose (we emphsize more on developement you know)..

LoL. Which is why your HIV/AIDs rate and poverty levels are still more prevalent in india than in all of Africa.

We are going shopping this year and boy!!!! The french, US, Germans, The brits , all are lining up our door step to have a share of our 100 Billion pie of defence spendings!

? thought you emphasized development? LoL.

Yes i know about aero india and the new tenders india is looking into. It is proof that india's "indigenous" efforts (Arjun Tank, Tejas, missile program etc) were failed before they even began!!! =-D

Check out the following report:


the Klub cruise missile "Inducted to be the main strike weapon of India's submarine arm. This anti-ship cruise missile has never hit a target.

…India is reported to have acquired over 200 Klubs at a cost of several thousand crores. And the missiles have never reached anywhere close to the stated range of 300 km.

The failure of the Klub cruise missiles has raised fresh doubts about the reliability of Russia as an arms supplier. 'We will look into other missiles', says Vice-Admiral Puthan."

LOL! I still recall the words of your (former) Naval Chief Sushil Kumar what he said about the Trishul SAM india had copied from russia à "It was a national embarrassment."

My favourite is when he said (off the record) "Pakistan has always been one step ahead of India in its missile programme," & our program is "a much more robust missile force than India, one capable of launching nuclear weapons to any part in this country."

(here is a link regarding the failure http://www.tribuneindia.com/2006/20061019/edit.htm#2 )

(For the record, Unlike Indian missiles, which were declared "inducted" after a few tests, the Pakistani projectiles have always been thoroughly tested)

When we are done with our shopping, then you come in this forum and brag about the JFs and F16 you have..

Well --- LoL....I dont think i will be posting here in the year 2015. You are an idiot if you think all these initiatives and tenders will be realized in such a short time span. These things take time. And every year our Joint Forces are enhancing and upgrading.

I still say that most of your equipment is junk. Your generals get kickbacks from companies, so it doesnt ensure you are getting the most potent product.

Who Knows with the kind of money we have

Who knows? 5% rich brahmins controlling a nation of starving slum-dwellers.

Yes – who knows??? LOL

we can have f-22 raptors as well!

Awesome fighter. But USA didnt offer you the latest block F/A-22 ---F-22 is great aircraft but they'll just strip down the high tech components and sell you second hand ones.

?ndians are having a very difficult time keeping the high-maintenance sukhois in fly-worthy condition. I highly doubt they will have ability to maintain a fleet of raptors. Highly highly doubtful.

For gods sakes yaar, you cant even keep your migs in the air without crashing

Indian military jet crashes into office building


Indian MiG-21 crashes into house near Srinagar airport: pilot safe, 1 civilian dead


Newly upgraded IAF MiG-21 Crashes


India's MIG-21 crashes near West Bengal


Another MiG-21 crashes in Assam


shall i keep going? There were at least 3-4 more (in 2008 alone!!)

so when push comes to shove –im really not worried about hindustany cow-worshippers flying over our blue skies anytime soon.

We are currently working on the development 5th generation fighters and are in the process of developing our own LCAs.

The project has been going on for over 25 years and has been deemed a failure by your own officials.

Tejas which is a Multi role Light Combat fighter 4.5 Generation fighter.

?n theory its only a 4th gen aircraft.

The Sukhois have been licensed to be produced in India.. as much as we want!

Given how badly russia has been affected by global economic crises, they have raised the price demanded –much to the chagrin of the bhindians.

By the way ---they send you all the parts and u just assemble them locally with your dirt-cheap dalit labour. You talk as if it is some accomplishment i should be proud about.

I usually try to avoid debates on religious grounds but what i read from you lines( Distributing Beef in kashmir and all that Bull is that you a radical muslim

So not being a vegetarian makes me a Muslim extremist. That is probably the funniest thing I have read today.

Sorry to say it, but i love a good steak. I love beef. I love burgers. Medium-rare please.

We may have Ram Sena, We may have insurgencies.. but we dont have is terrorists running amok in neighbouring countries and causing death and destruction!!!

You have your own people to blame for mumbai.....even your politicans are being silenced for claiming that the terrorists got invaluable domestic support......

Dont be such a whiney and overly emotional person all the time. Makes you sound girly.

And yes we are still a functioning Secular democracy!

With a state-sponsored discriminatory caste-system?



Regards back to you!

Lt. Gen. A.K-47


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