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Reader comment on item: Still Asleep After Mumbai
in response to reader comment: Our FAKE Lt. General Gayub Khan.. Response Part 1

Submitted by Lt. General Ayyub Khan (Turkey), Feb 10, 2009 at 08:28

... I try to reason with you and instead of accepting the facts you run away after posting the most dubious claims in that ...post of yours. I hate to say it, but you indos really make me laugh so hard. I have seen many of your kind on the net –whether its youtube or some random blog. You people need to learn to listen more and yap your mouthes off less.

Setting that aside, sit down, drink a cold glass of water (not that delhi tap-water please, its bad for you) ---and get ready for another lecture. And dont fall asleep this time, because i get infuriated by kids who dont pay attention or maintain strong focus.

I mean – it really irritates me. And I'm a reasonably patient man.

You said Bengalis wanted seperate homeland so there was a local uprising and RAW took advantage, supported Mukti Bahini and broke Pakistan into two right?? Is that what you wanted to say??

Yes. We lost the eastern wing. Geographically it made no sense as they werent even connected to eachother. The Bengalis were ethnic nationalists who were not taken care of by the W. Pak government. Of course they were gonna rise up. And of course the bhindians were gonna capitalize and stick their nose into the issue as they do with everything else. Bad habits are hard to get rid of.

But then again – india was always bitter about formation of Pakistan on August 14, 1947 (and the fact that they could never stop us)

Over 3 decades later, I have spoken to many Bengalis (Islamists, hindus as well as ultra-secular nationalists) ---and they all say that Mujib ur-Rehman (indias Bengal puppet) was a traitor of staggering proportions.

He was killed by his own army soldiers for Gods sakes......We enjoy very warm relations with bangladesh. And ironically you `'liberator" (lol) indians are the most hated people by Bengalis.....Funny how things turn out I guess. Did i mention that Bengalis want to purchase JF-17 thunders from Pakistan to upgrade their aging Air Force inventory?

Now read this..Pakistanis say that Kashmiris want independence right??

Forget Pakistanis!!!

Kashmiris themselves in indian occupied Kashmir have been vociferous about this for the past 60 years!!!! If you deny that, then you have some serious issues you need to sort out. The pro-indian are only in small pockets here and there –even though india enjoys some support in jammu

So why aren't the locals up in arms??

Because indian occupied Kashmir is the most militarized place on earth!! How are weapons going to get in? Is it so easy, rambo saab?

If Pakistan wanted to, we could easily send our locally produced Pakistan Ordinance MP-5s, AK-47s, AK-101s, and MG-3s (among other light and heavy weapons) and arm the population to the teeth!

---but that wont look to good for Pakistan would it? As it is, Pakistan is a bit too much in the spotlight for comfort right now –especially since we are a nuclear heavily armed country that is facing an insurgency in the north.

We are trying to show ourselves as a responsible country. And arming the Kashmiris would be irresponsible. We want a peaceful solution to Kashmir. All the Kashmiri lashkars which our past leaders used to support are now banned groups. That includes Lashkar e-Tayyeba.

We are learning from india's repeated blunders on the Kashmir front. Unlike india --- we support the Kashmiris' right to self determination. Most Kashmiris are either pro-Pakistan or pro- 100% independence. The other serious issue is water ---which both countries need for agriculture industry.

I will tell you why .. because there is no local support for AZAD KASHMIR!!

Do you have a valid source to back this ridiculous claim?

Feels like only yesterday that Tehrik-e-Kashmir was meeting in UK, calling on the Pakistani and Muslim diaspora not to purchase Tilda rice which is imported from hindustan. The truth is, Azad Kashmiris are not living in constant fear. They have access to dish TV, radio, everything. If anybody told you otherwise, then they are idiots. I have been to

The truth is, only in indian naPak army occupied-Kashmir can you find people under constant curfew, young boys getting beat up by your `tough' soldiers, and women getting raped in the street ----yup....by your soldiers. You can check HRW and Amnesty International reports if you dont believe me. But the fact that your army was kicked out of DR Congo for molesting and trafficking kids ---that already raises enough alarm.

If you are so damn concerned then why doesn't Pakistan release the POK which they have occupied??? It is all a sham created by the Pakistan as a smokescreen to pursue your nefarious agenda of de establishing INDIA!!!

Spare me your emotional outbursts, kid. This is about people's honour. If they wanted to be part of india –we would have shut up long ago. But they dont. They want to determin their OWN future. Your brahmin elite are just too stubborn and dim-witted to realize this.

But it doesnt make a difference. indias grip on IOK is weakening day by day. Kashmir will be liberated. And I will be there distributing BEEF, chicken, and pleasantries during the celebrations. The Pakistani flags are being raised in Sri Nagar. =)

Let them hold a referendum in all Kashmir territory and see what happens. Thats my final word on this issue. Why are indian so shakey on this Kashmir issue, while we've always proposed going to negotiating table. Where is the plebisite promised by your beloved Nehru???

With regards to the Mangalore incident , i have already responded to another of your madrassa bred co-ed mansoor that you wont hear about them after the elections..

Why wont I? Because the `'incredible india" image will be destroyed i guess.....dont worry. We already know the ground realities –including tourists getting harassed and date-raped in Goa.

(i wont even BOTHER posting a link about it......but there are plenty of stories online about this grim subject)


Yes it rings a bell......most of those bearded nut-cases ended up with bullet holes in them. Does Lal Masjid ring a bell? ? LL UPDATE YOU.....it was a holy place that was once again abused by people who are trying to bastardize our peaceful and tolerant religion. Dont worry –we dont have those cane-wielding nut jobs in any of the big cities. Thanks for your concerns.

And what to say about Maulana Fazlullah who controls the SWAT province.. He has closed all schools and runs a radio station .

There are still many schools that havent been targetted. The govt. and NGOs are re-building all the schools that have been bombed. But the real problem is –even with schools, parents are too scared to send their children. The taleban are openly threatening people with attacks if they send their kids to school. It's sick ---but this is what is happening in Swat.

The radio station exists --- and we constantly are jamming his signals using jammers we acquired from the Americans. But the problem is that radio is such a simple thing --- you can just change the frequency. We cant ban radio in Swat ---so its inevitable that he will spew his hatred on the AM/FM.

Taleban is HATED in Swat and Bajaur ---that is the truth. But people are too scared to rise up against them. The army has done a good job cleaning the areas. But our Army is not trained to deal with guerilla insurgency and police duty. Now Pakistan army is adopting to the tactics used by taleban and it has had great results. We just got upgrade kits and weapons for our Cobra helicopters –which all now have night-fighting capability. We have also upgraded our Mirage Rose aircrafts with night-fighting and anti-bunker warfare. This has also had great results. Just 2 days ago our army killed 45 militants (among them Nigerians, Uzbeks, and Arab fighters) and arrested several others.

It'll be a war with lots of sacrifice. But we will win. You indians should close your mouth and learn from us that you need to deal with your own domestic insurgencies. Clean your house first, then yap your mouthes (as you are good at doing)

You talk about how unsafe it is for indian girls to visit a pub.. in your country even if a girl attends school then you they are targeted by the Islamic radicals and your govt does jacks@#$ about it.


Uhhhhhhh........the hindu extremists who thrashed those girls up in Mangalore said they will do the same thing on Valentines Day if they see women acting in impure manner.

Sri Ram Sene men to target Valentine's Day: Report

Ram sene activists who recently dragged young women out of a fashionable bar as part of a morality campaign have vowed to assault couples marking Valentine's Day, according to reports on Tuesday.

Sri Ram Sene activists stormed the "Amnesia" bar in the southern city of Mangalore late last month and assaulted female customers whom they accused of behaving obscenely.

Now the group has turned its wrath on romantics who plan to celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14, saying the occasion encourages anti-Indian behaviour and sexual misdemeanours.

The group's founder, Pramod Muthalik, describes his members as "the custodians of Indian culture" and says the women in the bar needed to be stopped from "going astray."


My goodness, unbelievable!!! This is your `'incredible india"??? This is very alarming news. Some are calling it the `'talibanization" of brahmin-run hindustan!!!

25 Aug 2008 ... Pakistan Descends into "Confusion and Madness" as Islamic ... and forced conversion of two Christian school girls, Anila and Saba Masih, ...

à Thank God this incident made it into the media. Its embarassing, but at least it forces govt. to take proper steps to protect our minorities. Christian are an integral part of our Pakistan. You can ask any Pakistani and he/she will tell you that we look to our Christian citizens as equals. The fundamentalists who preach hatred in these underground `madrassas' are a real issue and real liability for us. All the worlds curses on them for their intolerance. The report you posted mentioned that the men were raping/threatening to rape these girls.....so obviously this has NOTHING to do with Islam ---as Islam asks the followers to refrain from sexual contact outside of wedlock –and denounces rape (zeenat).

At the same time, i denounce hindu extremists in Orissa state of india........where hindu right-wing extremists were guilty of forcing christians to convert to hinduism. Houses and villages were destroyed and churches were burned to ashes.

Orissa, the drama of the refugees: forced conversion to Hinduism or more violence

According to the leader of the GCIC, the heads of Sangh Parivar - an association of nationalist Hindu groups, including paramilitaries connected to the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) and to the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) - have prepared "a list of at least 140 Christians guilty of the assassination of Swami Laxamananda Saraswat and five of his followers".......Meanwhile, the list of violence against Christians in Orissa is growing longer. According to the Global Council of Indian Christians, four more corpses have been found, and Hindu fundamentalists are believed to have attacked six more villages in the area of Kurtamgarh, near Balliguda.....Ashok Singhal, president of the VHP, is also demanding, under threat, an end to the activity of proselytism on the part of Christians in India, and a return to the practice of Hinduism on the part of those who have embraced Christianity. On the night of September 11, some Christian families were attacked by groups of fanatics: they were able to save themselves, but their homes and possessions were destroyed.


Attack on Indian Christians worries Pope


Hindu Holy war strikes in India: 35 Christians killed and 50,000 forced from their homes


More Christians killed in India violence


Churches burnt as Hindu extremists wage anti-Christian violence hits eastern India


Six more churches burn in India


My goodness, unbelievable!!! This is your `'incredible india"??? Whats going on?

You talk about 193 + insurgencies in INDIA?? can you even mention 19 ??

Your wish is my command, sir:

Deccan Mujahideen

Khalestan Rifles (active outside of india)



Indian mujahideen ( no they arent supported by ISI)

United Liberation Front of Assam

All Tripura Tiger Force

National Democratic Front Bodoland

Arunachal Dragon Force

Peoples Liberation Army

All Kerala Nair Force

All karela Tiger force for the liberation of Thiruvananthapuram

Malappuram Striking Force

Liberation force for the liberaytion of Allappuzha

Kaduthurutyhy wing for the liberation of Marthomas(Headed by Thommachan Kuttipparambil)

All Karela Kakkan force for the liberation of Kakkan areas

People's Liberation Front of Meghalaya/Achik National Volunteer Council

Kamtapur Liberation Organisation

Koch-Rajbongshi Liberation Organisation

National Socialist Council of Nagaland

And I guess we can now make a separate list called `hindu extremists' and then add Ram Sene wallas right to the top =-)

You brag about your Puny Air Force and provide with soundbites from grandpa Chuck Yeager?? We all knew how the US trained your pilots during the conflicts..

Grandpa Yeager? Haha good one.

Whatever it is, our Air Force has been decorated as being Top-Gun standard internationally. Your air force has not. You cant even handle your russian sukhois properly –as per accounts by the American pilots flying F15 eagles who noted this fact during Red Eagle war games.

For the record, our Air Force Academy has also been highly accredited world-wide for its professional standards of training. That is maybe why we have Egyptians, Iranians, UAE, Saudi, Omani, Azeri and Turkish pilots coming to Pakistan for training and joint drills.

Still you guys lost the wars??

1965 was a stalemate. Nobody won or lost any territory.....Taskhent was a load of BS though.

We didnt lose the air war, thats for sure.....we maintained air superiority while we were shooting down your junk soviet aircrafts like little birds out of the sky. Learn about Flt. Sqd. Leader Sajjad Haider of Pakistan airforce. He single handedly shot down 10 BRAND NEW Migs of the indian airforce --- WHILE THEY WERE BEING RE-FUELLED ON THE RUNWAY!!!! He got about 4-5 transport aircraft as well. And the real funny thing is, he was using his cannons –not even sidewinders.

Pattankot raid was a truly embarassing day for indian air force. =-D

especially when you had the state of the art STARFIGHTERS from USA,

Thats true.....a family friend of ours was a logistics/transport plane pilot during the 1965 war. He told me that he had caught a glimpse of Brijpal Singh Sikand (your POW) when our Starfighters forced him to surrender (in mid air!!).

Didnt even fight back or fire a shot. LoLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

Oh --- and we only used those jets for high altitude and night warfare –as they were outfitted and equipped to do so. The bulk of our PAF victories against your air force were when we used our F-86 Sabres......Just, you know, FYI

Shenyang F-6 from China and oh yeah the famous side winder missiles as well.... and what did we have?? World War eras Canberras , Vampires , Gnats.. That was an even fight according to you??


The F-6 aircrafts were based on the performance and capability specs of the Mig-19 aircrafts which india were using. They werent more advanced. And the funniest part is, our F-6 aircrafts were fighting against your more advanced Mig-21 aircrafts!!! I have read reports that we shot down over 27 IAF Mig-21s using the inferior F-6 (for a loss of 6 jets, and one POW who was later released).

Please learn about the air war if you want to debate with me about it --- for GODS sakes!!!

The migs were obsolete, you guys had sabres..

FYI ---- the bulk of your indian airforce (to this day) still consists of Mig-21s (`flying coffins' as your sulking officials labels them). They've been upgraded, but they are still developing tech faults and crashing all over the place. Your attrition rates are really bad in your air force!!

There's even a blog on the net created by a relative of a indian mig-21 pilot who crashed his coffin (one of many such crashes within just 5 years)!


touching story....

and i swear to God I am not being sarcastic at all.

You bhindians should do what Pakistan Airforce is doing. We are already retiring our F-6s (awesome aircrafts, but they are old). I am sad to say we are also phasing out our Q-5 ground attackers. We will be inducting up to 250 JF-17 Thunders which will be produced in Pakistan.

Even during the lost decade –when the yanks put us under economic sanctions due to Pakistan nuclear program –many commentators and officials marvelled at how Pakistan Aeronautical Complex managed to keep our Mirage-IIIs, J-7 and other aircrafts in such pristine order. We were re-building aircrafts, and completely over-hauling engines with non-OEM spare parts. Now we are jointly developing trainers (K8), fighters (JF17) and will soon be inducting AWACS, mid-air re-fuellers, BVR tech, block 52 F16 C/Ds, and 4.5 gen J-10 fighters.

Oye –indian...Retire those old soviet junks!! =-D (except the su-30 flankers, those are good machines)

Were was your PAF when we we caming knocking till dhaka??

In those days, war jets had VERY limited fuel range –some didnt even have aux tanks! Why would we need air force when it was mostly a guerilla war? By the time it became a full-fledged war, we already realized that Bengali movement was in full swing, and we wouldnt be able to stop the uprising. Even then, we secured many kills of your beloved soviet aircrafts (for your kind information).....

But there is more to war than air superiority. On the ground the odds were clearly against us. Blame the government for the blunder. But in the end, things worked out for the best. Our Armed Forces took a beating but they re-built and created new alliances.

A bit off subject ---- but ask the israelis what was in their mind when they realized it was Pakistani volunteer pilots who shot them down during BOTH arab-israeli wars –and were decorate by Syrian, Iraqi and Jordanian government =)

What happened after we shot down your Atlantique after the Kargil War Lt???

LoLL.........pat yourself on the back kiddo......you shot down an un-armed aircraft that was monitoring the border after the 1999 war. Very tough guys you are shooting a defenceless fokker plane =)

Hey indian ---- what happened to that israeli UAV you retards were trying to use to spy on us? Wonder how you explained to your israeli masters that you lost the hi-tech equipment they had loaned to you. Haha!!!!

1999 proved to us that the infrared/laser guided Anza II MANPADS anti-aircraft shoulder-fired missiles that are being produced at Pakistan Ordinance Factory are more than sufficient to shoot down your junk soviet aircrafts (that still make up the bulk of your air force)

Please do a research also about our MBDA Spada 2000 mobile multi-target anti-aircraft systems we recently acquired from the Italians –and the S-300 derivative air-defence system we'll be purchasing from China. Lets see what you dot-heads try to do this time.

No wonder your defence officials are not trying (and failing miserably) to go to French and Brazil and Germany ---trying to get (already finalized) defence contracts null and voided. Weak, sore people you are. Haha i love it.

The last I heard that you guys even lost the case in the International Court of Justice.. Your PAF didn't even respond??? I wonder why??

ICJ ruled that the Pakistani Atlantique aircraft went astray into hindu airspace, even though most of the wreckage was found just inside Pakistan. And the PAF did respond, but as usual your aircrafts went into after-burner, and ran away to avoid the consequences.

I still think the judgement was a truck-load of crap ---but it's all in the past. We move on...

For the record, your army later sent a helicopter to pick up pieces of the Atlantique wreckage (for the indian to parade down the slums of delhi on your unruly elephants), but our ground forces littered your army helicopters with bullet holes and a few rockets –forcing you indian to run away (once again) in a battered and smokey chopper. The Atlantique incident was a source of great anger ---but the pilots gave their lives for Republic of Pakistan. Incidentally, the recon we got from that fateful flight helped us learn a lot about indian `'air defence" capabilities on the ground.

For maritime-related patrol and recon, we are now using the heavily armed and more agile P-3C Orions ---which also have anti-ship harpoons, A2A and A2surface missiles----so i trust that an Atlantique-type incident wont ever happen again. For that, i am certain.........hopefully we will never have to use them =)

With regards to treatment of captives.. The world saw what you did with Captian Kalia. The description goes this way..Skardu Radio of Pakistan reported that Lt. Saurabh Kalia and five of his men were captured alive. They were in their captivity for over twenty-two (May 15, 1999June 7, 1999) days and subjected to unprecedented brutal torture

Who cares???

I would have shot those guys between the eyes if i were there –preferably using a 12 gauge sawed-off. But I wasnt alive during the time of that war. Geneva Conventions can kiss my arse. Americans and israelis dont respect them? Why should we? War is the breakdown of civilization and (for the most part) a horrible thing. I like to talk business and mutually beneficial relationships ---but during war-time, somebody gotta do the dirty work when it is declared.

We are South Asians. In peace-time we are lovely. During war we are barbarians. No big deal.

Musharraf kicked nawaz out in 1999

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the country erupted in joy. It brought tears to my eyes to see him resign last fall.

all your Generals share a dream of ruling the country..

so do the politicians......who doesnt?? Our politics are dirty business and a huge head-ache.

things have changed.......Kiyani really wants to change the image of our Army. Pakistan isnt the only one. Look at Turkey and their military govt. history. We all have gone through tumultuous times which necessitated the need of military govt.

If there were a coup tomorrow in Pakistan --- i would be happy!!!

But in the long-run –deep deep deep down inside of me, I am convinced that Pakistan needs to let democracy work. It is still a foreign concept to us, and I think that after 60+ years we should let it work –even if the transition sees instability. Zardari is a weak President, but lets see what happens for better or for worse. Army takeover is least preferred option, but it still is an OPTION if things get outta hand.

Democracy is new to us, but more established in your hindustan (despite the caste-system and other un-reported injustices).......the same way, capitalism has been going on in Pakistan since 1947 while you indians are still over-coming your socialist mentality.

Chickens to the core!!!! You call this a professional Army??

bhindian army are the ones who are chicken to the core, sir:

Indian soldiers 'paraded naked'

Indian soldiers have been paraded naked for allegedly attempting to rape a girl in Indian-administered Kashmir, police say.

Angry residents in Kunan village near the northern town of Bandipora beat up the soldiers, stripped them bare and paraded them through the market.


Indian Army And The Legacy Of Rape In Manipur


Women Rage Against Army 'Rape' in Northeast India


and from our previous dialogue, some interesting stories you were unable to anwer to:

Indian army Finds Inflatable Answer to Low Morale


Indian army Soldier Fatally Shoots 6 Colleagues


They army doesn't even know who controls them!!! The ISI?? The Army General?? Or the elected Govt??

The Army Chief of Staff is the direct controller of Pakistan Armed Forces (including the Frontier Corps Regiment who are fighting taleban terrorists). All wings of the Inter-Services Intelligence are under command of the military, and by tradition are always commanded by 4 star Generals –such as the current ISI head Gen. Pasha (who has been decorated for his prominent role in Pakistan Army's Sierra Leone peace-keeping mission).

Head of all Pakistani Armed Forces is directed by Joint Chiefs of Staff Commitee (Air Force/Army, Army Strategic Command & Paramilitary/Navy) who also report to the government of Pakistan (regardless of regime type). I hope that clears things out for you. Lots of info on the net related to this topic.

We read daily about how your cowardly soldiers are unable to protect the SWAT region..and the nato supplies

As i said earlier ---Pakistan Army is only recently adapting to tactics guerilla warfare. Taliban miscreants shoot and run. They are non-uniformed militants in a very mountainous and difficult terrain. Unlike your army which turns to stress-related suicide, we are learning from our errors and correcting them.

NATO will be re-locating its supply routes to Tajikistan, much to our relief. Less time we have to waste worrying about them. =)

I have never heard of Armies privatising their logistics chains anyway. It isnt Army job to be directing traffic flow. LOL.

You claimed that 3500 – 4000 thousand soldiers overwhelmed our forces during Kargil.. yet you claim that the Pakistani army and nato forces aare unable to quell the Taliban at the pak- afghan border at the Khyber pass..

Yes i do claim that......based on proof. Which either means your border patrol forces are really awful fighters, or perhaps that taleban are very motivated and well-armed fighters. Regardless, you cannot compare Kargil squirmish to taleban insurgency on Afghan-Pak border. The warfare and terrain are COMPLETELY different. The tactics are COMPLETELY different. The ground-realities are COMPLETELY different.

What is the difference??? As a general you should know that anyone occupying a higher position always has an advantage of elevation!!!

I agree....and i think we did the most damage to the indians in that regard

You country has blasphemy laws under which you guys severely punish the minority community.

The hudood ordinance (imposed under zia ul-haq regime) has since been disbanded under Gen. (retd.) Musharraf's approval. Blasphemy cases are taken very seriously now. I cant guarantee that cases wont re-occur, but at least the culprits of crimes against our Pakistani minority brothers/sisters will not go unpunished.


1.) Muttahida Majlis e-Amal (the coalition of religious parties in Pakistan) condemns the hudood ordinance as being un-Islamic

2.) Charity groups such as Jamat ud-Dawa (which you indians call terrorist organization) have most of their support from Pakistani minority Christians and Hindus!!!!

Attacks on Pakistani Christians by Islamists

Oye –indian......Refer to my earlier comment regarding the world's concern with the plight of Christians in hindustan. The numbers speak for themselves. Many more cases have gone un-documented. So much for calling india a secular democracy!!!

Hindus in what is now Pakistan have declined from 23 % of the total population in 1947 to less than 2% today.

Some moved to india and some willingly converted. You also have to understand that in 1947 Pakistan's general population was MUCH smaller than it is today. So obviously over time the numbers will change one way or the other –especially if the Muslims are having more children than the hindus are..These numbers I dont know.

Regardless, blame our poor sense of family-planning. Our former leader, Field Marshall Ayub Khan, used to joke with the people that if we dont do something about controlling our population growth, `'Pakistanis will begin to eat other Pakistanis"


The report condemns Pakistan for systematic state-sponsored religious discrimination against Hindus through bigoted "anti-blasphemy" laws. It documents numerous reports of millions of Hindus being held as "bonded laborers" in slavery-like conditions in rural Pakistan, something repeatedly ignored by the Pakistani government.

That is ridiculous. Slavery is forbidden in Islam –whether being a slave or imposing others to be sub-serviant. This is all just propaganda. There have been cases where hindu farmers willingly did `indentured-like' work in order to repay financial obligations (such as loans by land-owners, or tractor equipment, etc.) ---but even those cases are very rare in Pakistan and are illegal.

Ahh....and while we are on the subject of `'hindu bonded labour" ---why dont you explain this to me? In your own beloved caste-society promoting hindustan!!! Even your media sometimes classifies politicians/personalities as belonging to `elite' or `backwards' castes! What is this nonsense?

Dalit labourers seek justice

MADURAI: E. John (45) of Kodaikanal is one among the 157 bonded labourers rescued by the Dindigul district administration way back in 1986 from a company that exploited tropical trees yielding dye, timber and medicinal products.

Even after two decades, he and a section of his Dalit brethren living in Viduthalai Nagar near Gundupatti in the hill station could not freely enjoy two acres of agricultural land gifted by the Government to each of them.

The properties of this uneducated lot have either been encroached upon by land grabbers or under the control of moneylenders. Frequent harassments by the perpetrators and alleged inaction on the part of the officials concerned have left these labourers high and dry.

With over half his land encroached upon, Mr. John had been struggling for more than a decade to retrieve his property. "I am paying the tax and someone else is enjoying the benefits. I am at a total loss now," he said.


Crime against Dalits occur every 20 minutes in India. Every day 3 Dalit women are raped, 2 Dalits are murdered and 2 Dalit houses are burnt down! These figures represent only a fraction of actual incidents since many Dalits do not register cases for fear of retaliation by the police and upper-caste Hindu individuals. Official figures show that there are still 0.343 million manual scavengers in India from Dalit community. More than 165 million Dalits in India are simply abused by their Hindu upper castes for their birth! . [HRW Report2007]

ever heard this quote:

"If a man of inferior caste tries to sit down on the same seat as a man of superior caste, he should be branded on the hip and banished, or have his buttocks cut off." -- Manusmrti 8:281.

Several minority Muslim communities, such as the Mojahir and the Ahmadiyya have been attacked in pogroms in Pakistan over the years

The Mohajirs are quite elite actually. They are doing just fine. Karachi used to see some tension between Mohajirs and the local Sindis, but nowdays due to ethnic mixing and economics ---such standoffs barely occur. The only time they do face-off is more on a political party level –rather than ethnic. MQM used to be a muhajir party but now it is national. Look how popular and succesful they have been in Karachi! Mustafa Kamal (of MQM) was ranked by the International Standardization Organization (based in Geneva) as being the worlds second best mayor --- whose Provincial Government provided `best services to citizens'

Let it be known that Ahmadeyya are not a sect of Islam. They are just a small group of Muslims with some radically different beliefs. Their ideas only came into being in the late 19th century. I would be lying if i said they havent faced discrimination by the fundamentalists. But most Pakistanis are not fundamentalists. We are not the bearded whackos that they always show on CNN or BBC. We are much more moderate and open-minded than other more conservative societies (like the Saudis). Lately I havent even heard of harassment against Ahmedeyyas –because Pakistanis know who the real `enemies' of Pakistan are.

Plus, the ethnic Balochi have allegedly been severely discriminated against, leading them to start a secessionist movement under Nawab Akbar Bugti called the balochistan Liberation Army.

LoL. The BLA is funded by indian intelligence. Everyone, even the indians know this fact. Now granted, our past governments have screwed up on the Baluch situation. Baluchistan is a very energy rich province –with over 6 trillion cubic meters of untapped natural gas. Given its small population, we can easily ensure that even development goes to the Baluchis. All we need is internationa investment.

Too bad that indians are funding the BLA and paying them to kill Chinese and Candian engineers!!! ?ndians are just jealous. Now we also have Gwadar deep sea port which will be a HUGE strategic asset to us in the near future ---possibly also a tourist destination once security improves (God willingly).

For the record, the Baluch have always been pro-PPP ---and the current government is a PPP govt. Zardari himself is an ethnic Baluch –and the Baluchis like him a lot. There are very well represented in the national assembly. I'm glad you brought up the Baluch cause ----because I really hope the world pressures india to stop funding the BLA terrorist organization.

BLA might also be getting support from USA and israel –because BLA also creates unrest on the Sistan-Baluchistan line and causing problems for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Like taleban --- they get their finances from drugs, smuggling, and kidnapping. They are no more than a mafia. We need a stronger lobby to pressurize the indians to stop funding terrorism in Pakistan.

Isn't pakistan the only country where slavery exists??

Replace `Pakistan' with `india'........dont even dare point your fingers at us. Your country is the home of slavery. Low-caste dalit hindus and Muslims are paying the price.

You also said something about fair skinned actresses in india?? We had a couple of one film fair skinned wonders from pakistan..

I was trying to prove to you that indian film industry relies on copying our Pakistani style. Our dialects, our accents, everything. I personally dont watch bollywood trash –but i have some friends that do. Everyone in Pakistan laughs when we hear some uttar pradeshy walla trying to imitate our Urdu. It is real cute.

I was not trying to go into the issue of skin colour. I dont know why indians are so obcessed with this whole skin colour thing. Americans and europeans are paying money to sit in electric ovens to tan their skin –and here you are running industries that sell skin whitening creams. Get over this inferiority complex of yours!!!! Be proud of how Allah / cow gods /whoever you worship made you.

Blame the britishers for the inferiority complex suffered by indians –especially the younger more confused generations.

Skin-whitening adverts ignite race row in India


but i am still blushing from the flattery that you wish you could look like us Pakistanis ---especially us Pukhtoons! You are welcome anytime to Pakistan to get our fashion advice for you.

Zeeba bakhtiar and Meera, flopped miserably..

? didnt know about their roles in any indian film industry....but thank God. They shouldnt be going across the border to patronize your women-selling industry. Pakistan is known for its dramas and the content of the dramas....not for some cheap-quality movies with half-naked women and the most ridiculously fake action/fighting scenes with horrible sound effects taken from Casio keyboards!!

Shame on them for trying to act in bhindian film.......

and you call jiah khan fair skimmed

uhhhh, what the hell? She's indian.

And she isnt even a Pathaan!!!! (thank God) . She tries to be though.

Priyanka Chopra

?snt she a second-rate porn star? Lollllll. I feel sorry for her family's honour. =(

Bipasha basu, one of the most highly paid indian actresses are not fair skinned!!

? agree......but she sure puts on a lot of that make-up on when she acts!!! When she starts to sweat in that mumbai humidity, she looks like melting ice-cream. Hah.

this assumption also is as fake as your other stories!!!

As fake as these ones too, sir?

Condoms 'too big' for Indian men


Indian Man 'marries' dog to beat curse


Indian villagers marry dog to a young girl to ward off `evil spirits'


Indian welfare minister: `Eat rats for snack'


Warm Regards to you as well.

I look forward to your correspondence.



Lt. Gen. A.K.-47


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