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Oye --indian.......Reality check --- you are still asleep

Reader comment on item: Still Asleep After Mumbai
in response to reader comment: Lt General Gayub Khan.. Reality Check !!! here's my response..

Submitted by Lt. General Ayyub Khan (Turkey), Feb 6, 2009 at 04:55

Oye --- indian......you still aren't paying attention. I laud you for your false pride and patriotism. Now let's analyze this garbage post of yours:

There is a saying in Hindi " Gire to gire phir bhi tang upar!! That means even if you fall you will say at least my legs are up!!! forget carving out Kashmir from India, you guys lost an entire country dude!!!

There is a saying in Pashto. "Maarbey laandy, ghora 'ay yaady"

--> The slave is down, but his vaunting is up. (Meaning the greater the coward, the greater his bragging)

"Orokai khola lobey khabaary"

--> Small mouth, big words. (So we say, "Great cry, little wool," and "Great boast, small roast")

Of course we did lost E. Pak.. Because the Bengalis wanted a seperate homeland. You can't win a war when the masses are against the public. But like i said, things turned out for the best. Bangladesh is an independent country and we are happy for them. Incidentally, we have very good relations with them and they even signed a tender to purchase some of our JF-17 fighters which are being produced at PAC Kamra.

And how many seperatist groups are there in bhindia? I lost count. Yours is a fragile country, never forget that, my son. Christians, Muslims, and even lower caste hindus are always being targeted. Now it appears girls can't even drink at a pub without getting thrashed by right-wing hindu extremist mobs!

And if India is 40% below poverty line thats a good thing!!! That means 60% are well to do or atleast lead some substantial life!!! what about your country of beggars?? does you country even bother to measure its progress or the Human Population Index???

Good thing?!?!?

400 million under dire conditions in your country and thats a `'good thing" ......

Try to have a heart, setting aside your caste-system beliefs. They are not inferior or superior to you. And yes –all economic data on my country is available –and our numbers are also unacceptable to us. We also have a wealth gap in our country. The only difference is, Pakistanis acknowledge this. Whereas bhindians are ashamed and want to show the world they are some developed country. When they released Slumdog Millionaire, indian nationalists were fuming because the movie portrayed a realistic account of mumbais over-crowded and sewage infested slums. Lets look at some facts:

--India accounts for 40 % of the world's poor (more than in the whole of Africa) and its fiscal deficit is one of the highest in the world. India ranks way down at 96 among 119 developing countries included in the Global Hunger Index (GHI). Ref: IFPRI Country Report on India

--Around six out of 10 Indians live in the countryside, where abject poverty is widespread. 34.7 % of the Indian population lives with an income below $ 1 a day and 79.9 % below $ 2 a day. According to the India's planning commission report 26.1 % of the population live below the poverty line. [World Bank's poverty line is of $1 a day, but the Indian poverty line of Rs 360 a month, or 30 cents a day].

--89 percent of rural households do not own telephones; 52 percent do not have any domestic power connection. The average village is 2 kilometers away from an all-weather road, and 20 percent of rural habitations have partial or no access to a safe drinking-water supply.

The truth is, in Pakistan you can easily show me some places in Baluchistan where many a people are in economic hardship but –but not in Punjab, NWFP and Sindh. Whereas, i can show you areas in even in your Bombay/bollywood where people do not have bathrooms!!! Where slums are in such disrepair that the sewage is over-flowing onto the street. In Pakistan we value cleanliness, whereas even in your capital city, trash is strewn EVERYWHERE.

In Pakistan we still say that our standard of living has been alot better than India in past 60 years, I do agree that your rich are a lot richer than ours but not your middle class. For example you will not find any place in Pakistani cities which does not have sanitary lines, water pipes, Natural gas lines, electricity and telephone. Piped gas is still a dream for most Indians we are enjoying this since 1950s. (Allhamdulliah.) Allah has been kind to us.

Crime against Dalits occur every 20 minutes in India. Every day 3 Dalit women are raped, 2 Dalits are murdered and 2 Dalit houses are burnt down! These figures represent only a fraction of actual incidents since many Dalits do not register cases for fear of retaliation by the police and upper-caste Hindu individuals. Official figures show that there are still 0.343 million manual scavengers in India from Dalit community. More than 165 million Dalits in India are simply abused by their Hindu upper castes for their birth!


According to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, India has the highest number of street children in the world. There are no exact numbers, but conservative estimates suggest that about 18 million children live and labor in the streets of India's urban centers. Mumbai, Delhi and Calcutta each have an estimated street-children population of over 100,000. The total number of Child labor in India is estimated to be 60 million.

The level of child malnutrition in India is among the highest in the world, higher even than some countries in sub-Saharan Africa, says the report `Extent of Chronic Hunger and Malnutrition in India' by the UN's special rapporteur on the right to food. While around 25 percent children globally were underweight, in India the number was 43 percent. A quarter of all neo-natal deaths in the world, (2.1 million) occurred in India, says UNICEF Report 2007 . More than one in five children who die within four weeks of birth is an Indian. Nearly fifty percent of Indian children who die before the age of five do not survive beyond the first 28 days.

Hmmmm you are the ones who create terrorism in the first place!!!

The UN and Amnesty international have condemned your army for the suppression of Kashmiris in indian-occupied areas of Kashmir. Your army has raped, burned villages and caused nothing but anger. So ask yourself what fuels this terrorism? (and im not justifying terroism, so dont go on your usual band-wagons.)

Interestingly enough, India witnessed a sharp increase in the number of research institutes, media houses and lobbying groups. Together they create fake terror stories with the help of intelligence wing, employ their own terror mafia, manipulate explosions in areas of tribals, dalits or minorities. India, incidentally, has bought military hardware and software from Israel worth over $7 billion since the 1991 Kargil conflict. By creating conflicts in your poor country, Brahmin spin masters get huge commission from the sale of weapons to government forces. To them, `National Interest` simply means `Brahmin Interest'.

Gordon Brown comes to ISLAMABAD and says in front of your primeminister and your chicken generals that almost 1/3 or the world terrorist activities originate from Pakistan!!!!

None of the `'chicken generals" were present at that meeting, he met with them seperately. Second of all, he said 75% meaning ¾ of all terrorist activities. While the figure is wrong and lacks reference periods, I still agree. Even 9/11 involved people coming to Pakistan for meetings. But you need to understand that these terrorists are not state-actors. That applies to the taleban and to Al Qaeda. Do you have any idea –when CIA or Britisher intelligence contacted ISI regarding confirmations of suspects whereabouts, we acted? Do you know how many suspects Pakistan was arresting –many of them coming from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Nigeria?

For the record, Gordon Brown didnt say the plots `'originate" from Pakistan. He said there is always a link to Pakistan. I wont deny it, facts are facts. But their actions dont represent our country or our religion.

However, in this case of your bollywood incident, I think it was an inside job. ?ndia has learned from the 9/11 fiasco of american CIA and neo-con defence contractors.

Wake up and smell the coffee!!! Talking about your army?? Tell them to stop sucking up the Taliban and Alqaeda and get some authentic Big Fishes!!!

Wake up and smell the cow-urine!!! We have 80,000 troops from the Army and the Frontier Corps battling them every day. And taleban keep coming every day because on the Afghan side there are only 20,000 american/ISAF troops. The americans need to get serious about fighting terrorism. Authentic `'big fishes" ?? Who are you anyways? You dont even know about the rugged nature of the Khyber region. Shut your mouth and keep talking tough on the net kid. As i said earlier, our troops are on the front line battling against a powerful insurgency.

Let it be known for the members of this fine audience, that a month and a half ago, our army arrested 4 hindi (indian) speaking men. They were stripped naked so that they could be searched for hidden weapons or drugs. It turns out they were un-circumsized meaning they were hindus (Muslims must be circumcized). They were found also with explosives, maps, and other suspicious objects, and it turns out they were working for india's second-rate intelligence service (RAW).

?ndians are giving support and weapons to taleban in an effort to try destabilizing our northern border. Russian weapons have also been found, as well as some Iranian weapons. ?ndian RAW also supporting terrorist groups in Baluchistan such as the BLA (and its proven).

Shooting foot soldiers may please your American masters but wont end terrorism if that's what your coalition against Terror means..

At some point a political solution will have to be reached. But we dont want taleban in our soil. I come from the tribal areas (Kurram Agency) and i dont want taleban to ever survive in my lands or my country. I will die fighting them if i have to. FATA is a resource rich area, and the Pukhtoons by nature are secular people and not extremist. What we need to do is kick out all the Arab, Chechen, Uzbek terrorists who sneak in and stir up trouble. Despite our (Pukhtoon) nature as fighters against occupiers (which were proud of) –we also want peace and to educate our kids.

So basically, your curry-stink words have no bearing on us. Shut your f----ing mouth.

Don't be surprised if OSAMA is found cozy in one of your Defence Colonies..

Ahhh the same man who received millions by the americans.....I think this myth person is either dead, or `chillaxing' in some CIA guest-house in Honolulu. He has done more harm to Muslims than good. But the zionists benefitted the most by trying to defame Islam. Its amazing that the americans are convinced he is hiding in southern afghanistan, yet with all their high tech equipment and bunker-buster bombs, they could never catch or eliminate him.

anyways the world can see whats happening in your NWFP and SWAT valley!!

Horrible things --especially in Swat and Bajaur. We will never let militants win.

We can also see what is happening in Orissa, when hindu mobs go on a rampage and burn down churches and kill Christians.

With regards to 10 unruly kids high on meth and blah blah.. answer is simple!!! we could have stormed the hotels and blasted them but we value human life thats why we had to secure the hostages!!!

Your sensationalist media endangered many lives by giving mis-information, as did the police and army....indian were so humiliated that they kept telling the world `'situation is now stable" but then 1 hour later a grenade and volley of kalashnikov fire would resume. Your army is such a joke. Your elite forces are such a joke.

Indian police who bore the brunt of Mumbai terrorism had defective bulletproof vests, First World War-era firearms (lolllllllll) and insufficient weapons training.


do you know what the body count was when our soldiers entered the action??

? do know that Karkare was killed mysteriously and your minority affairs minister was chastised for remarking about his death. For the record, he was investigating hindu-sponsered terrorism –such as Malegon bomb blasts –which were carried out by hindu extremists (funded by BJP party)

And i know your soldiers were cowering and hiding behind brick walls and were good for nothing. 72 hours to stop 10 kids!!!!! You must be kidding me.

the initial sucess which those ISI trained , high on meth kids got was beacuse they targetted civilians dear!!! They had no chance once they confronted a proffesional army!!! just like your armed forces!!!

Actually there is a broad consensus that no Pakistani state actors (ISI included) had trained the terrorists. New reports are showing they got their training in Bangladesh and UK. Most of them were Bengalis too. Kasab was a Pakistani.

Confronted a professional army? Your army was kicked out of DR Congo `peace mission' because they were caught smuggling children and stealing gold ----and you want to call it a professional army??? One of

1.) DR Congo declines Indian troops


2.) 3 Indian army officers face rape case in Congo


3.) Mumbai: Israel calls Indian forces `lackadaisical, unprofessional, & incompetent'


4.) Indian army Finds Inflatable Answer to Low Morale


5.) Indian army Soldier Fatally Shoots 6 Colleagues


Professional army??? LoL........

And never in contemporary times compare your army to ours! Look at our defence industry, our defence-related exports FAR exceed those from your nation. Our Army is much better equipped than your army. Our training and military academies are among the best in the world. And I'm not just saying that out of nationalism. Do research about it and find out for yourself. (for the record, our Air Force is accredited as being `Top Gun' standard, while yours is busy trying to keep Soviet Mig-21s from falling out of the sky like little birds!)

The pilot Flt Lft Nachiket whom you captured was downed because of engine blow out!!!

Once again, indian --- you are incorrect. We shot down two of your junk Migs (21 & 27) using our locally manufactured MANPADS Anza-II. The IAF was only trying to save face by claiming the engine blew out. I have pictures that I can proudly show you of a highly carbonized fuselage with explosive residue still on it as it was smoldering.

And we treated the indian POW with full respect. He was fed biscuits, given clothes, and even allowed to relax on fully reclinable leather couch. We returned him to you. Yet you indians keep crying about that incident.

Frankly speaking we curse our politicians for letting the chance pass by!!!

?f the indians could take over Pakistan or attempt to capture Pakistan-Azad (liberated) Kashmir –they would have done it long ago. We arent Bangladesh or Bhutan. We are Pakistan. You know that if you do any silly actions, we will defend ourselves and humiliate you. Just ask the soviets –we helped topple their empire.

The State of the Art F 16s which US gave you may be the most sophisticated planes but what is the use?? They are all useless considering that your pilots fly them!!!!

We will be receiving 18 block 50 F-16 C/Ds, 36 J-10 air-superiority aircrafts (to counter your non-combat tested sukhois) as well as AWACS and mid-air refuelling capability. And let me post some accounts of what people had to say about Pakistan Air Force:

1.) "The air war lasted two weeks and the Pakistanis scored a
three-to-one kill ratio, knocking out 102 Russian-made Indian jets
and losing thirty-four airplanes of their own. I'm certain about the
figures because I went out several times a day in a chopper and
counted the wrecks below."

"They were really good, aggressive
dogfighters and proficient in gunnery and air combat tactics. I was
damned impressed. Those guys just lived and breathed flying. "

(General (Retd.) Chuck Yeager (USAF) , Book: Yeager, the


2.) "He was a formidable fellow and I was glad that he was Pakistani and
not Egyptian"

(Israel Air Force chief and ex-President Ezer Weizmen writing about
PAF chief Nur Khan who volunteerd during Arab-Israeli war, in his autobiography, `On Eagles' Wings').


3.) "As an air defence analyst, I am fully aware that the Pakistan Air
Force ranks today as one of the best air forces in the world and that
the PAF Combat Commanders' School (CCS) in Sargodha has been ranked
as the best GCI/pilot and fighter tactics and weapons school in the

As one senior US defence analyst commented to me in 1991, "it
leaves Topgun (the US Naval Air Station in Miramar, California) far

-Sergey Vekhov
May 1993 issue (pages 46-47) of Airforces Monthly, a reputable
UK-based air defence magazine.

4.) `The PAF, although outnumbered by IAF(Indian Air Force), has at least
one qualitative edge over its rival: Pilot Training.

The caliber of Pakistani instructors is acknowledged by numerous air forces, and US
Navy pilots considered them to be highly 'professional' during
exercises flying off the USS Constellation.'

-Jane's International Defense Publication (June 24, 2003)

Just pray our pilots dont need to shoot down more of your mostly soviet-era junk. Hope you understood. =)

The threat of getting your poorly trained pilots getting swatted like flies and the threat of a fullscale warfare actually was the cause that you did not use Your Puny Air Force ( PAF).

It was planned as a non-conventional ground war, air superiority was not required due to the extremely high heights of the battle ground. Because of the height, and air density –its very risky to even fly a helicopter. But then again, i wouldnt expect you to understand.

The funny thing is, we were really beating down your indian army until you were forced to deploy your full armed forces capability. 3500-5000 men slapped the hell out of your entire army. LoLLLLLLLLLLLLL. We lost politically, and did not achieve our objectives. But just the fact that lightly armed rangers and Kashmiri freedom-fighters could occupy the heights of Kargil says numbers.

Another one of your fairy tale!!! there were only 68 casualties..out of which there were Indian army personnels and the members of Indian Railway Protection force who also died in the blasts!!! The Suspected Indian Army Col. who has been arrested has been charged with sedition and is under ATS lock up!!!!

Doesnt matter if it was 100 or 68 or 20. They were innocent people. If india wants to show Pakistan they are serious about fighting terrorism, then we are demanding more action. So far, no justice has been brought –other than a few trivial arrests. The fact that your army circles have been implicated is very alarming. It shoes that hindu extremism in your army is still an issue that hasnt been crushed.


I dont know anybody by these names. We dont have anyone in Pakistan by these titles.

(and u dont need to use your CAPS-lock to prove a point, kid.

Nice Ringa Marole going on!!! Now you guys are pinning the blame on Bangladesh??? What happened ???

For somebody whose country was accusing Pakistan before ANY investigation began ----you have a lot of nerve to be raising your voice and showing indian attitude to me. Step down, junior.

Our politicians are idiots, what can I say? Yours arent much better....like that bandar ki ollad pranab mukhrajee. Your so-called evidence was just fake transcripts and pictures of soap boxes. LoL. If you have to fabricate lies, at least do it more realistically. Morons.

We are quite capable of handling our own affairs dear Lt.,

Clearly, you are not

We know that Dear General that Pakistan has a very tiny Hindu population. That's what left of them

Most of the hindus migrated to hindustan during partition. Some stayed. That's just how its always been. Interestingly enouygh, the hindus and christians in Pakistan rioted when Pakistani authorities took over the Jamad ud-Dawa charity centers. JuD has done much humanitarian work, including building wells, hospitals and food-drives for the minorities in the country. Need a link?

And please dont call me `dear'.....that may be normal where you come from, but we are not using such addressing here.

Hahahaha.. another one of your fairy tales.. You have a Sikh in your Army???

A proud patriot. We have sikhs from india coming every year. I saw some khalsas in Lahore back in October. I dont know if they were just trying to impress me or not, but they were cursing india and saying that they hope to settle in Pakistan sooner than later.

We welcome the Sikhs anyime. They are people of honour, and deserve better treatment.

your maid is Christian??

A proud Christian and a proud Pakistani. And she is more like family, i dont like to think of her as just a `maid'

Wow.. I guess if a sikh enrolls in your army then its national news??

Not really.....but it makes us happy. During the Zia era, our approach was incorrect. Army was too much associating with religious parties. Whereas now, our army has a very modern and pro-secular approach. In fact, talking about religion/politics during military academy and training is strictly forbidden –Musharraf helped bring this rule into effect and we commend him for this. Plenty of time to be spiritual, but in the Army we only train for war and defence. Nothing more nothing less.

We all saw the ceremony . We have a sikh Prime Minister , had a Muslim President..

We have a hindu in our Supreme Court who is very well respected -- Rana Bhagwan Das......We have Christians in our army......I do hope, Inshallah, to see a Christian or other minority take a prominent role in our countries affairs. Because i dont care about what religion they follow. Anybody under Pakistani flag is my brother/sister and i will die defending him/her.

Sikhs are very very proud Pakistanis?? Hmmm and their loyalies lie with Pakistan ?? wonder why there are so many Sikh Paramvir Chakra holders in our Army?? And why does your army fears the Sikh Regiment so much!!!

I come from Kurram Agency –kiddo. Your so called `'chakra" tried to make a `'chakkaar" in my homeland and they got beaten and humiliated. Who said anything about our army fearing sikh regiment?

And y es ---i emphasize once again ---- the Sikhs' loyalties lie in the Republic of Pakistan. Not india.

You don't have Buddhists in your country??? Why is it?? That's because you guys don't even want statues of Buddha in your country then how would you tolerate Buddhists??

Uhhhh. You are confusing us for what happened in AFGHANISTAN. Genius.

Our country is an Islamic Republic. Why in the hell would we have buddhists? Are there buddhists living in `israel' (a jewish `'republic"?)......How many buddhists are there in Middle East/Central & South Asia??? ? know you indians are proud of your heo dalai lama (who ran away from his imaginary tibet) –but dont twist the words and ask why `'we dont tolerate buddhists"

But the sad story is no one wants to go to pakistan.. Tsk TSK,, NOT EVEN THE MUSLIMS OF INDIA!!!!

The first sentence is correct. Actually we had a booming tourist industry –especially in paradise places such as Swat, Murree, Chitral, Taxila and other places. But due to the situation on Afghan-Pak border –i dont blame people for not wanting to go. But in the long run, we know that once the situation improves then people will come back.

Dont forget that Pakistan is home to the K-2 mountain –the worlds 2nd tallest peak ----where thousands of european and american adventurists always dream to go. We have the Gwadar Port which will soon give challenge to Dubai ---as it is deeper sea port (the project still needs development). We have discovered a HUGE field of natural gas, and are ripe for investment.

It is a sad story nobody wants to go. But that is only in the short run. But we still are supplying the best rice, flour, cotton, leather and medical goods to the world.

Muslims of india?? They are too busy getting harassed by brahmin imperialists.

On the contrary your citzens line up in front of our embassy for a visa.



Just for the money (IPL is huge, and pays well).....Sports is one area where politics should never be mixed. ?ndians were un-professional and banned these players simply because of their nationality. We welcome the decision, as no security was provided to them by the indians.

Actors , Stand up Comedians

Same as above....a Pakistani comedian (who incidentally, wanted to bridge the gap) was beat up by indian nationalists. Once again, the indians expose their blind hatred and barbaric behaviour against an un-armed man –just because of his nationality


Because indians have a complex about skin colour (dating back centuries) and our actors just happen to be fairer skinned people ---especially the Pashtoons. If you noticed, indian actors even try using our Pakistan Lahore Urdu dialect. It sounds more classy than your foul-sounding hindi...


We dont have any businessmen in your country. Maybe they are ISI agents. Lollllllllllll

all want to come to India.

Refer to above.

The last news I heard was that your begging cricketers have asked for hiking their fees because your board wont allow them to take part in IPL.!!!

Thank God. They dont need to waste their time with indian league, just because of financial incentives. Your govt. wont provide them with security, and with the current wave of violence against Muslims or anything related to Pakistan –in your country --- the time is very inappropriate.

?t was your IPL that didnt want to re-knew their contracts...........


Indians wetting themselves because of ISI?? We hardly even break into sweat dear

LoLLLLL!!!!!!!!! Then tell me why when anything goes wrong in your slum-infested country (even a stampede in a hindu temple) ---your govt is quick to blame ISI. It has become a conditioned response. Stop being such tools. `'Hardly break into sweat" --- hahaha

If ISI could help in the toppling of the Soviet union forces in Afghanistan (who were much better equipped) --- then i dont think india would be such a challenge either. Even Pakistanis dont know a lot about ISI –its a secretive but effective organization.....even we have agents who are already in your army, and air force. There was an indian officer who admitted this –i'll have to find the article.

your stupid ISI has been trying to separate Kashmir since 1947 what has it achieved??

Pakistani flags being raised in Sri Nagar, to the dismay of your army and govt........that is why india allowed mumbai attacks to happen. So they could get the focus off kashmir.

Because lets face it ----whether you like it or not, india's grip on occupied areas of Kashmir is being lost. The Kashmiris will be liberated very soon. They dont need ISI for help. It goes down to faith, unity and persistence. Every time your napak army rapes, tortures, imposes curfew and kills Muslim Kashmiri political leaders ---it furthers their resolve for freedom.

? think there is a general consensus that india is HATED in 99% of Kashmir –and they want your army to scram and stop making their lives miserable.

Look at Azad Pakistani Kashmir. People have freedom of movement, and in fact they just recorded a record profit from agriculture thanks to the rains we've been getting lately =)

Militancy is dying in Kashmir along with the militants.. There was a 60% voter turnout this year........Don't you guys read authentic news??

a.) those were puppet elections.....half of the political leaders like APHC leader were under house arrest!!!!!

b.) The Kashmiris declared india's republic day a `'BLACK DAY IN HISTORY"


indian are just too scared to let UN get involved...indians declare dissent as `'terrorist insurgency"......then they wonder why attacks like mumbai take place. Then they refuse to discuss ---and reject British minister David Millibands (notable) assertion that dialouge on Kashmir is CRUCIAL for the volatile region.

As usual, indian are in denial. =)

Don't brag about the competency of your ISI.. they are nothing but armed mafia..

Whatever you want to call them, they have put Pakistan first and fight for our national security interests.......they were especially instrumental during the war against the soviets, and during the days when we were seeking nuclear power......ISI thwarted many european attempts to spy on the Kahuta Research labs –including the time the french ambassador was arrested for `'getting lost" near KRL and taking suspicious pictures.

RAW failed to stop 10 guys with Aks ---whereas ISI recently arrested 3 indian spies in Lahore –who had high intensity explosives as well as fake documents and currency. Of course the international media wont report that due to bias, but to us it doesnt matter. We go on with our lives while indians keep crying about something nobody cares about anymore.

What do you call as evidence?? The Americans have taped conversations from satphone originating from Pakistani soil..

Have they been released? Where are these `'taped conversations"?? So far, the only thing related to conversations are some ridiculous `dialogue' that was typed by indian jokers using microsoft word

The Scotland Yard , FBI, all have seen the evidence

???? The FBI interviewed the suspect, and they concluded that the group of lightly armed unruly kids had no links to ISI or any Pakistani state-actors


When have we refused to grant you kasavs interrogation???

Pakistani FIA submitted a request, which has yet to be heeded to

You guys have even refused to accept that he is a Pakistani inspite of Nawaz Sharif Claiming to have met his parents!!!

We accept that he is Pakistani. And news reports claim that the other 9 were Bengalis. Kasab looks more like some dravidian-indian type rather than Pakistani ---but so be it. We accept that reality.

The 9/11 hi-jackers were said to be mostly Saudi nationals.....does that mean that the Saudi government planned/was responsible for those attacks? Are all Saudi citizens guilty? You indians lack basic logic. All you know what to do is keep blowing hot curry-stink air.

Just yesterday your media claimed that he might be dead!!!

? have no information on that as i am not in hindustan at the holding facility. But i do wonder when indians will hold a trial against him. He should be executed because his actions (along with those of his friends) were wrong and inhumane on so many levels.

Dawn did a sting operation and proved that he is from faridkot, bbc landed up at his house , are Pakistanis so cowardly that they cannot even accept their fallen / captured citizens??

There are 4 villages by the name `Faridkot' in Pakistan. You are the one who are cowards. Talking about surgical strikes and war against Pakistan ---but then we do Air Force/Army exercizes and your foreign minister tries to calm down the situation and beg us to relax. Even your army chief admitted that daring to attack Pakistan would be DISASTROUS for india.

These Second Rate hotels are amongst the finest in the World..

? laughed my arse off uncontrollably when i read some reviews:


What do you guys know about quality hotels anyway!!!

Soon we will have the Centaurus complex ---which apart from a HUGE shopping complex, will have the only 7-star hotel in South Asia. We have the historic Serena hotel in Swat and Islamabad ---as well as the Pearl Inter-Continental and the (restored) Marriott in Islamabad)....all popular destinations for all the foreigners as well as the Pakistani elite.

One Just need to read some of the posts which you Pakistanis write here, you and that mansoor fellow, and one can comprehend what a cuckooland Pakistan is!!!

Across the board, you indians are natural born liars and cheaters. You can keep trying to smear our reputation by crying to western media (including these blogs) –but every time you do –we will fight back and point out your own flaws and your own failures. We prefer to talk business, and cultural exchange. But until you stop your smear campaign (which nobody in the world cares to hear about anymore) –then you better pray that war never breaks out because your weather fore-casters will be predicting a monsoon of Ghauri and Shaheen-I?s over your skies.

Speaking of cheating, here is an alarming news update:


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reckons that 75% of the world's total supply of fake drugs can be traced to India. The World Health Organization (WHO) pegs the figure at 35%. These groups, according to the OECD, are targeting a slew of modern drugs in areas like cancer, erectile dysfunction, cardiology, cholesterol lowering, hypertension and genitourinary infections. This is not the first time the Indian government has faced flak for its unchecked manufacture and circulation of spurious drugs. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) has estimated that the annual rate of growth of the fake drugs market in India is 25%





Make love, not babies.

Especially if you are indian!!!!!

now if you'll excuse me, i need to go read about the anti-radar MAR-1 missiles the Brazilians just sold us.

kind regards!

Warm regards,

Lt. Gen. A.K.-47


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