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Our dear bayezid the victim of Arabian imperlialism and poor education

Reader comment on item: Still Asleep After Mumbai
in response to reader comment: dhimmi is ridiculous, isnt he?

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Jan 4, 2009 at 09:22

Our dear bayezid rabina yu3alimuhu inahu jahil kabiran wrote

>> I agree with what? that you are clueless?"

>yes i am clueless, regarding your mental sanity.

Which nontheless means that you are clueless.

>> Really? says who? you? You do not know any Arabic or Syriac or Greek or Hebrew so how could you say that? But again you are no more than a product of an islamic madrassa. So do me a favor and stick to urdu or bengali and you know what? I can also say: when the Qur'an is translated from Arabic to urdu or bengali "they lose more than half of their meanings and significance"!! Do you get it?""

>but since you are so well versed in syraic, hebrew, and arabic, please share with us what jesus called ALLAH in aramaic.

What does this have to do with the fact that you do not know any Arabic or Greek or Hebrew or Syriac but still have the audacity to debate not just one language but several languages over a very long period of time and do you know what this means? It means that you are clueless

>and also do not forget to tell us what moses called ALLAH in hebrew .

Really? where?

>ill understand if you cant, learning a new language each day makes you forget the ones you learnt previously. hahaha.


>>Could you provide us with the names of those so called experts? Oh let me guess: Zakir Naik? He is just as ignorant as you are and here is your bonus for today: the Arabic word naik is a vulgar word for sex. Now do you see what happens when you become the victim of a foreign culture and language?'

>whats the use?

I read this as: you have no experts

>so that you can also call them ignorant just like you called dr. naik ignorant?

I read this as: you have no names of experts and you just made it up. As for mr naik aka vulgar Arabic for sexual intercourse: He is ignorant and pathetic and needs to get a life just like you

>according to you it seems, the only knowledgeable peron is yourself. hahahha. zakir naik knows different religions of the world by heart and is an international speaker on comparitive religion. ignorant is not the word you use to describe him.

more gobbledygook

>>Bogus. Arabic is a language but it also a culture and so is your native tongue Bengali and so is any other language so stop your poor fantasy that there is more to Arabic than let us say your language Bengali. You need to stop reading the book of Arabian ignorance and read some linguistics"

>wow !! so language is a culture now ??? culture is defined as a set of customs or rules that a certain national, or local group follows. culture is the way people do things in a country. language is a part of the culture but never culture itself.

I'm not even interested in debating the relationship of languages to culture ...

>and islam is a culture for mankind. it tnscends all our individual cultures and seeks to unify us under ALLAH. the bengali culture may be my local culture, but as a human being, islam is my real culture.

Hint: you have more in common with your Hindu ancestors that with your Arab masters religion or no religion

>>I was very moved when i listened to a poem in Bengali by Tagore and it was only a translation you should very proud of such man too but I forgot that he was a Hindu and I can assure you that the drivel in the Qur'an was no match to such great poem and you know what? when islam is a relic of the past the Qur'an will be seen as no more thanpoor literature! Tagore's poems will always be appreciated but again you are no more than a slave of the Arabs and their culture"

>then i suggest you go read some poetry and leave the religious debate to the ones that are concerned with religion. lol. besides, it is ALLAH's ntention that tagore be famous, so the only one who should be proud is HIM, not us.

I read this as: you are beyond help

>> I do not believe you and do you know why? How many Arabs are living in bangladesh? Let me guess: None. Unless you talk to yourslef so do you talk to yourself? and a language only thirves if the culture that supports such language exists and do you know what? You have more in common with India and your Hindu ancestors than with the Arabs"

>and i have something in common with all the people in this world. belief in the one and only god. so my culture should be based on my innermost aspect, which is devotion to god, and not my similarity in eating or sleeping with people that live arund me.

So you do not speak Arabic, as you claimed, in bagladesh do you? ...

>judging by your reasoning, you are a close minded communal fellow. people such as yourself think you are the best and the others are below you. shame on you.

More gobbledygook and the shame is on you

>>And let me tell you: If you ever visit Saudi Arabia and work there you will be regarded as no more than another maskeen min el-bakistan aw el-hind! Bangladesh? Most Arabs would have no clue what it is or where it is."

>but since you speak arabic so fluently, im sure youll help them understand, wont you? hahaha.

Did you understand what I wrote? let me guess you did not

>who cares what your arab masters say or do? i care for what ALLAH tells me and what HIS prophet ordered me to do. thats why im called muslim. you can go and clean your arab masters homes all you want. i heard its open season for them in hiring indian migrant workers. theyre running short of translators so they need to understand what their indian mistresses are saying. maybe you should look for a job too.

But the Qur'an a book that you cannot even read in Arabic says that Islam is the religion of the Hijazi Arabs only in

wa ma arsalna min rasulan ila bilisani qawmihi


>how sweet.

Is this supposed to be a cute comment?

>> Hello: the three languages belong to the same class called Semitic languages and do me a favor it is called Syro-Aramaic and I will disregard your poor transliteration but what on earth is ELOAHH ROTFL you need to stick to Bengali Arabic? you do not speak read or write Arabic and stop fooling yourslef"

>so you do agree that ALLAH, ELOAHH, and AALAH are used to mean the same thing. since you agree that they are from the same root. thank you for your expert opinion. finally you agree ALLAH isnt the moon god of arab bedouins but THE GOD known by both jesus and moses, ho came before Muhammad peace be upon him.

There is a Syriac or hebrew or Arabic word called ELOAHH ? Hint: you do not know any Arabic or Hebrew or Greek or Syriac...

>>Oh let me see: then your Allah must be the ethnic God of the jews. So is your Allah the ethnic God of the Jews? And if so then congratulations our dear bayezid but you are astaghfirullah a Jew.

>>Or are we talking about Jesus here the God of the Christians? So is your Allah Jesus? But wait: the Qur'an a book that you cannot read in Arabic says that jesus is indeed your God (if you wish to know more then just ask). So congratulations our dear bayezid but Jesus is your Allah"

>we do regard jews and muslims as people of the book. and yes, ALLAH is the god of jews, christians and muslims . i think the word you should use here is alhamdulillah. not astagfirullah. how could you make such an error, being such an expert in arabic as you are.

your masters the Arabs do not like the Jews and this is why you would use the astaghfirullah

You have no clue about what I'm talking about do you?

>chrsit never said he was god, people did.

I do not know what Jesus said or did not say but the Qur'an a book that you cannot read in Arabic says that he is God

>>Oh you mean that Allah is the moon God?So is he?"

>are you sleepy? what did you and i both agree to as shown above. lol.

And LOL to you too so is Allah the moon god?

>>No one knew about Quraish until 2.-3 centuries after that Arab invasion of the Middle East. Meccan trade? There is no historical evidence that it even existed let alone the tribe of the shark (Qirsh aka Quraish) and how come you did not know that?"

>ooo looks like your waking up again hahahaha. so if neither moses nor jesus knew aout quraysh, then im sure neither of them learned the word ALLAH from quraysh. logical yes? you claimed that ALLAH was a quraysh moon god. so it must mean jesus and moses knew the word ALLAH on their own.

I read this as; you have no clue about what I'm talking about

>once again, thank you for your input.


>>Trapped? In what?by your nonsense? You are and you must pardon me ignorant"

>umm not really. i hate to be so brutally honest right now, but since youre the one saying nonsense here, i supose its that nonsense youre trapped in.

More gobbledygook

>you contradict yourself.


>>hIO? What language is that? let me guess: you have no clue? and what on earth is that blue letter thing?"

>its called the blue letter bible. not thing. and it shows the aramaic and hebrew words used for god. hlO is aramaic and it is pronounced as AALAH. so what happened to your expertise ? did it fall asleep in your place?

ROTFL there is a Syriac word called hIO really? I will give you a chance could you provide me with a reference from a Syriac dicationary?

>>You mean vocalized and vocalized by whom? By you? the word eli in Syriac means my God and the word God is Syriac means Alaha/allaha and what Jesus used was the word eli or my God and he did not say alaha or allaha and for sure did not say Allah as the word Allah as your Arab masters tell us mean THE GOD and not God or even my god now do you get it?"


As I expected tablighee gobbeldygook

>there you go. i provided you with the link.

So? Where would I find this little gem hIO in this so called blue Bible?

>if you thnk you wont start crying again, just follow the little blue line. you can always cross check my reference with other sources of info. and no, its vocalized by people who know the language. people tht you dont know.

And what does this have to do with the price of peaches in let us say bangladesh? Let me help you: Nothing not a thing

>> there is Arabic word called eloahh? Really? and you are a fake and by the way your masters the arabs tell us that the word Allah is really a contraction of the Arabic word al-Ilah or the God which means that the word Allah means the God and it does not mean God as you seem to claim and you know what? It means that your little bogus gobbledygook blog is no more than gobbeldygook"

>no, there is hebrew word ELOAHH.

Now it is Hebrow and there is a hebrew word called ELOAHH that means God? really?

>in arabic it is ALLAH. but arent the arabs your masters?

Mr ignorant even if your bogus foray in Hebrew is correct which it is not the word Allah as per your Arab masters means THE GOD and it does not mean God do you get it?

> there are so many indians working in dubai and elsewhere. you even taught me a few arabic words. how could you forget?

Oh I need to introduce myself to you I'm mother Tersesa from Berkina Fasso.

You? you are no more than a victim of poor education

>tata . dont take it too hard on yourself.P.S. how old are you? you sound like youre 11 or 12.

You need to get a life really bad and to stop being the vicitm of poor education and Arabian imperialism


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