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have you considered street comedy ?

Reader comment on item: Still Asleep After Mumbai
in response to reader comment: Our dear bayezid part deux

Submitted by bayezid (Bangladesh), Jan 5, 2009 at 03:07


You mean jahil right? For sure Muhammad was a big time jahil just like you"

jahil means an ignorant that likes to stay ignorant and even defends his position in being ignorant. it seems to fit your profile better than anyone elses. lol


Really? Then why do we have this cochamamie doctrine of al-nasikh wa al-mansukh?An no I do not translate Arabic for wannabe arabs like you"

hahaha the doctrine of nasih al mansukh is not even a genuine doctrine. it was never heard of during the prophets time and it rose out of confusion much much later. during the time of the different schools of thought in islam. even those guys later on realized that this was a misundertsanding, and ALLAH was referring to ayahs in previous books (injeel taurat zaboor) and not the ayah of the quran.

a little advice for you : little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. and judging by your mental condition, it is extremely perilous.

>> If it is really Allah's words then how come we do not have the word qul in surat al-fatiha? And what ever happened to ayat al-rajm? Oh let me guess it was eaten by a hungry goat! What a joke"

in surah fatihah ALLAH is teaching us how to address HIM. not anything else, but to address HIM. this is the suruah muslims recite in every rakah with another surah of their choice. and those other surahs can strt with the word qul.

the 'qul' surahs are not used to address ALLAH. they are not dua like surah al fatiha. now you know.

The commentary by Dr. Muhammad Asad for the verse 2: 106, reproduced below, explains the problem with the misunderstood "doctrine of abrogation":

The principal laid down in this passage – relating to the suppression of the Biblical dispensation by that of the Qur'an – has given rise to an erroneous interpretation by many Muslim theologians. The word ayah ("message") occurring in this context is also used to denote a "verse" of the Qur'an (because every one of these verses contains a message). Taking this restricted meaning of the term ayah, some scholars conclude from the above passage that certain verses the Qur'an have been "abrogated" by God's command before the revelation of Qur'an was completed. Apart from the fancifulness of this assertion – which calls to mind the image of a human author correcting, on second thought, the proofs of his manuscript deleting one passage and replacing it with another – there does not exist a single reliable Tradition to the effect that the Prophet ever declared a verse of the Qur'an to have been "abrogated". At the root of the so-called "doctrine of abrogation" may lie the inability of some of the early Commentators to reconcile one Quranic passage with another: a difficulty which was overcome by declaring that one of the verses in question had been "abrogated". This arbitrary procedure explains also why there is no unanimity whatsoever among the upholders of the "doctrine of abrogation" as to which, and how many, Qur'an-verses have been affected by it, and, furthermore, as to whether this alleged abrogation implies a total elimination of the verse in question from the context of the Qur'an, or only a cancellation of the specific ordinance or statement contains on it. In short, the "doctrine of abrogation" has no basis whatsoever in historical fact, and must be rejected. On the other hand, the apparent difficulty in interpreting the above Qur'anic passage disappears immediately if the term ayah is understood, correctly, as "message", and if we read this verse in conjunction with the preceding one, which states that the Jews and the Christians refuse to accept any revelation which might supersede that of the Bible; for, if read in this way, the abrogation relates to the earlier divine messages and not to any part of the Qur'an itself..

Yusuf Ali's commentary # 6086 to verse # 7. It clearly negates the false impression critic is trying to make. The commentary reads:

"There can be no question of this having any reference to the abrogation of any verses of the Qur-an. For this Sura is one of the earliest revealed, being placed about eighth according to the most accepted chronological order. While the basic principles of Allah's Law remain the same, its form, expression, and application have varied from time to time, e.g., from Moses to Jesus, and from Jesus to Muhammad. It is one of the beneficent mercies of Allah that we should forget some things of the past, lest our minds become confused and our development is retarded. Besides, Allah knows what is manifest and what is hidden, and His Will and Plan work with supreme wisdom and goodness."

and as fr the verse ar rajm, it is an invented lie by the shia or other groups. it based on a weak hadith by a chain of people leading to umar. the last person who claimed he heard it from umar was 2 years old back then. so clearly, this is a false report .

>> ROTFL Pakui/bengali Arabic it is aya as there is no letter hah or heh and do us a favor stick to Bengali"

lol ok ..........


The word iqra' is from the root QR' (Qaf reh hamza) and the word means to read (see HW page 753A)"

so? there are many root words for different weords in arabic. dosent mean the meaning is exactly the sme as root word. like i said, stick to hindi. iqra mans to say after hearing or simply reciting.

esides, the propeht said, i dont know how to recite .

at which the angel told him what to recite after him.

case closed.


Islamic gobbledygook and what does this have to do with the fact that the word iqra' means read and what does this have to do with fact that the word ummi means gentile?"

what ?? lol. youre so delirious. look i promise i wont go anyhere, get someslep, and then well get back to bashing you to bits, ok?

>> But our dear bayezid I'm not an Indian but it would be an honor to be one. You? you are full of self hate and you hate your own ancestors the Hindus that were brutalized by islam and Muslims"

of course im full of hate for the lies the indian ancestors spread about the word of god. what do you expect ? before islam they were one of the owrst people in history. they commited incest, unlawful sex, unlawful killing and totally disregared their own original scripture. i thank ALLAH for rescuing this land with islam, otherwise i wouldve been the same.

bt then id have something in common with you. may ALLAH forbid.


Oh and your masters the Arabs came up with the 72 virgins and the boys of heaven for the likes of Momahed Atta"

ALLAH said that, not the arabs. and having 72 virgins is an extremely beautiful situation whereas having ones own sister or mother or little whores to be used as objects of pleasure.

and the nexttime you mee atta at your local bar, tell him everyone knows that he is a cia operative.


Wow this sounds like Allah's little heaven and missing are the boys in your Allah's little heaven for the likes of Mohamed Atta"

no brother, but it does remind you of ancient india, dosent it?

>> Oh let me see: a 53 year old wannabe prophet marries and have sex with a 9 year old girl. Shame"

the shames on you. your filthy mind speaks about your character. the prophet married aisha and thus kept her safe from the mischief of pagan arab men back then. it was also honoring his friend abu bakar that he married aisha because it was a great honor to be marrried to the prophet. besides, he never toucched her until she was a grown woman . the hadith tell you this. and as for the rape and all, again, your mixing ancient indian temple haits with islam.

tsk tsk.


How can you be sure than Allah did not speak to me? And how can you be sure that he spoke to an Arabian warlord and caravan raider? and I'm not even an Arabian warlord or caravan raider.

I urge you to stop being the victim of Arabian imperialism"

how can i be sure? ill tell you how. ALLAH said no other prophet will cme after him. and ALLAH spoke to prophets alone not to simple men and definitely not to liars such as yourself.

and prophet was known as al amin, the truthful. he never lied oce in his life and even his enemies who wanted to kill him and destroy his message kne that and respected that.

you are a compulsive liar that launches pitiful attacks against islam from danel pipes using histrionics and bestial speech not being able to come up with anything genuine at all.


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