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Lt General Gayub Khan.. Reality Check !!! here's my response..

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Submitted by Proud Indian (India), Feb 5, 2009 at 06:40

Lt Armchair General Gayub Khan!!! I was literally laughing for the 15 mins i spent on replying your post!! here's the reply!!

1971 is your pride, but for us it is also. A new Muslim nation was born (Alhamdolillah). Ironically, the Bengalis HATE india.

There is a saying in Hindi " Gire to gire phir bhi tang upar!! That means even if you fall you will say at least my legs are up!!! forget carving out Kashmir from India, you guys lost an entire country dude!!!

And if India is 40% below poverty line thats a good thing!!! That means 60% are well to do or atleast lead some substantial life!!! what about your country of beggars?? does you country even bother to measure its progress or the Human Population Index???

YOUR COUNTRY IS CONSIDERED ALONG SIDE AFRICAN COUNTRIES SUCH AS RWANDA, ETHOPIA ETC!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Development_Index . Ffrankly.. where do all the alms from your begging bowl go???

We are the ones fighting terrorism. It is your incompetent army (and elite forces!!) that couldnt even stop 10 unruly kids high on meth and armed with AK-47s (in indias richest area).

Hmmmm you are the ones who create terrorism in the first place!!! Gordon Brown comes to ISLAMABAD and says in front of your primeminister and your chicken generals that almost 1/3 or the world terrorist activities originate from Pakistan!!!! Wake up and smell the coffee!!! Talking about your army?? Tell them to stop sucking up the Taliban and Alqaeda and get some authentic Big Fishes!!! Shooting foot soldiers may please your American masters but wont end terrorism if that's what your coalition against Terror means.. Don't be surprised if OSAMA is found cozy in one of your Defence Colonies.. Its only now that your chickens have come home to roost.. anyways the world can see whats happening in your NWFP and SWAT valley!! With regards to 10 unruly kids high on meth and blah blah.. answer is simple!!! we could have stormed the hotels and blasted them but we value human life thats why we had to secure the hostages!!! do you know what the body count was when our soldiers entered the action?? 2 NSG commandos thats it!!! the initial sucess which those ISI trained , high on meth kids got was beacuse they targetted civilians dear!!! They had no chance once they confronted a proffesional army!!! just like your armed forces!!!

Only after you indians went crying to the UN while we were shooting down your Mig-27 junk aircrafts (and the UAV lent to you fools by israeli) and taking heavy toll on your army rangers.

Dear Dear ,, you guys are such a sore losers!!! The pilot Flt Lft Nachiket whom you captured was downed because of engine blow out!!! you stopped because your big daddy , the US warned you of the backlash from indians. Frankly speaking we curse our politicians for letting the chance pass by!!! your general Pussharraf was confused, your prime minister, Nawaz was unaware, Your Army regulars were killed, yet your coward army refused to even take back the bodies fearing the fact coming out that there were army regulars amongst the insurgents!!! The State of the Art F 16s which US gave you may be the most sophisticated planes but what is the use?? They are all useless considering that your pilots fly them!!!! The threat of getting your poorly trained pilots getting swatted like flies and the threat of a fullscale warfare actually was the cause that you did not use Your Puny Air Force ( PAF).

We lost almost 100 Pakistani civilians in the Samjhota india-Pakistan Express train blasts. Even though one indian army officer was arrested for his role, no other justice has been served whatsoever.

Another one of your fairy tale!!! there were only 68 casualties..out of which there were Indian army personnels and the members of Indian Railway Protection force who also died in the blasts!!! The Suspected Indian Army Col. who has been arrested has been charged with sedition and is under ATS lock up!!!!

WHERE IS DAWOOD IBRAHIM?? AZHAR MASOOD?? TIGER MEMON?? I am sure they are cozying up to the generals like you in Karachi who eat out of his palms and get doles, Wheres the Justice?? Does any body in Pakistan have any credible information or you guys just blabber whatever comes in your mind?? Your Pakistani Foriegn Minister says aZHAR Massood is under house arrest, next day your info minister says he is not!!! Nawaz says in front of TV that KASAB the terrorist caught in India is from Faridkot next day he says he is not!!! Your information minister says he is pakistani and next day he is sacked!!!! Nice Ringa Marole going on!!! Now you guys are pinning the blame on Bangladesh??? What happened ???

Yes exactly....so why dont you indians mind your own ... business and clean up your own house –include the 193+ domestic insurgencys/seperatist movements. Get your things in check, and stop allowing your military officers to align themselves with extremist BJP party groups.

We are quite capable of handling our own affairs dear Lt., Its only when you send your sweepers like the ones you had sent in Mumbai that we have a confrontation. .. Stop listening to bed time stories that your incompetent Researchers tell you about 193+ insurgencies.. and first try to stop your country from being a terrorist nursery!!!

Pakistan has a very tiny hindu population. And they are proud to be living as Pakistanis. In the past they used to face discrimination but now that Pakistan wants to show the world we are a resonsible country –and also create harmony within our borders –they are treated well by govt and by the people. But im sure we still have whackos in our country who want to disturb the balance.

We know that Dear General that Pakistan has a very tiny Hindu population. That's what left of them

As for Sikhs --- they are VERY VERY proud Pakistanis. We even have Sikh in our army! Forget about the Sikhs in Pakistan....even the Sikh in india ---their loyalties lie with Pakistan. In fact, i encountered several Sikh pilgrims in Lahore who were going to an ancient temple we have. They told us that they would fight for Pakistan, because india is a repressive and (expletive) country. =)

Buddhist??? We dont have any, ... Christians – same situation as Hindus, except we have much more Christian than hindu. And the federal govt. has started a new scheme for minorities whereby the poorest ones are getting financial assistance for textbooks/discount housing/school costs etc. My maid happens to be a Pakistani Christian, and she is as much proud and loyal to the State as I and all other Pakistanis.

Hahahaha.. another one of your fairy tales.. You have a Sikh in your Army??? CLAP CLAP !!! and your maid is Christian?? Wow.. I guess if a sikh enrolls in your army then its national news?? We all saw the ceremony . We have a sikh Prime Minister , had a Muslim President.. ( The best !!! Abdul Kalam )..

Sikhs are very very proud Pakistanis?? Hmmm and their loyalies lie with Pakistan ?? wonder why there are so many Sikh Paramvir Chakra holders in our Army?? And why does your army fears the Sikh Regiment so much!!! I guess it is only at the time of wars that their loyalties shift to India.. I don't mind that at all!!! You don't have Buddhists in your country??? Why is it?? That's because you guys don't even want statues of Buddha in your country then how would you tolerate Buddhists?? If given an option all of them would come to India.. But the sad story is no one wants to go to pakistan.. Tsk TSK,, NOT EVEN THE MUSLIMS OF INDIA!!!! On the contrary your citzens line up in front of our embassy for a visa. Cricketers , Actors , Stand up Comedians, Actressess, Businessmen, all want to come to India. The last news I heard was that your begging cricketers have asked for hiking their fees because your board wont allow them to take part in IPL.!!!

indians have always been wetting themselves because of the existance of our ISI. So let them keep wetting themselves. ISI gets things done, unlike your incompetent RAW. We have agents and moles on the ground in Afghanistan, and even within the ranks of your indian navy and air force. Dont screw with us or our self interests and in return we wont screw with yours.

Indians wetting themselves because of ISI?? We hardly even break into sweat dear, your stupid ISI has been trying to separate Kashmir since 1947 what has it achieved?? Militancy is dying in Kashmir along with the militants.. There was a 60% voter turnout this year,, The seperatists had called for a boycott but still the elections were a success.. Don't you guys read authentic news?? ISI gets things done?? What has it achieved apart from training militants and sending them across to get killed?? RAW broke your country in TWO.. What else do you want?? Next could be balochitsan if we choose.. Those agents and moles in Afghanistan and India are just that.. Moles with holes in their heads!!!

Don't brag about the competency of your ISI.. they are nothing but armed mafia.. Our mobsters are more efficient that your " Intelligent Agents" no wonder dawood Ibrahim calls the shots in ISI..

I have read the 69 page dossier of `evidence' handed over by india. (it is available online).You cannot call that evidence!!!! If it took indian 1 month to write that report???

What do you call as evidence?? The Americans have taped conversations from satphone originating from Pakistani soil.. The Scotland Yard , FBI, all have seen the evidence.. SUPRISZE SUPRIZE, even china is silent , you know why ?? because even their citizen was killed and we have shared evidence with them!!! What have you guys done with all the previous evidences we have given you?? The Hijacker Azhar Masood roams in Pakistan, Dawood has 10 Pakistani passports which has been listed by Interpol and is on its Red Corner list.. what do you do with the evidences?? Roll them up your !@#??

India refused to cooperate with Interpol. India refuses Pakistani investigators to interrogate this guy `'Kasav" and/or allow them to the scenes of the crime

(indian have already re-opened those second-rate hotels –so how are we supposed to collect forensic information??)

When have we refused to grant you kasavs interrogation??? You guys have even refused to accept that he is a Pakistani inspite of Nawaz Sharif Claiming to have met his parents!!! Just yesterday your media claimed that he might be dead!!! The Indian consulate has asked your guys to take a look at him in jail if you are interested!!! Your own news channel , Dawn did a sting operation and proved that he is from faridkot, bbc landed up at his house , are Pakistanis so cowardly that they cannot even accept their fallen / captured citizens??

Second Rate Hotels??? What Taj and Oberoi?? Dear Lt. those two hotels probably earns more than your entire hotels in pakiland!!! That's precisely why ISI asked those high on Meth kids to target them!! These Second Rate hotels are amongst the finest in the World.. What do you guys know about quality hotels anyway!!! Considering the flies infested dhabas you have.

It was really nice of you to respond!!! One Just need to read some of the posts which you Pakistanis write here, you and that mansoor fellow, and one can comprehend what a cuckooland Pakistan is!!!

Warm regards,

Proud Indian


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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