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Really the U.S. and Israel People are my lovely People

Reader comment on item: Who Supports Israel[, Jews or Conservatives]?

Submitted by Saleh Babeker Yahia Saleh (Sudan), Jun 11, 2007 at 05:07

M/S. The Granddaughters and Grandsons of the Prophets,

Dear Israel People, At first, I want introduce my self: Saleh Babeker Yahia Saleh, Married and have 2 daughters, but they still children, I am Borne in Sudan in 15th May 1958, so I am very happy, because it was the same date of the (new) Israel 10th years' celebrate, Notice, I've mentioned NEW, that because I've read in the history books, that the Israel People had Lived in Jerusalem before 6 thousand years ago, when their Grandfather the Prophet Abraham was lived in Hebron Town(El-Khalil Town) and borne his sons Ishmael and Isaac, so that the Prophet Isaac born the Prophet Jacob who also called Israel, and so on,

There were a range of the Prophets were his Grandsons, so until now we still live with their Grandsons and Daughters, But nowadays, there are many People are in wrong thinking when they think, that the Israel Country was founded only in 1948, and that area is own to Palestinian People, but I think, if they read the history books as properly, of course they'll change their opinion, because the Prophet Abraham live there before 6 thousand years ago, and the Palestinian People were came about 3 thousand years ago, they came from Kriti Island(Greece), and stayed between Gaza and Askalan after chased the Kanan People, so that gave their name (Palestine) to all that area.

In Jerusalem, there are a Holy Mosque which called in Arabic(Bait Almaqdes) it had been built in a Holy Rock, That Holy Rock was discovered by the Prophet Jacob, But many Islamic People are thinking by the wrong, that the Arab People who had built that Holy Mosque, Therefore, many of them support the Palestinian to take that Holy Mosque from the Israel People, But if they read and understand the Holy Qur'an as properly, They'll find that Holy Mosque was built before the Prophet Mohammed born.

Dear Friends, I think the Israel Government have made a kind idea when they accepted and allowed the Palestinian people to take Gaza and the other lands in order to build their Country on it. But many of the extremist and radical Arab and Palestinians, and even some of the Muslims in the many part of the world, are not satisfied, so they want the Palestinian People stay in all over that land, and the Israel People go to the sea.

But I think they will change their opinion in the future when they realize that they can not take that land by war, nor by their Prayers and hopes which they have been doing and asking the God for more than one thousand years in the Mosques and every where, to destroy and kill all the Israel People and any other people who supporting the Jewish People. But I think God has not accepted their Prayers and hopes.

On the contrary, Actually the God still continuing make exactly the opposite indeed, Because He still supplying the Israeli scientists with the Best Minds to continue manufacture a Huge and unaccountable helpful materials, that in order to leading this World to the safe and right way. So if really the extremist and radical Islamic Countries hate the U.S.A and Israel People because they are not Muslims, Why they have been building a good economy relationship with many polytheism Countries who are still worshiping the Portraits, Cows, Buddhism and even a Godless People who are not believe that there are any God at all ??

So I think the Arab are actually jealous and envious, because the U.S.A. and Israel's Civilized and modern technology which the God supplied their Scientests, Therefore, these Testimonies are what made me realized that the Israel People are in the right way, because if they are in the bad or wrong way, Of course the God will accept the that Prayers and hopes of the extremist and radical Islamic People which they have been asking Him for all that long time.

Finally, I hope the God cure your last Prime Minister Mr. Ariel Sharon, and Bless all the Israel People, who are the Grandsons and Granddaughters of His Prophets.

Dear Israel People,
As I've read more about the Israel people's history, I've realized that the Jewish People are the Greatest people, that because they are the Granddaughters and Grandsons of the many Prophets, also, I noticed that the God has mentioned the Prophet Moses in the Holy Qur'an more than any Prophet else and the Prophet Moses was the only one person who had spook with the God Directly, and the God told us that the Israel people had live in that area for many thousand years before the Palestine people, Therefore, I love the Jewish people, so because of that, I wrote the below article in order to advice the extremist and radically Islamic people.


Dear Brothers,
I want to ask you, that you should change your opinions about the U.S., and the European people, Please don't think that the U.S.A. is the enemy or against the Islamic Religion, Please open the Holy Qur'an, Of course you will read, that the God tells us that if He was want to make all the people in the same one Religion, He can do, So you should know, that only the God who which can convert the people to the Religions. Also you will read in the other parts of the Holy Qur'an, that the God tells us, that He has created the people from male and female, so that made them in the different cases of the colors, shapes, languages, etc., so the God said, that the best one of all, are those who be the honest Godly, believed and trusted that there are only one Great God .

Dear Muslims,
In the Holy Qur'an, the God told us, that He had sent many Prophets to several different people, before the Prophet Mohammed, Also the God told us, that He had landed 3 Holy Books, But the three books are carrying the same God's orders, For example, the God has asked all the people to worship him, by Praying and doing the good things, such as; helping the poor people and stop doing the bad things which causing the injury and hurting the people, such as; killing, stealing, lying, and He has asked us to run away totally from the Devil's advices and tricks, that because it is against the God's orders .

If you read the Islamic history books, you will find, that before 1428 years ago, the Prophet Mohammed had lived in peace with the Jewish people in the same town, which called Medina, in Saudi Arabia, and he was always visiting many of the Jewish People when they were ill. Also the Prophet Mohammed told us, that if any person said, that he has surely believed that there are only one Great God, we should stop calling him a deny or Godless, also in the Holy Qur'an, the God asks us, that we should discuss and with the Christian and Jewish people politely, that because they are not polytheist, and the God had sent many Prophets from their Grand Fathers, so of course until now we are still living with their Granddaughters and Grandsons.

Also if you read the Prophets' stories books, you will find, that before many thousands years ago, the Prophet Jacob (also he called Israel), he was the first person who discovered the Holy Rock, so that he built the Holy Mosque on it, which is in Jerusalem (In Arabic called Bait Almaqdes), so as you know, all the Prophets after him had visited that Holy Mosque, even our Prophet Mohammed,. Of course you have noticed, that all the U.S.A.'s bills of the Dollars are carrying this phrase : IN GOD WE TRUST, so that what means the U.S. people are not deny, nor Godless .

I would like to inform you, that the U.S. and the European people, are not our enemies or against the Islamic Religion, that because these people have been invented and developed the world, in order to make it getting up and more better, by their modern technology, as you can see nowadays, They have been manufactured a huge amount of the good and helpful things which are very important for all the people, even Muslims, for example the medicines and all the medical equipments, Also we use their manufactures of: lights, fans, carpets, loud speakers, etc., in our Mosques, also the modern pressing printers, to print the Holy Qur'an, also please remember, that when the Muslims decide to travel to Mecca to visiting or to get the Pilgrimage (Hajj), of course they have to get in one of their manufactures of the transportations, also don't forget, that those people have invented and developed the compass, which helping us to know the direction of Mecca from any where, also the watches and the alarm clock, which tells us the time of the praying and help us to wake up to praying on time, and so on of the huge unaccountable inventions and the helpful manufactures .

Dear Muslims, Lastly, Please don't forget, that the U.S.A and Europe, who had founded the U.N., which have been giving their assistance to the people in all countries, all over the world. Also U.S.A, has developed many of the development countries in order to become more rich, such as most of the European countries at the Marshal Project, after the second world war in 1945,also the U.S.A had developed Germany, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and the six Arabian Gulf countries. So for these un accountable helpful things which those people have been doing, I thing that the God helps them in order to lead the world to the safety and security way .

Finally, As the U.S.A. is my great lovely country, I hope the God bless U.S.A., and ask you to repeating with me : LONG LIVE THE U.S.A., Which is the top place of the freedom and the real democracy, in all over the world. Yes Long Live the U.S.A., that because the Lion always stays in the front, however, even the enemies accept or not .

Yours faithfully,

Saleh Babeker Yahia Saleh
P.O.Box 1171 Omdurman, Sudan

E-mail: salahaghbash@hotmail.com


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