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Jacob Gurewich, Former Irgun Commander

Reader comment on item: Israel, U.N. Favorite
in response to reader comment: Where There There Is No Vision, People Perish

Submitted by Talya Lapidott (United States), Jul 30, 2006 at 21:45

A Concise History of Dangerous Blunders—and a Solution in a Nutshell.

Where there is no vision, the people perish! (Proverbs 29: 18)

First and foremost: Let the Jewish Nation – not just the Israelis – admit and declare that our own enemy within, headed by villains such as Peres, Beilin, and their ilk, along with their despicable leftist "peace-now" movement, brought about the dire dangerous state of affairs on the State of Israel and on the entire Jewish Nation for that matter. Let alone their mentors, who caved in to the evil British regime that blockaded the shores of the Land of Israel against our refugees from the European hell, against the survivors from 33 German mass-production death camps throughout Europe. The British indirectly collaborated with Hitler's genocide – the terrible Shoah – and a third of our Nation was brutally perished. The mentors of the present enemy within declared war on the freedom fighters of the Irgun and Lechi, and delivered freedom fighters to the British hangman. After the War of Liberation, the descendants of those who caved in to the evil British inflicted on the State of Israel one Shoah after another, and committed numerous grave blunders, as scrupulously detailed in my book The Enemy Within:*

The 1973 Yom Kippur Shoah the vicious attack on Israel by Egypt and Syria, in which 3,000 of our sons were killed and the sovereignty of the State of Israel was shattered. Their mentors raised the Egyptian Arafat and his thugs from the muck of the abyss, and planted them in the heart of the Land of Israel. They equipped the murderers with weapons, an airport, and Israeli taxpayers' funds, while the Egyptian Nazi Mubarek supports the thugs to smuggle weapons through tunnels from Egypt into Israel to this day.

Consequently: The morons brought about the Oslo Shoah (fiasco), which resulted in death and scores of wounded and maimed for life. In addition, they are willing to accept a doomed-to-fail-road map, which resulted in one of the gravest despicable events in the Jewish history, namely: the banishment of their own sons and daughters and children from their land, caving in to a hostile quartet reeking with petroleum, and relinquishing the land of the children of Israel settlers to Arab thugs--to murderers who openly pledge to annihilate the Land of Israel.

As a result, thousands rockets were launched from caves in Gaza on Israel, and the only reason the moronic administration is incapable of destroying the caves and the mobile launching pads in Gaza, to this day, is because the morons worry what will the "world" say if ci-villians who willingly harbor the cowards will also be killed? So wake up morons, and look around at the "world!" It's the "world" of the descendants of Hitler and Stalin who support the Arab murderers with millions of U.S. Dollars, Euros, Katyushas, and weapons for harlot's pay (oil). It's the "world" of the hypocrites such as the anti-Semitic French, and the "world" of the British slave masters who blockaded the shores of the Land of Israel against Jewish refugees from Hitler's mass-production-death-camps, barring them from seeking refuge in their homeland, and even sinking ships filled with refugee women, children and men aboard.

They hanged 12 of our freedom fighters, (the author narrowly escaped being executed), and with the collaboration of our own enemy within, they banished hundreds of our freedom fighters from the Land of Israel (the author among them). This was the "New world" of the 32nd president of the United States of America, who denied refuge in this country to the ocean liner St. Louis with a boatload of escaping Jewish refugees, assuring their return to Hitler's death camps.

It's July 18, 2006, as I am writing, morons such as Peres, Beilin and their ilk, (who caused the present dire situation) are ill guiding Israel's forces. They should destroy the cowards who hide in residential buildings amongst the collaborating populated ci-villians—launching hailstorms of Iranian rockets upon Israel—killing innocent people.

Thus, instead of warning the "innocent" ci-villians to vacate their homes wherein they harbor the murderers, and then destroy them to rubble—in order to save the lives of innocent Israeli civilians, the morons still worry what will say the various Condoleezas, professors of history and politicians, and the Tony Blairs who missed key history lessons, or anti-Semitic Bakers, the progenies of father Coughlin and Gerald Smith, apostates such as Robert Novak and the despicable and primitive Neturei Chelatah (Karta) cult. What a farce! What a Shoah our own enemy within has brought about!

The only solution to halt the avalanche of Iranian rockets and avoid a Shoah upon the Land of Israel, which is on the horizon, and may proportionally result in a greater Shoah than the European one of the 1940s, is to apply the following without delay: Defy the corrupt UN, the hostile EU, the pseudo allies reeking with petroleum, and the sponsors of the 22 hostile Arab countries. Don't anticipate miracles from outer space, because the Av-Harchamim (the Almighty God of Compassion) is still Broyges (angry) at the bloody world which He created. Don't rely on pseudo allies. Preempt! Don't wait for retaliation! Destroy to rubble the nuclear and rocket facilities of the Arabs and the despicable Iranian Hamans, who publicly pledge to annihilate the Land of Israel. Don't hesitate to preempt against the Iranian and Arab Hamans–of today, and the Iranian and Arab Hamans of the days to come, because they will come! That's the same "world" that deserted the Jewish people and collaborated with Hitler during the terrible Shoah--and the blood of millions of our grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children and babies cry unto us from the ground to this day!

Bow out from the corrupt United Nations, and blot out the doomed road-map, drawn by a quartet immersed in crude oil and Jewish blood. Ignore the hostile European Union, the descendants of the Inquisition, of the Hitler's and Stalin's, and completely irrevocably rid the Land of Israel of homicidal Arab thugs and their ilk. In the final analysis, the Arab murderers supported by the Iranian Haman and Syrians et al, are determined to annihilate Israel. So the only way to avoid another Shoah Israel should publicly deliver an ultimatum to Arab murderers, to the Koffikos in the corrupt "United Nothing" (Nations) and to the International [hostile] community:

If Arab dictatorship-governments who support and harbor the murderers in their land and homes, do not disarm them within 14 days and make them stop the rain of terror and murder upon the Land of Israel--they will be responsible for huge destruction, and "innocent" Arab ci-villians who harbor the cowards may perish. Be wary, Israel will blot them out, they will burn and be devoured by the fire. And as per the adage: "For those wise, a clue is sufficient." Be wary world, the years of persecutions, Inquisitions, pogroms, blood libels, and Arab murderers who want to annihilate the Land of Israel—are over! No one on this planet shall ever imperil us! And if a confrontation with our own enemies within or a civil confrontation should come into sight-which I doubt-so be it! Let it be ingrained in the ears of the children of Israel: Where there is no vision the people perish! The vicious cycle of the homicidal thugs, Arabs' hatred of the Land of Israel, of Christians and infidels will never break; it's hard wired into their brains. The State of Israel and the Jewish Nation shall never ever allow the existence of an Arab country within the Land of Israel, which is hardly a dot (.) on the world's Atlas, and the world shall never ever see such a country in the heart of the Land of Israel!

*Jacob Gurewich, a Yeshiva scholar and a former commander in the IRGUN, narrowly escaped being executed by the evil British regime in the Land of Israel. He was exiled from the Land of Israel by the British, the masters of slavery. He is the founder of the NJS Organization...

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