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THE VISION by Jacob Gur

Reader comment on item: Israel, U.N. Favorite
in response to reader comment: The ever so predictable UN - dictated by the Islamo Arab mafia - has become a joke, no wonder

Submitted by JACOB Gur (Gurewich) (United States), Jul 5, 2009 at 04:41

The Vision Concerning the Children of Israel,by Jacob Gur
To President Hadjj Barack el-Hussein Obama. To the future Presidents of the U.S.A.

To the Knesset in Jerusalem the Capital of the Land of Israel:
Where there is no vision, the people perish. (Proverbs XXIX:18)

I beseech you, do not support the doomed-to-fail road map for Israel; Israel is a distinguished long-established sovereign State, before the so-called quartet countries subsisted. Do not pressure Israel to harbor in its Land - hardly visible on the world's Atlas - Arab murderers who pledge to annihilate it. As I am writing, 10 young Yeshiva students ז"ל were murdered by Arab thugs in Jerusalem, in the same Yeshiva I studied. Do not take part in committing a crime Against the Children of Israel. Blot out the plot. Don't let history judge you and compare the USA to the Roman heathens And to the Eevil British Empire-masters of slavery-who perpetrated the African/American Slave-Holocaust. They Occupied and enslaved Colonies over the globe, and viciously blockaded the shores of Israel against the children of Israel Who struggled to escape from the European Diaspora, and return to their homeland. Thus, Britain enabled Hitler's Henchmen and European Hooligans exterminating more than six million of the children of Israel in 33 mass-production Dath camps, and in countless death ditches. But take heed: After the terrible Holocaust the Children of Israel liberated The Land of Israel with the precious blood of Holocaust survivors, and with the blood of more than 35,000 of our parents, Siblings, sons and daughters. We rebuilt and purified our desecrated Land, and as per Jeremiah 31: 17--thy children [came back] to their own Land ושבו בנים לגבולם Soon אי"ה we shall purify Mount Moriya and restore the TEMPLE* in Accordance with our Law--the TORAH. We shall tolerate no more Holocausts against our people. Today we have the Proficiency, capacity, and constitutional rights to eradicate the Arab murderers from the Land of Israel, practically the Same as the USA is actually doing now, not just in the land from sea to shinning sea, but thousands miles across the ocean The USA invaded 2 (two) Arab countries with massive military forces by air, sea and land, in order to avoid terrible 9/11's--which are still on the horizon. The USA, thus far sacrificed more than 4500 of its sons, and over 35,000 wounded, and maimed. Untold bereaved American families and trillions of tax payer's funds drained—all in order to punish and eradicate Arab perpetrators of heinous crimes against humanity. Do not heed to the corrupt U.N., to the ungrateful so called E.U., whom the U.S. rescued from Hitler, or to the U.S. Jimmy Carters the ardent followers of the notorious father Coughlin and Gerald Smith. We shall drive out the Arab murderers the same as the freedom fighters in the IRGUN and LECHI drove out the British/Nazi oppressor from the Land of Israel, and opened the gates of the Land of Israel for the Children of Israel from the Diaspora. Do not repeat the blunder of former Presidents' ill advisors leaving the Iraqi butcher Saddam Hussein at large. Wipe out Bin-Ladens' thugs, the despicable Al-Qaida and the Taliban to avoid severe nine elevens on innocent human beings of the days to come—because they will come. Unfortunately, the present Israeli regime caused enormous blood shed by caving in to Arab murderers, to the corrupt United Nations, to the hostile Europeans, and to pseudo friends in the U.S. This regime shall ultimately be removed from power, and brought to justice. Those responsible for banishing children of Israel from their Land will be Severely punished—a Paradigm for the future Generations. Let's peruse the declaration of President Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President 1801-1809. Author of the Declaration of Independence, and architect of the United States Constitution:

"The Children of Israel are the sacred beings who have brought down from heaven the everlasting FIRE, which has Illuminated with IT the entire world—IT IS the religious source, the spring and the fountain out of which the rest of the Peoples have drawn their beliefs and religion." Visit YAD V'SHEM in Jerusalem and like President George W Bush, your

heart will fall in faint. Morons of the present regime, who coincided to divide Jerusalem the capital of the Land of Israel--shall be punished and be remembered in shame and everlasting contempt. In conclusion: We shall never Rely on miracles, on pseudo allies, or wait just to retaliate; we shall preempt, and destroy the Hitlers/Hamans of today, And the Hitlers/Hamans clad in Arab dress of the days to come--because they will come--as we, IRGUN freedom fighters have Destroyed Saddam's nuclear installations to rubble, in spite of the fury of the corrupt UN, the EU and ironically also our "Friends" the USA, joined them and condemned Israel. What a disgrace!
In the final analysis: The world shall at no time see an Arab state in Eretz-Yisrael ונאמר אמן

Jacob Gur, a Talmudic scholar, a former commander in the IRGUN-tortured and was almost executed by the evil British regime. Ultimately they exiled him from the Land of Israel.
Jacob Gur is the Author of The Enemy Within, Fear Factors, and The Five Chapters. www.jackgur.com
Jacob@jackgur.com (5/29/09) SHAVUOT 6, Sivan 5769 The Revelation of the Law at Mount Sinai

The first Temple was built by King Solomon 480 years after the Children of Israel came out of Egypt(950BC)It was destroyed by the Heathen Nebuchadnezzar in 580BC. He looted the treasures from the Temple and enslaved Children of Israel—known as the Babylonian Diaspora. גלות-בבל
The second Temple was destroyed by the barbarian Roman heathens in 70A.D. after 2 brutal wars.
They invaded Jerusalem, looted, the Temple, enslaved and banished Children of Israel from their Land. At that time there was no Islam, Muhammad or the myth of 72 pending virgins for Arab suicide bombers…Even the United States of America, the so-called New World--was not yet discovered—But we the children of Israel existed and survived millenniums of persecutions and Holocausts in the blood-stained world.

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