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Last episode in Millenial War

Reader comment on item: The Caliphate: Updates

Submitted by marisol (United States), Dec 28, 2005 at 10:53

Islam is a religion of war - just study it's history. The most of the lands that are now Muslim first were Christian. Alll the Middle East and the north of Africa were Christian before they were conquered by Arab armies. And the Moslems were the FIRST, they attacked and invaded Europe, not the other way around. They conquered most of Spain in the 8th century and were stopped by the French when they had balls in Tours. It took Spain almost 8 centuries to free itself.

The Arabs kept on trying to conquer Europe, parts of Italy fell under their power, the South, Sicily, etc.. In the Battle of Lepanto in the 16th century the Ottoman Empire was beaten by Spain, the Papal states and several Italian cities. Again the Turk laid seige to Viena in 1683.

They conquered the Balkans - we are still feeling the effects of that today. It took Greece until the late 19th century to cast the Turkish yoke.

Rusia also was under the Turkish yoke during centuries.

So let's get this clear. The first invader was Islam. The Crusades were a legitimate response in SELF-DEFENSE for centuries of Arab pirates raids, incursions, etc. Arabs pirates attacked Iceland, Scandinavia, England.

The first Imperialist was Islam, NOT Europe. And remember Muslim armies conquered India also, and parts of what is now Rusia and even China.

Islam seems to feel that it's okay if Islam conquers the World, and it has done so many times in the past. From Europe to Africa to Asia.

If Islam stopped trying to conquer the world it was only because it became weak, in all respects, compared to the West.

But now with terrorism they feel they don't need armies to fulfill it's old age dream of conquering Europe. They have time on their side. The appeasement of most Western governments and nations is of infinite help. We have a fifth column in our societies, most of the media, the Democratic party, many churches, etc.

And most of all, the rates of reproduction in Europe are Islam's trump card. Europe is comitting demographic suicide. European women are not having children. Moslem women in Europe have considerably more children. And many Europeans are converting to Islam. Europe is starting to practice euthenasia.

People like Oriana Fallaci and Christopher Hitchens and Mark Steyn and Samuel Hungtinton and many others have warned the West about it's death wish. Bernard Lewis said that Europe would be Moslem by the end of the century, probably by the middle.

Many years ago the Presidente of Algeria said that "We will conquer the West with the wombs of our women."

And that is precisely what is happening.

When Europe had faith in God, it had faith in the future and was able and willing to fight in defense of it's culture, tradition, religion, etc. Now because they don't have children they don't care what happens - they feel they will not be around to face the music.

Like Louis XVI said, After me the Deluge.
Well, the whole continent of Europe feels, After me, the Sharia.

I don't feel sorry for the Europeans. Europe has a very potent self-destructive component. From the wars of religion to Napoleon to two world wars and now this. Of course, Europe feels that her hated, envied and despised rival, the USA will save them from themselves. But who knows what will be the US's situation in 30 or 50 years time. Will they be able and willing?

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