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Recidivist Turkey

Reader comment on item: Kastelorizo - Mediterranean Flashpoint?
in response to reader comment: steady on

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Feb 26, 2012 at 18:12

Mozere wrote :

> We do not want their islands<

And that's why you tried to grab Imia in 1996, made baseless claims on Gavdos and violate on a daily basis Greek air space terrorizing Greek islanders and foreign holiday-makers in the Aegean. Do you know what name is applied for a person who uses words to intentionally mislead the listener as to the real state of affairs? A liar.

> all we want is our fair share of the EEZ<

Again, do you know how a person is called who wants to possess what can't legally belong to him? A thief. Thanks for telling us who you really are.

>and the Aegean to be a free sea<

The current six nautical mile territorial sea in the Aegean Sea provides Greece with control of 43.68 % of the Aegean waters and Turkey with 7.47 % , i.e. 48,85% of the Aegean Sea are technically "high seas". Article 2 of the 1958 Convention on the High Seas guarantees freedom of navigation in high seas.

But I understand your perfidy quite well. You don't want the Aegean to be a "free sea" which it effectively is but to be under Turkish control which it isn't and legally can never be. What else can Turkish thieves and liars which you unwittingly admitted you are intend and want ?

> whereby a Turkish ship sailing from Antalya to Istanbul can do so without the need of a Greek permission.<

Given that the standard Turkish cargoes include drugs and illegal immigrants I have full understanding for your postulate. 90% of heroin sold in British cities come from Turkey. With the Aegean as a Turkish sea I guess the Turkish heroin in Britain would amount to 100% and would correspondingly increase in other western states, wouldn't it ? Well, you can wage jiahd in a traditional Ottoman way, by occupying Christian territories, by committing Armenian or Greek genocides, by changing churches into mosques or stables. But you can wage it in a modern way too - by using narcotics as weapons to exterminate kafirs and get rich quick at that !

> How would the Black Sea nations feel if we say the straits are Turkish territorial waters therefore you cannot sail your merchant ships to the Med without our say so.<

The Straits are formally still under the regime of the Montreux Convention which once upon a time stipulated ( Article 2) "In time of peace, merchant vessels shall enjoy complete freedom of transit and navigation in the Straits, by day and by night, under any flag and with any kind of cargo, without any formalities, except as provided in Article 3 below."

Article 3 dealt with sanitary control while Article 1 assured : "The High Contracting Parties recognise and affirm the principle of freedom of transit and navigation by sea in the Straits. The exercise of this freedom shall henceforth be regulated by the provisions of the present Convention."

But the Black Sea nations have already learnt from painful experience that without saying it explicitly the Turks have effectively abolished a large portion of the Montreux Convention using various pretexts and excuses. They invented a new name, unknown to the Montreux Convention , "the Turkish straits" , of course, with a very definite end in mind. Although the convention did explicitly forbid that (Article 29) , in 1994 Turkey unilaterally introduced new navigation regulations in the Black Sea Straits which gave Turkey arbitrary power to stop or hinder navigation , e.g. when there is a sports event nearby, to search commercial ships and impose fines on them and even send them back and restrict their time to stay in Marmara Sea ports. They obliged every ship to have a Turkish pilot on board as well a guiding tug when they find it "necessary", although Article 2 says "Pilotage and towage remain optional". Ships longer than 200 m were forced to pass the Straits only in daylight .

As a result between July 1st , 1994 and December 31, 1996 there were 268 cases of arbitrarily stopping Russian ships which cost the latter 1553 lost work hours and financial loss of $ 885 000, not including lost contracts and various sanctions for being late.

In July 2000 , again without consultation, ships whose length exceeded 304 were forbidden to enter the Straits. In October 2002 new instructions on the application of the earlier Navigation Regulations were adopted. Now ships carrying "dangerous cargo" , i.e. tankers, must notify Turkish authorities 72 hours in advance of intention to pass the Straits. The problem is that it takes only 48 hours to cross the Black Sea from Novorossyisk to Constantinople and even less from Odessa to Constantinople. If you for whatever reason fail to notify the Turks on time, then you will have long delays, extra costs, paper work etc. etc.

The Turks complain that the traffic in the Strait is too heavy. On the average 136 ships pass the Straits every day, including 27 tankers. And they say they are to blame for the traffic problem. In fact the problem is created by small passenger boats , fishing boats and ferries that cross the Bosphorus in a disorderly and hasty manner. Most recent accidents in the Straits involved these boats. Yet , instead of regulating their own traffic and improving their outdated control system the Turks blame international transit navigation. It provides a decorous pretext to further erode the Montreux Convention and to surreptitiously monopolize the Straits. And if Imam Erdogan's dreams of "the Istanbul Canal" comes true, then the Straits may really become internal waters of Turkey and the Montreux convention become as dead as Kemal's secularism in his 99,8% Islamized Turkey.

>Greece is our neighbour, we need to have good relations.<

So let's smuggle more illegal immigrants and drugs to her. Let's continue to persecute the Ecumenical patriarch and the few remaining Greeks in Constantinople! Let's occupy Imia ! Let's make life in the Aegean islands miserable through Turkish air piracy ! Let's burn Greek forests ! And let's call all of that "good relations" with Greece and when she complains and rejects such "good relations" , let's blame her for everything !

> They can get out of their financial troubles by exporting to Turkey, a 75 million market at their doorstep.<

Do you you mean "market" or "black market"? Turkey is a mafia state so I doubt there is much to be gained in from Turkish frauds, lies, duplicity and dissimulation except enormous material losses and deep disappointments.

> Unlike the Chinese we are inveterate consumers, if they have things to sell we will buy it.<

What will you buy - sex slaves for Turkish brothels, arms and substances to make drugs for export ?

> Our trade deficit is 77 billion dollars and we still go on buying foreign stuff,g et a share of this Greek neighbours.<

Whoever does business with criminals will sooner or later be a loser or a criminal himself. Whom in your history you Turks haven't abused, deceived and humiliated ? As I have tried to show to you , you Turks have a very short and faulty memory and a pathologically distorted superego. Common sense shows that who has got such a consistent criminal record as Turkey will always be a recidivist.

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