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Reader comment on item: Islamists Endorse Slavery for Muslims
in response to reader comment: Abolishement of Slavery in Islam

Submitted by Spare me (United States), Mar 4, 2010 at 18:19

First of all, I just want to state, that I don't believe in any of the prophets, so they have no bearing on any of my opinions. That being said, your Holy Koran is a horrible, violent, primitive diatribe against humanity. Mohammed would have been thrown in prison anywhere in the Western world for many of his actions, including the consumation of a marriage with a six-year-old child. In other words, he was a pedophile, and this is your prophet? You actually listen to this goon?

Regarding the borrowing of money at interest, a far lesser crime than child rape, can be expoloitative, but it depends on the transaction. When someone lends a large sum of money, they take a huge financial risk and suffer a temporary loss, because the money that they lend to someone else cannot be invested for their personal financial gain. Therefore, the money-lender provides an indispensable service to the borrower. Why should this service not have a price

? Everyone seems think it is a very good service, in fact, I know Muslims and Christians and Jews who are quite willing to borrow at interest when the need arises. In Medieval Europe, Christians were forbidden from charging interest to or accepting money at interest from other Christians. Simultaneously, they banned Jews from almost all forms of commerce with Christians, creating a economic vacuum for the Jewish community, or, if you will, a financial ghetto. This was until Christians wanted to borrow money. In response to this need, the Church deemed it acceptable to borrow money at interest if it was borrowed from a Jew. Hence, the prominence of Jews in the banking industry through most of their diaspora in Europe. Jews, however, upheld the prohibition on lending and borrowing at interest among their own people, and still do in some more religious communities. This is a little detail that self-righteous anti-semites, like the Arabs and the Catholic Church, forget, especially whenever their leaders need to deflect the rage of their disgruntled masses from themselves and on to a convenient scapegoat. (I wonder whom the vast majority of Muslims who live in dire poverty and illiteracy would be blowing up if they didn't have the convenience of the Israeli/Jewish scapegoat?)

Anyway, while it is true that some banks and lenders (most of them nowadays NOT Jewish) are crooks and swindlers and exploit the poorest among us, at least in the West, most of those poor in the West can read the small print and should before they go borrowing money they can't repay. It is called personal responsibility. It is what Kant called "freeing ourselves from the yoke of our self-imposed servitude" or something like that (I really need to buy another volume of Kant writings so I can quote him better). It is Enlightenment and not blaming the rest of the world for your problems. It is exhilarating to be all grown up. I am just a little sick of Muslims talking about how great the Koran is and how wonderful it is to be a Muslim, and their little love fest the pedophile Mohammed, when everything in the Muslim world evidently sucks or their wouldn't be so many of you in Europe and America. Your world is plagued by poverty, illiteracy (up to 70% in Egypt), tribal disputes, killing, murder, rape, prostitution, etc.

Of course the West has it share of many of these problems, we just don't sweep them under the rug and deny they exist--something the Muslims are very good at: denial. Denial is always a hallmark of all my conversations with Muslims, especially the Arabs, about perceptions I have about their world. They respond to every negative perception with, "No, no, no, no, that is not true. Where did you hear that? Muslims didn't fly those planes into the World Trade Center, it was the CIA. Al Jazeera told me, so it must be true." That's like believing what they say on Fox News, brother, and that is just crazy. Both networks make it up as they go. Anyway, back to your problems and bad behavior.

The UN handed over the Serbian Jerusalem of Kosovo to you after your Albanian partners in barbarism bred the Serbs out, and again Islam demonstrates its gratitude and commitment to tolerance and peace by destroying 300 churches (most Albanians are Orthodox Christian, so I take it that the Albanians who were out burning churches weren't Christian Albanians.) Even the Scandinavians, the most tolerant society in the world, is sick of you. You have worn out your welcome in Norway and Sweden. Even the Jews can't make that claim. Wow. So, I don't really want to hear about the virtues of what that nutcase Mohammed had to say about interest. Interest is the least of your problems. The fact that you want to kill me right now, should clue you in on the holes in your moral shield, and cause you to consider how this religion of yours has just really kept you from knowing what peace is. It has kept you in a spiritually, intellectually and socially stunted state of primitivism.


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