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Reader comment on item: There Are No Moderates: Dealing with Fundamentalist Islam
in response to reader comment: Islam is a fundementally violent religion and culture, but america is not perfect either

Submitted by abu (United Kingdom), Jan 14, 2010 at 06:09

Does the author of the article read these comments? I hope so, because some people will make some valid points which may make the author think about this differently and hopefully also reply with what he thinks about the comments. Anyway I'd like to argue back to some of the comments made in the article:

1) Islam is religion not culture. Humans create culture, therefore some muslims have mixed their country culture with religion (e.g. forced marriages which is forbidden in islam) making the religion unpure.

2) Islam can live in coexistance with non-muslims. Islam teaches to love your neighbour. Most conflict between muslims and non-muslims caused by political/democratical issues (e.g. illegal war in Iraq which is now being settled in a hearing/investigation in the UK).

3) Mohammed spread by word but was forced to leave Makkah as followers were attacked and persecuted! His army grew and he fought back. This is how every war starts. If a nation comes under attack. they would like to fight back.

4) Quraan was not written by Mohammed, he was illiterate. This itself is a massive miracle. How can an illiterate write something which narrates stories, commandments in the form of poetry? He learnt the words from God by heart, repeated it to his followers who all kept record of it by writing it down.

5) No language can be translated to another perfectly. when Quraan is translated to English, it may seem that somethings do not make sense, because translation can not be perfected exactly. If you are in so much doubt I advise you learn Arabic and read the Quraan in that form. Of course it will contradict things from the Bible, the Bible we have today is not the true bible. It has been changed amny times. The real Bible sent down is what muslims call the "Injeel", one of four holy books sent down by God from the beginning of the Earths existance. The 1st was the Zaboor (Psalms), Taurat (Torah), Injeel (Bible) and Quraan, the final and only one the world should follow today.

6) I mentioned before the Quraan itself is a miracle. No one in the world can write something highly inmtelligent as the Quraan, especially with the poetry. Many things mentioned in the Quraan over 1400 years ago have been discovered by scientists at a later date (http://www.miraclesofthequran.com/scientific_index.html). But you have to remember things were not as advanced back then as they are now, so some ways to describe things will be very simple. Mohammed split the moon in half when asked to show a miracle. He made a small amount of food/drink which was enough for one person, become enough for a large amount of people. He took part in the "Night Journey" to the heavens. BUT, like Jesus and Moses, all the miracles performed were through Gods permission.

7) Muslims respect all the prophets and many of them are mentioned in the Quraan. Muslims do not hate Jews, but they betrayed the Muslims after all the protection Mohammed gave them back then, and again betrayed by them in the last century, when taking them into Palestine to protect them from Hitler. Ishmael is still the son of Abraham, does not matter if he was the second born. In my opinion, Jews hate the Muslims through jealousy and they feel under threat.

8) The Quraan does say such things as kill the infidels. However, that was addressed to the muslims when they were under attack, which was alot back then. The same rule applies if Muslim are under attack in the present and future too. Terrorsim and extremists do not represent Islam, they have only been misguided by personal agendas. The Quraan says "If you kill one person unlawfully, then it is like you killed all of mankind. And if you save one person, then it is like you saved all of mankind." No Muslim army went to indonesia, but the country has the most number of Muslims in the world.

9) Muslims invite all religions to come into contact with them so they can learn the truth.

10) Meaning of Islam means peace, submission to God. A Muslim is one who follows that.

Be free to comment back.



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Daniel Pipes replies:

I cannot claim to have read every one of over 100,000 comments, but I do make a point of reading a good number of them - including this one.

I'll respond to just one of your claims, the final one: As I show at "'Islam' Does Not Mean 'Peace'," Islam means ladder as much as it does peace. Which is not at all.

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